This SAVAGE Girl Does NOT Deserve FAME... in Bitlife

Publicerades den 10 maj 2019
If all that matters is money and being famous, what would you sacrifice to get there? Mercedes would do anything!
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  • don't bully me for my pit stains

  • Zside on actor at 11:04 coincide I think NOT LaurenZside

  • Gloom/Kassie:"Mercades WIGGLESWORTH! Im changing that!" Also Gloom/Kassie: "Mercedes Mom? Has a kinda nice ring to it.., I never changing from being a wigglesworth!"

  • Whatever

  • Did anyone else see that it said Aside Flims

  • Kassie is now famous on Social Media and she posts everything about her life

  • 0:46 oop the editing

  • she wanted 1K likes.... She got 81k on yt

  • She is the gratest celeberty

  • 14:05 1,969😂😂😂😂😂

  • She is eatting marshmallow

  • Has anyone noticed that it said “zside films” when gloom was on her job icon

  • Are we gonna talk about in her voice of the company if you look in the background it says you did that to the promotion from Zside films why I didn’t know you had a movie Company Lauren

  • *Kassie died while sleeping* Me be like: running away from my bed Me: STOP GETTING CLOSER TO ME LIEK RIGHT NOW!

  • 4:40 her turn off your phone Me:ok

  • YOURE 102 years old

  • Lol I died at 82 mil

  • What is the game Called

  • 12:06 in vid is where we see gloom’s sweaty armpits

  • Did you guys see the pittston's when she became famous but she cute though

  • Love you gloommmmmmmmmmmmm

  • gloom wanna know why most of your vids of food on most people think its fake so i wanna let u know for the next time u try to have lot's of fame please be thankful for me telling u that =3

  • I can't be the only one who noticed she was working for "Zside films"😂😂 8:58

  • I love the voice changer when she says gloom

  • The cat 😩😩😩

  • i love your dog when you were like twicky scratch my nose QUICK then the dog just comes in lol

  • My name is Aria

  • Ok 👌

  • Wow

  • I have the same exact popsocket as you

  • When she lifted up her arms her armpit was wet at the time of 13:00

  • Who else tried this I succeeded

  • I love you Gloom you make my day better

  • I had social media since I was eight

  • omfg I just realised it said Zside films LAUREN *NANI*

  • Anybody else noticed that when she got a job she worked for the Zside films, WHAT laurenZside, u may explain 😂😂

  • My last name is Mitchell 😲

  • F4s5dfyhgfwrtytddfghhgggggggf&faq

  • You’re already famous 🥰🥰🥰

  • No one No one ever " thank you Terry Buttface" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • im sorry 'your' cay dead

  • Hey remember a year ago where you could go anywhere now you can only go living room your room and the kitchen

  • wait..terry buttface was the late night show guy..but also a doctor?!

  • This was posted May 10th of 2019 and that day is my birthday :D

  • So, are you Jessie because your a failing actress

  • She is a voice over for Laurenzside

  • My rabbit is called wiggles 😂


  • gloom: since i was young i always wanted to be famous. me: yes queen!!!! YOU FILLED THAT GOAL MAH QUEEN. U IS MY IDOLLLL. WOO.

  • Gloom: lady’s and gentlemen turn off your phones. Me: *turns off phone* 👁👄👁

  • 9:06 Zside Films LOL

  • I’m watching on my phone

  • Kassie gets 4 likes : WOOOOO LETS GO Kassie gets 10 likes later :come on only 10 likes are you kidding me 😂😌

  • pause at 12:06 it is hilarious

  • 1:44 you can see there are like weird things what are they?

  • you put on your contour way to dark lol

  • Finally I get to wear clothes!

  • Did she not notice that when she got a job as a voice actress she is working for ZSIDE films

  • When she Raise her hands up I saw Sweat in her armpits😂😂

  • She'll inherit all the money.

  • My name is Mercedes!

  • Who saw kassies pit stands

  • I think it’s funny how she never moved out from her parents💀

  • i love ur vids

  • Gloom ugh I’m getting old I’m already 26 my mom 28 am I old lol

  • this kinda off topic of the vid but me and gloom have the same pop socket lol

  • Kassie: “ladies and gentlemen, turn off your phones” Me: turns phone off (I thought this was funnier in my head)

  • Lol 😂

  • 0:00-00:1 If you play this over and over again Then u will realise how she just goes into the topic so FAST

  • RIP

  • At 12:03 we can see her pit stains 🤣 no hate I’m a big fan

  • Can you stop that woho

  • my husband divorced me bc i talked to mudh about my exes when i didnt have any exes in bitlife

  • zside films lol

  • Ok

  • try sports they worked for me

  • if u like this thats how many times i'll spin around

  • 12:05 i am ur biggest fan! Not hating but u pits r sweaty lol

  • When ever I ask someone to the dance in bitlife NOBODY GOES!

  • Why didn't you put straight

  • 24:20

  • “im 92% looks” girl you 1000% perfect in every way

  • my name is giselle

  • lol its marmellows in her mouth

  • Hi welcome to comments here we have thing nice to say like You are weird but it’s ok that makes you you and we love you for who you are Not all people hate you just some cuz people are being born every day they will meet you and like you You can do everything if you believe you can do it You are amazing no matter what people say about you You are the only you even if you have a twin You are the best you no one can take that away No one is as special as you never say your never special

  • *gloom* I have a cold *2020* well well well...

  • “There’s a paparazzi hiding in a trash can trying to take pictures of you, what will you do?” Me: is there a option to take pictures of him or even a video?? 😂

  • Gloom we will always have your back 😁

  • Gloom gets 4 likes. I aM oFfIcIaLly FaMoUs Gloom gets 18 k . I am just going do post to let the haters know that I was on the tonite show

  • I like broccoli -


  • i made 89bilion dollars when i was 143 in BITLIFE

  • 4:38 When she said turn phones off I done it and then I realized I turned the video off L

  • This like the 20th time I’ve watched this video And I have NO regrets (I make videos)

  • Can you please make more BitLife I love these types of videos.

  • Djdjksishxsiiw

  • Kassie when she gets 4 likes: "i'M oFfIcIaLly FaMoOoOoOuUs" Kassie when she gets 81 likes: "k I can be a little more famous that that-"

  • I love how much she gets into character tho

  • Did anyone else notice on of the studios were Zside?

  • you are famous gloom