🔴 LIVE Among Us but I stand on vents a lot

Publicerades den 26 okt 2020
This group is a very interesting mix and I'm excited to see what happens. I'm also going to act a bit sus so hopefully the high IQ players don't throw me out the chute.
@Sykkuno , @Dangthatsalongname (Smajor), @LaurenzSide , @QuarterJade , @Kubz Scouts , @neekolul , @OMGchad , Bobby (LaurenzSide's Husband), ShowThyme -- @Kara Corvus and @Shubble join later!
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  • Girl what happened at the Grand Canyon 😳

  • This reminds me of the 100th- I cant be the only one-

  • There should be an update where you can hold things in your hand in. Among us Like if you agree

  • um anyone notice sykkuno vent infront of Kassie and Scott at 25:58 and neither of them noticed LOL


  • Kassie: 25:46 Me:It’S cOlD cOrOnA

  • Hiiii

  • I feel so bad for Terry like if you agree

  • When she died any wasn’t doing her tasks 🥲

  • At 25:58 did sykkuno vent??

  • Sykkuno makes me laugh so hard, why does he always sus himself?! 😂😊

  • once i was on call with my freind and the impasta vision was the lowest and she was like "why cant i see!"

  • Gloom: oh hot

  • Is Niko that

  • did anyone else see at 2:07:48 Lauren's among us kid going crazy.😂

  • Why does every gloom live among us stream like hours and like a movie? 😂😂😂😂

  • 51:40

  • Very nice….

  • "im gonna touch the vent just cuz its pretty " _Crewmate Kassie 2020

  • Why does Terry not play with you

  • What I don’t get is on the second round of playing chad literally killed Gloom and she sused Jay COME ON GIRL 😭✋🏼✋🏼

  • But if we play Among Us somebody have to give me the code cuz something's wrong with the fungus on my phone I think cuz every time when I play online it says I'm playing the older version so I can play

  • I love how even tho smajor killed kassie,she still wanted him to win😂😂

  • ::could:

  • i love u glooom i wish i cold buy you merch

  • Wherecis azzy

  • Sykkuno is such a pure soul

  • 25:58 right before the meeting was called if you had looked at the bottom you would’ve seen sykkuno vent y did u guys not vot him right then I’m dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love this, Live stream

  • Hi gloom you are the best SEnewss you are the one that made me a SEnewss to

  • Lol #3:00 LOL IT WAS 3:11 WHEN I WATCHED THIS XD lol but ima stop i wanna sleep :/

  • that scream at 34:31 i'm dead😭

  • in the frist game neeko vented in to elec went kassie fixed lights

  • Was anyone else laughing the whole time

  • Anyone else loves how it just comes “sUpeR ChaT” at random times

  • Hello I love when you play among us (ik you didnt pin this comment)

    • @Emma Andersen yes soo I can tell ppl ok!

    • Doesn’t everyone that’s watching this love when she plays among us...

  • gloom your really sus

  • Hello I love your vids

  • I saw who vented

  • I shud really read da timestamps

  • Everyone subscribe to gloom if u see this Gloom your amazing

  • 54:10 "I'm gonna touch the vent just because it looks pretty." -Crewmate Kassie 2020 LOL

  • kassie can u move ur cam

    • You just wanna know that code and that would ruin the gamr

  • I just watched it and saw Scott standing over a body at 8:39 and gloom completely missed it.😂🤣

  • Gloom’s live Among Us videos make me laugh everyday I watch them

  • Wow thats neato


  • Marcos is my class mate

  • I’m going to finish the vid all the way through without stopping. Even while doing online school work

  • Hiiiiii

  • at around 25:00-26:00 someone vented XD I think it was Sykkuno possibly Scott XDXDXD I saw that so well

  • Sykkuno is just a fan favorite

  • Is Terry in a relationship with Kassie, or who is he?

  • K

  • U

  • C

  • K

  • K

  • C

  • U

  • F

  • syKUNNO

  • :)

  • .

  • i was just playing amoung us

  • In amung us my name is bare

  • Ummmm how do you get in the game

    • You have to know the code

    • Like how do you get in the game ????😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • I love amung us

  • Hi Kassie can you please do a among us game with LaurenZside, Azzy

  • Hi Casie ca

  • When u saw Lauren's video before this and u know lauren was the impostor on the first round 👁️👁️👍🏼. 👁️👁️👌🏼

  • who else is having OCD staring at her not doing the task that is right next to her... Just me??

  • 25:29 sykkuno just vented in front of smajor and gloom!

  • hi

  • 🧡🖤💥✨

  • hi

  • -sykkuno mode activated-

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • chad killed kassie but she kept susing jay . thats so funny :PPPPPP

  • 8:20 When I saw Lauren doing asteroids ☄️ and not having the guns move I was like 😰👄👁👄👁

  • i love the way she says admin

  • THE dantdm is your friend

  • I’m screaming at gloom at 46:45 because there 2 tasks in that room!!!! She’s not even doing them!

  • I feel bad for Terry...

  • Where is Kathagoart

  • I really miss Billions of years or evolutionary advancement and thé there was Kassie. Like if you agree.

  • At the very end of a round when a body was reported sykkuno vented and somehow Scott and Kassie didn’t see-

  • Someone's posing as u on among us and asking for u know what they join me all the time

  • POOR TERRY ! :( he just wanted to be included after he figured it out ;(

  • wow

  • Hi bich

  • i love seeing my fav yts and my fav streamers playing together

  • Hi

  • hi

  • Gloom make it the famous in 3 seconds

  • Lauren's kid at 2:08:01.... I-

  • Hi I love your videos so much🤗🤗😍

  • Lauren can just not spell Sykkuno right lol

  • I had the most horrible experience in admin... 26:02