I tried Painting Heaven in a Diamond | Acrylic Challenge

Publicerades den 30 maj 2020
Tried my first acrylic painting daily challenge with NO TUTORIAL as a new beginner painter with limited skills...oop. It's my nonsensical idea of heaven in Serena Art’s masking tape diamond. Did Kartha Gewart make an oddly satisfying cherry blossom painting or is it a mess?
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  • I love her set ups

  • 6:44 the green paint looks kinda like a dinosaur

  • Heaven to me is Clare's or a candy store


  • Please do a art video with Moriah Elizabeth

  • you are so talented

  • I think the type of tree is a weeping cherry tree, it's a cross breed between a weeping willow and a cherry

  • Kassie : paints lighthouse that's black with white stripes Me : Google's what a lighthouse looks like or what colour a light house is I don't remember Also me : a lighthouse is either WHITE whit RED stripes or RED with WHITE stripes

  • Wait ok so I knew well not really but I'm like Twinkie's a chewawa but in a book btw I hardly read books that aren't on a computer but it said a chewawa is I TINY dog that CAN FIT IN YOUR POCKET

  • I would buy that painting

  • People say kassie it's GlOoM

  • You should give that painting to DanTDM LOL

  • I verbally said awww when kassie said what does heaven look like to you and he said I’m looking at it🥺🥺🥺 imma go cry now...

  • I verbally said awww when kassie said what does heaven look like to you and he said I’m looking at it🥺🥺🥺 imma go cry now...

  • Heaven be like:👁👄👁

  • You will be able to get to heven when you die and do nice nice things and its beger the the word heven its wayyyyyyyyyyyyy up in the sky like in space and its real

  • Kassel: what does heaven look to you Me: Chicken Nuggies and Chihuahuas

  • My heaven is huge forest with flowers everywhere vines growing from trees and trees surround the flower field sky is very beautiful with bits of clouds and all animals are friendly running around and u hear huge waterfall and birds in quiet.

  • Wow gloom’s painting is awesome like you guys

  • How are you a beginner you are literally the best painter I have ever seen

  • I love twinkies names XD

  • plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hi I'm a big fan l have one question is your name kartha gewart or kassiee

  • Who else it very impressed with her skill

  • It is out of this world

  • My heaven would be perfect panting every time and day.

  • I think you should keep your diamond painting Diamond painting I mean

  • My Mom: Hey what are you watching Is it inappropriate???? Me: No It’s just Kartha Gewart My mom: Martha steward?? Me: No ;-;

  • if kassie did not show us these vids but showed us the end artwork i would legit think she bought them for $1000 a per painting :D

  • This is literally the best art ever 😱 ...... *me realizing i could never do anything like that and being so jealous*

  • Kartha: what does heaven look like to you Me: Army blink ocean with blackpink and bts mix with animes

  • My heaven place is me inside my house listening to the rain and looking at the bright city lights and with all of the dogs

  • Diamonds is what I see and having just diamonds white clouds everyone flying walking no matter what

  • Heaven to me looks like happy trees -Bob Ross

  • That's really heaven to me! It's amazing!!

  • a misticle forest

  • When she started painting the land it kind of looked like a dinosaur 😂

  • i like it

  • my hevin is cat iland I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!

  • Everyone when terry says something cute to Cassie :awwww😘🥰 Cassie: ok😐

  • Who's impressed smash a like button on the face

  • You should use a toothbrush to make stars by putting paint on the brush then scrubbing it with your finger.

  • So pretty, the tree especially

  • No one LITERALLY NO ONE : she speaking and the dog behind 🥴

  • Gloom you’re the best Painter ever

  • hi Gloom and i love your paintings

  • Should we tell Kasse that a girl named Kartha took over her channel?

  • i love jur pejntings

  • Heaven is Beautiful!

  • gloom has talent

  • Kassie: what does heaven look like to you, terry? Terry: looking at it. Karrie: *slightly uncomfortable*

  • I tried it really hard I like mine but gloom is better

  • XD what made me laugh is when terry says "hevan looks like ur face" XDXD


  • I love how kassie wears white evrerytime she paints

  • I know theres a place "don't exist" called kisaragi station

  • no one: terry: im lookin at heaven kassie: ok....

  • 🙄 kassie is her real name kartha is her made up character have you ever seen her videos also she is AMAZING at painting.

  • The rule in Arts: Always wear the whitest clothing when painting such a messy painting.

  • Me: all I can draw is a white blob Kassie: ok we’re going to draw heaven

  • heaven like you I dream of from yashna alam

  • Bro who is going to tell gloom that kartha is sneaking into her house and using her stuff like if you agree

  • Give that to dantdm


  • 'A forest in the woods' Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

  • I can relate to your tree XD

  • Okay...not gonna lie.. *but I really hate it like...HATE* *when she plays among us...* *but she has been doing it for like days..* *so I never see her vids again..* *but I do watch..* *kartha geward*

  • I love it

  • It looks like ten thousand pizzas and buckets of ice cream with no scool

  • If you’re going to sell that painting I’m going to buy it😊😊

  • hi Katha

  • Heaven is yellow.

  • Who else thinks she has such a beautiful voice?!

  • the pink tree is acually sakura trees

  • Kassie: pokes paintbrush in the dogs face, continues The dog: try’s to lick it Kassie: don’t eat the paint

  • That is so cute painting kassies

  • My heaven is..... not being in quarantine

  • You

  • You can do white first to blend things easier like the sky or water 😅 just a helpful tip

  • I love your piling

  • Love

  • "The whole cahnel is a whole happy accinent - Terry

  • This is gorgeous Kartha you are the best😍

  • Kassie has so much talent but she dose not realize it

  • Yo Bob Ross has nothing on you.✍

  • my name is divaya diamond destiny

  • I Love you

  • Someone tell Kassie that Katha Gewart's in her house (seriously I always say that Kartha Gewert's in the house)

  • I am always interested in your paintings

  • Who’s bob ross all I know is Kartha gewart

  • I love how 59 seconds into the video and boom he sleepin. XD

  • Heaven to me is just a giant croissant and every time i take a bite out of it, it comes back

  • Nothing much just jet

  • Kassie: digging a hole Also Kassie:𝕕𝕚𝕘𝕘𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕒 𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝙶𝚁𝙰𝚅𝙴

  • I would totally buy that


  • The dog will dig his grave and live there to be - Kartha Gewart, 2020

  • "The things that you least suspect end being the diamond in the rough" Kartha Gewart 2020

  • Kids: MAMI I WANT A PAINTING SET *2 clear minutes later* Kids: MAMI KARTHA GEWART JUST POSTED A NEW VIDEO Mami: *What have I got to do with that?*

  • Heaven looks like... Heaven