Candy Evolution Throughout History

Publicerades den 28 aug 2020
I found a candy website that sells candy throughout the decades so we're starting in the 1800s at 1890 then working out way up to 1950. Next week I want to do 1960-2020 so let me know what you think! The evolution of candy and the marketing is pretty interesting!
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  • Oop the rock

  • Could you stop insulting my country😡

  • Gotta get it wet and dip it in there. - Kartha Gewart 2020

  • i know all of these candys

  • gold mind gum is da best gum of 1920

  • i LOOOOVE NECOE and its 2020

  • 16:10 U just explained Fundip

  • I have a lot of nicknames My n8cknames:Moonpie,mooncake,love,serenity-Marie,baby girl,baby moon and more

  • There's a pilgrim on an iphone -Terry 2020

  • the wafers say from 1847

  • Dolly mix are the best

  • Oh OK l 8

  • I got offended when you said that that candy was gross and the crazy man made it cuz I really love that candy and that kind of hurt my feelings :c

  • When I was 5 I made the fun dip in to lemonade

  • Kassie: The other is sassafras and I don’t know what that is Me who works at a place that makes the best sassafras: le gasp* blasphemy

  • I know girl moon pies are the best and they still make them

  • Necco wafers are litterly my favorite candy!

  • The moon pie is even better if you put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds

  • The first candy gloom ate was the candy that my grandma ate every day

  • So I have a question Do you like wagon wheels?

  • Kassie, do you mean the queens guards

  • Not to be rude or anything but why is your nose red!



  • Kasie - some things never change Me - some things never change 🎵🎶 (frozen two song)

  • I love moon pies

  • Hey, Kassie, please do soda/fizzy drinks/drinks throughout history :)

  • I wonder if she's actually going to give out those wax sticks this Halloween..... What are you guys being this year?

  • I love those pretzel nuggets

  • 🥴🤢🤮😺😸😽

  • Gloom: you can’t have pixie sticks! Me: my friends getting giant pixie sticks at school when it’s their birthday 👌👌👌

  • The powder is sherbet

  • One time at school everyone in class got a sugar rush (this was before covid) and then we started doing competitions of who could chug the fun dip faster. Those were the days.

  • Dolly Mix IS GROSS to meh and the best is like the gummy drops coated in sugar

  • Now I want rock candies and... *~ Nori ~* 🥺✨

  • try brazilian candy next

  • The sticks with liquid inside and wax we have it in USA but there in soda bottles

  • 5:15 I actually had that before but they were little more coke bottles PS.I’m on my dads account :P

  • Sassafras is the flavor for root beer ;-;

  • I truly appreciate the “That’s what she said” joke

    • 18:16 deserved a that’s what she said joke

  • 11:00 my grandma makes a Similar type witch is hardtack candy

  • I bet in 2020 they would just have masks candy and normal masks lol

  • I actually don't like fun dip but I do now because Gravity Falls

  • "i'm gonna try sassafras OwO"

  • gloom:pepermint- geminiOfficial 👣👶👱🧑‍🦰❤️❤️ has entered the chat... geminiOfficial 👣👶👱🧑‍🦰❤️❤️ is typing...

  • “It tastes like liquid Koolade” -Cassie 2020

  • i love the sherbet fountan

  • Kassie: oh it’s like glosset except with a peanut Instead of the raisin Me: A glosset? Do you mean a raisinet

  • She is a bit crazy

  • Ok kartha gewert is a genuis name.

  • “It really squirts when you bite it-“ K-kassie.. kAsSiEeEEE~

  • That. Looks disgusting

  • 24:56 behold, Kartha Kardashian

  • Please do part 2

  • Am I just British but how has kassie not had half of those sweets before

  • Me: sugar daddy!!!! Kartha: The candy Me: I thought she meant sugar daddy the one that is not friendly

  • Im sad can u give me all that candy plz

  • Do we get mintz in restaurants in the states?- I don't think so.....

  • Did she post the same video twice I'm Super Confused

  • Gloom/kartha/Cassie you are like 21 you are not old hunny boo boo

  • One time my dad went to the dentist and he came back home criyin 😮😥😣🤔

  • but u ate tons of candy, so ur teeth must have wanted to escape for the dentist

  • Sassafras us a plant and if you take the Roots you can make a tea

  • I thought this was candy not history!!!

  • And my shoulders ate showing School: 😁 WeLl sWeEtHeArT tHiS Is HoW bOyS lOsE cOnTrOlE oF tHeM sElVeS

  • 😱😱❤️

  • **Hears her say Necco** Me:Necko Necko nee Idk how to spell it's XD

  • I remember eating the liquid wax sticks

  • What's a Walnut Whip? I'm British and I have never in my life heard of a walnut whip... O->O Whaaaaaaaa-

  • Kassie: ÒWÓ Me: ÙWÚ

  • Kassie: I’ve never liked pixie sticks Ten seconds later Kassie: mmm peach, I love it

  • I really want to try some of these candies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I've had some of the gold gum thing one of my classmates brought it to school

  • In the us.....we smoke smarties🤦‍♀️😫

  • Kasi l have sherbet fountain

  • I actually love rock candy

  • Was I the only one offended by the smarties comment Yea just me ok...?!

  • "Shall we eat their gums?" XD

  • The wax things are my favorite candy so many memories

  • My mom buys the pretzels with peanut butter in the middle and puts chocolate on them for me and my dads birthdays and it's funny because the name on it is Anderson and my name is Anderson too!

  • Necco is pronounced neck-oh and is still a big part of Massachusetts culture. They tried to discontinue the candy a few years back, but there were petitions everywhere and promises to buy more to keep the production running. I haven't had them since I was a kid though. My grandparents and great-grandparents would give them to me. They were fine but nothing compared to modern candy. You gotta remember though that in the 1890s, sugar was brand new to the middle/lower classes. Before then, only the upper class had sugar because of how expensive it used to be. Candy was a very new concept to the lower classes. There's a "penny candy" shop near my house (no longer cost a penny but that's just what they're called) that still sells candy from the 1800s right next to new candies. It's super fun!

  • 6:15 It tastes like marketing, like there's just marketing in here.

  • Come to the Candy Bar in downtown Colorado Springs! It's filled with "old timey" candy!

  • I looked up what sassafras is and became very concerned when I learned that it’s a deciduous tree.

  • The second was rock candy I LOVE ROCK CANDY it’s soooo YUMMM for me

  • There's something that they still have in 2020 they I think I had it when I was born so they have it in Kokomo South Bend which is where I live and the yogurt is delicious the only yogurt that I actually like it's called Yoplait so I got it when we were trying to find some dresses for occasion so yeah I really love it my brother does my mom kinda like it and my dad doesn't eat it cuz he has to go to work early so he never got in time to try it it is delicious my favorite is probably the mixed berry the first one I tried we got in from Chicago that's where we first got it but now they happened in Walmart I'm so I want to give a sponsor for this but I don't have a SEnewss channel I used to but my mom made me delete it or just very sad T-T

  • 12:03 "it tastes like a car..." Me: how do you know what a car tastes like?

  • were i live the charleston chew is called 3 musck a teres i did not spell that right lol

  • I’ve watched this video about 30 to 40 times low key how many times have u watched it?

  • Who knows that your supposed to dip the rock candy in tea so the tea gets sweeter

  • Still taste like soap kids Me: this is the perfect thing to give your kid when your kid is misbehaving and instead of putting a real soap your kid mouth give this to them plss

  • I love the candy sugar daddy

  • I live in the UK and walnut whips are always in shops / stores but I’ve never seen anyone buy or eat them 🤨

  • I'm from England and dolly mixers there SOOOO nice the jelly ones are the best

  • Rok candy Kassy: it taste onley like shugar Me: where is the poping I faut it was allsow calld poping canday 😕. Because you never menshend poping hummmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • is this bad but i really like the candies neccos

  • LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THE GERMANS. Yes we saved ya. Bitteschön


  • Is kartha your real name?

  • I have a friend on ROBLOX and her username is GOOBERS so now I know were she got her username from thx