I tried Edible Food Art on Tik Tok | Satisfying Drinks

Publicerades den 23 maj 2020
I saw these beautiful oddly satisfying drinks on Tik Tok and wanted to try the recipes to see if theytaste as good as they look! Hope we're in for some food drink that looks as good as it tastes, Kartha be thirsty!
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  • That’s a lot of sugar.

  • How did she not eat the ingredients while making them 😂

  • I thought dragon fruit was white Because when I got mine it was white

  • Bro kartha/gloom name her dog twinky so much

  • 956 haters

  • Hmmmm featuring Kartha Gewart dRiNkiNg everyday...

  • I watch all your videos videos but I don’t know why you change your dogs name all the time I don’t understand

  • “ and if your friend ask you how much you put you’re finger in the gateraid you tell them it’s absolutely none of you’re business their lucky your their friend”-Kartha Geuart

  • Idk why but every time I look at the thumbnail, I always think that the bottom of the middle drink looks like chia seeds.

  • Cam

  • me looking for el bubbel

  • Kassie- here we got some Coffee- Neil oUt Of NoWhErE- gIMmE YoUr CoFfEe

  • is noone gonna talk about how baatiful her hair is No? K ill go then

  • She really said it'slike dipping a human in acid.

  • Seriously is no one gonna talk about the gatorade drink she made , gOrGiOuS

  • Kartha Gewart: ewww drinkable yogurt me:I AM OFFENDED

  • Hey

  • 🤨

  • Ok can we just talk about kartha gewarts hair it is on FLEAK like I mean when is kartha gewarts hair not on fleak (answer NEVER)

  • You can open your own cafe

  • The popsicle is like so taste

  • For all the people who take it seriously we all know kartha is gloom it’s a joke :)

  • lol drinkable yogurt has entered the chat

  • 5:24 👌👌👌

  • The only thing that irritated me through out the video was the word "TIKTOK"

  • E

  • 10:30 that looks way cooler they both do

  • I love your videos they’re so funny and amazing and you make a really funny videos

  • Why does gloom always change the dogs name?

  • Me ban zom zom zom zom zom zom me yum yam yam yam yam yam yam😁🐩

  • Kassie: what would we do with out tiktok Me: what would I do with out SEnewss

  • " it's like what a mothers milk would be-" *me:* **dying**

  • I’m pretty much a professional now(2secondslater) I dont know if I did this RiGhT. We aalll love kartha

  • how many names does your dog have XD

  • Nice hair😉

  • My dog’s real name is ziggy OwO

  • Kasse: This is like mommy's milk- NONONONONONONONO

  • Yaa he dog doesn't know anymore it's real name

  • I hate strawberries so much after the strawberry bug video 🤮 I truly will never eat them again. I like strawberry flavoured things but not the actual thing-

  • The laugh when she did Saturday morning it reminded me of Liza Koshy

  • More of these type of videos please I LOVE them

  • The first one made me remember I have not had pomegranate in a long time

  • 8:35 Really thought she was kawaii chan for a second-

  • my dog is called ziggy

  • This is how many time kassie says Gorgeous 👇🏼

  • Kassie! In ,India a professional Also kassie: I don’t think I’m doing this right

  • 8:40 what mamas milk be 🤣🤣

  • Oh nice your lucky because I would enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass if it didn't make me sneeze and if i wasn't allergic to it

  • This was made on my bday and so happy that she made this vid ❤️❤️❤️

  • I'd drink that-Cassy 2020

  • .

  • I wonder how many people have used the username DrinkableYogurt17 after this video......

  • i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee popsicle stick's smell too

  • I love the part when she ses time to do science

  • If your reading this pls feel me what’s wrong with her hands




  • Terry: This is the eco-friendly bubble rap UPS FEDEX and AMAZON: Okay guys here are your pomagranites-

  • Kassie:its like dunking a human in acid Me:what are you hiding something from us kassie you wanna talk about that

    • Kassie:its like what momma's milk be- Me:excuse me

  • 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Who is this kartha person that’s like taking over kassies channel and looks just like her

  • Engagement ring? Wait are you- don’t tell me

  • R.I.P Baby marshmellow 2020-2020

  • Okkkkkkaaaeee just cut the Pommaaagranate

  • Why do you change your dogs name like every video!?🐶🥩🍖🍗🥓🌭

  • Kartha: this i like what mamas milk be... wait no nonon nono noooooooo Me: bahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahaha

  • My mum cuts a pomegranate in half then hits it with a wooden spoon

  • I mean u can just by all of thes drinks

  • U can just get it from Starbucks or just by pomegrened juce and Sprite duh

  • Does 5:47 to 5:49 not sound weird

  • cause everyone calls u kassie

  • is ur name actually kartha gewert?

    • No her name is actually kassie but kartha gewart is her name for like these videos and her youtube name is gloom

  • What actually is his name? Can you change it every time you do a video 🤔

  • Kinzley

  • Kassie: "What would we do without Tik Tok?" Trump: "You better learn it"

  • Lol that one embarrassing moment 8:54 and then there's this embarrassing moment 12:19

  • one of my dogs are named ziggy

  • Gloom: what would we do without tik tok Me: probably not have diabetes...

  • Someone neeeds to tell gloom that a pshycopath called Kartha Gewarth has stolen her channel...

  • Every time kartha says pomagranet a midle aged teacher screams: NO POMOGRANETS!

  • Are nobody gonna talk about Kassie intro- (0:20)

  • Please make a channel for karthaguart

  • I like how she calls the cookies oreos but there really girl guide cookies lol

  • My grandmothers dogs name is ziggy and you used ziggy for your doggy

  • I love pomegranate yummy

  • I tried to make the pomegranate drink delisous 🤭♥️

  • I love Popsicle stick taste!

  • Can we just talk about how cute gloom’s voice was there? 8:34

  • Can someone please tell me if this is before or after the strawberry bug video?

  • I like The taste of The stick to but not The feling

  • Gloom: *does all those steps to make pomegranate juice* Me: Oh we have some pomigranate juice im the fridge! Want some? İts from da store :p (Oof)

  • i wuv the taste of popsicle sticks......especially when the popsicle was of pulpy orange flavor......YUM YUM YUMMMMMMMM

  • wow if u think thats alot of caffine u would have a heart attack with how much caffine i have on a daily basis durring NTI (non traditional instruction) with my kids lol

  • Me watching this in 2021 Her saying a candy from 2019 Me she gonna die😐 (This is joke for some people who can't get a joke)

  • Gloom:This is what’s mammas milk no no no Me:😓😥😰😨😱

  • I think we all know that she drank all of this after the video.🤣😂🤣

  • Can you do likee plz my username is Craycrayarteese

  • Here's a drink that my sister made cherry or pomigranit coconut cherrys and a straw

  • Hot cocoa and coffee- super easy and *sooo* delicious