Unusual “Teen Life” Riddles that mention Tik Tok too much

Publicerades den 14 maj 2020
Hello fellow kids, Azzyland and I (Gloom) are here to crack the riddle code and test our brains. The principal is watching Tik Tok and doing weird pranks and we’re going to call out his lies.
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  • When it the riddle was about the werewolf and the zombies and bat I thought it was the bat cuz the bat sleeps in the morning but not really at night

  • It was the lighthouse keeper

  • F*k

  • Max kind of looks like Jordi, but with calm hair...............IS JORDI SUPERMAN?

  • 5:10 😂

  • I ship kassie and azzy. Like if u ship kazzy

  • Friends he has a z a friend oh and by the way my favorite one is a b i Tuesday wild sound cuz he might have me as a friend

  • When I grow up I’m getting tictok

  • When I was 3 I asked my mom what those stuff in the sky was she said cars the exploded I was like woah so cool but then a fire happens my mom took us all out of the us

    • Someone liked this 😀💞

  • so I’m in the table with no shoes azzy: anyone without shoes is not trust worthy Me AHHHhH -runs to get shoes-

  • 👎

  • i thought it was the zombie cuz how could it come toa resturant and give him a braing in a local resturant XD

  • Made in the 90s because it was called musically back then

  • If had an insedent with wasps before and you just need to walk, slowly

  • Is newie im old but newie

  • Tikie tokie in newie

  • And walk

  • Ok now i dont want to have i little sister

  • Hi

  • "You can see STARS in front of THE MOON!" Me: Forget about the stars, *THERE ARE CLOUDS BEHIND THE MOON-*

  • _ _

  • I am a kid I pay attention at school

  • No i am the fastid kid in the world

  • When i saw naruto running i was like You dump animes naruto always wins cuz he is funny and more Jk naruto is popular for a reason but i like it

  • 11:46 look at azzys right arm what is that??!?!?!

  • LOL

  • I looked at the thumbnail and then it hit me The grandpa is transgender

  • Azzy anyone not wearing shoes is scary me looks down ok I’m scary

  • '-' Wierd

  • The 1k dislikes are the children of Karen that were angry because tiktok wasn't mentioned during the first 5 minutes of the vid lol-

  • She gonna go HaPpY BIRdAy To YoU


  • 6:10 amazing

  • I think I know why she didn’t like Tom anymore because he almost killed her by asking her to do that ⬇️↙️

  • Riddles be copying troom troom

  • Mom:are you coming up with your dad’s birthday present tomorrow?

  • 😂😆😂

  • Bahaha it was the title for me 😂🤚🏽

  • I don't think I've ever go camping in my life even if I become adults and my kids want to go I think I would say no too many bugs and drop marshmallow last one it's not my fault because those kids want to go camping and if they drop their marshmallows and it's the last one the doomed haaaaaaaa

  • I never went camping but I don't think I like it because bugs and if you drop your marshmallow it's the last one you're doomed

  • TikTok is not new it was called musically but they changed it so yeah and I had TikTok in 2017 so girl bye

  • Me too😂😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂XD

  • Hi

  • The captions said tech tok get it ( It’s a joke that actually happened) The robot 🤖 and Tik Tom

  • 13:02 Isn’t the label on the fridge a SEnewss channel ? Lol

  • Anybody who is not wearing shoes is not trust worthy -azzy 2020

  • Azzy in some of the video: *Looks like she has her eyes closed*

  • Happy birthday taw yau yo I keptsieng that part like a mellion time

  • My birthday is actually 3 days ago even though this wasn't super super super early it was actually super late in this video for my birthday even though I watched it three days after my birthday does not mean it isvery old I still like to watch old videos new videos whatever type of videos I do like I ended always watching and I've watched all of your videos about 167 times that's how boring I am at home and yeah your video was actually I'm posting this today because 3 days ago was my birthday and when when gloom started to sing Happy birthday to you I just felt super super happy because I thought she was singing it to me even though she actually wasn't because I'm spending 24 hours in the bathroom cuz I'm weird like that but anyways yeah I just felt made me feel super happy and I just liked it a lot because even though she said it to her some odd reason some odd funny reason I just thought she was singing it to me even though in reality she doesn't actually know me yeah bye

  • Guess I'm not trust worthy, I don't wear shoes that often, honestly, I find shoes quit uncomfy

  • When Kassi sang happy Birthday I started laughing so hard 🤣🤣😂😂

  • 11:10 Fred 11:13 Ron or Charlie *Weasley vibes kicking in*

  • 19:02

  • 0:01

  • :(:(:(:(

  • 👿😠😡😠🤬

  • When kassie said “it’s a zomb” 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ It’s was so funny lol

  • 🤯

  • Did any one else notice that Fred is a red-head and said it could be Ron ore Charlie? The Weasly’s are on SEnewss!

  • I ain't trustworthy lol

  • 13:03 on the fridge the SEnewss channel Sam slime

  • with the wasp one it does not matter cause wasps can remember faces

  • Kate left Tom for the lighthouse guy

  • I an

  • There is TEN DAYS Till my b’day

  • I don’t wear shoes 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Lol

  • Heh

  • "anyone whos not wearing shoes is not trustworthy" Me: **looks down at feet** ;-; **looking for my insideshoes cause not allowed to go in house with shoes** ;-; im a vsco girl......*and i oop* im ONLY 8 i would never be a murdrer or anything bad T-T *IM A KID

  • ''Ok boomer'' -Azzy and Kassie 2020

  • There’s a spider in the door lock and I was so terrified so I just literally had I chat with the spider (it’s 01:19 in the morning bathroom )

  • 4:25 you stand still until they leave or back away slowly don't mess with them they won mess with you

  • Is Superman A fan of Slick slime Sam, cuz I see a logo on his fridge , not judging I'm a fan 😂

  • 9:50 that reminds me of that one Yandere simulator episode where you dressed up as Mario

  • Did u see that azzy was blushing

  • here's a comment without shoes fred,ron and charlie are from harry potter aka. the Weasley brothers

  • Lily’s hiding her phone in her book because she’s been watching too much groom troom

  • Who else saw the Slick Slime Sam logoo on the fridge

  • I has an embarrassing time. I was at school running in the wet bark bc it just rained ->- Then I tripped right in front of people on the seesaw ;-;

  • Gloom: and she's gonna go hPpy birdayyy to youuu (me) DEADDDDDD🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • 0:18 am I the only one who spotted Pewdiepie among the shamers?

  • bats dont sleep at night thay sleep at morning

  • Lol I was wrong

  • We all know it the bat bats sleep at moring and they wake up at night

  • ME WENT cAmPiNg... yay yay yay

  • Azzy: "Anyone who doesn't wear shoes can't be trusted" Me: What about Rapunzel???

  • BAD?!

  • :)

  • WOW I don’t know any of these hacks

  • I thought it was the vampire was lying because vampires don't sleep at night they sleep in morning and at night they hunt

  • I was getting Harry Potter vibes on the one at 10:26

  • Azzy and gloom: you have to be stupider to write your name in graffiti. Me:actually some one but graffiti everywhere at my school once and they wrote there go first and last name

  • I have Tik Tok check it out it's called Kylie_drama

  • 6:54 Cassie:making crimes Me: no it’s making crimes and singing rhymes

  • Did anyone else notice Ron Charlie and Fred they so took that from Harry Potter!!!

  • Gril more riddles 🙃🙃🙃

  • Txhhhh

  • My brother is max and he's pretty strong

  • I will narato run away from wasp

  • Let me guess, werewolf lied cause he a only turn into one when it's a full moon