Red Food vs Blue Food Challenge

Publicerades den 31 jul 2020
I’m quite passionate about blue food, @noraverse is quite passionate about red food. We went from watching SEnewss videos to challenging each other to a face off with food from the Korean supermarket.
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  • I'm feeling pretty dumb rn for not understanding the "neigh"bor joke 🤦‍♀️

  • ASMR with gloom and ???????

  • Red

  • Your the best SEnewssr ever

  • My dad has 4 packs of Milkis in the fridge. He buys 2 packs a day. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • They actually got a tie

  • Better

  • 👇🏻one like if you like blue

  • i legit love doremon i mean like i used to watch it in hindi in india with my coisons srry about my rlly bad spelling

  • Kassie wins. She has Oreos..

  • Lol you amazing

  • 😂🤣

  • Me and my bro feel the anime royalty But we don't watch chillin's/children's anime

  • Personally blue is better idk 😐 why

  • Sorry I like red so sorry

  • Bluuuuuee

  • i like bule and red

  • :if red and Blue mixed It's It created purple Who is wanting to See 😷 2020 in There house And they Play among Uss

  • Are tall sister yall look like twins

  • Blue is better

  • 💙❤️. (: :)

  • Halo miss Kassima Isabelle

  • reds better

  • Blue

  • I like red

  • Go Red

  • horses make the 'neigh' sound- NEIGH-BOR

  • !!!!!!!!i wont try this

  • It was annoying me how you guys don’t know what ramune is I have lived my how life drinking it it’s Japanese lemonade so ramune candy is lemonade candy

  • If I had to choose a color I’d choose red

  • I can agree with cassie tho on the Doritos tho cool ranch Doritos are the best

  • I like red💋🎒⛑🧣👠🐙🦑🦐🦞🦀🌺🌹🔥💥☄️🍎🍉🍑🍅🥩🥫🥢🥊🛷🎟🚗🚘🚒

  • Blue is my favorite color👔👖👗👕🧵🧢🦋🦕🐳🐬🐟🐋💧🥏🎽🧩🏙💙💤🈳🛅🌐🏧🈂️🚹💠🚾🛂Ⓜ️♿️🛃🌀🅿️🛄

  • When you squish a blueberry it’s purple inside so doesn’t that count as cheating

  • Blue vs red= in the end purple wins

  • Fact: about the ラムネ(ram une) drink don’t try to get it out. My sister was dumb enough to smash it on the ground. Since she has great cat instincts she jumped to a ....... counter she didn’t get hurt.

  • I know imma get hate for this but this is my own Opinion and everyone has their own opinion but I really do not like Nora, I think she looks like a cheap Walmart version of Kassie and I just do not like her from the first video Kassie put her in and yeah. Remember: this is MY opinion and everyone has their own, just don’t comment: ‘’ BuT nO oNe AsKeD fOr YoUr OpIoN” because I didn’t ask really for you to judge me on my thoughts or change them.

  • marble soda is the best, i still have one of the bottles in my room

  • i like red better becuse i love chareys

  • “Neigh bor” why is that a joke that’s so dumb

  • No

  • I love blue

  • Gloom should had won because Blue airheads are better than red airheads *Change My Mind*

  • ramune is Japanese soda

  • Blueeeeeee

  • Ramune is Japanese

  • Sorry kassie Strawberry is better

  • I watched that anime before

  • The chick is a A cartoon called Poro

  • POV: you're going to glooms house and find her friend choking her halfway to death saying "admit that red is the best"

  • *purple is better*

  • Blue

  • I only take the strawberry one but not the red one

  • Red

  • blue for life

  • i believe blue is always better

  • The chick is pororo

  • hi gloom

  • you guys had a tie!!!!!

  • I ❤️ANIME!!!!!

  • gloom is cool


  • I just realised that Nora has blue nail polish on

  • Blue!

  • I bet Percy Jackson is on Kassie’s side

  • I like red and blue


  • i love doremon

  • I’m Korean lol •w• 안녕하세요!!

  • Yan yan is my fav when i was 3 years old and still now

  • It's a soda

  • Blue is way better

  • Me:*My childhood was doraemon* Nora:Do-rai-mon Me:*TRIGGERED*

  • Blue is better

  • Blue

  • I’m more red I love spicy food

  • Is that sssniperwolf

  • hi gloom love kassies channals

  • Blue and I love the Korean drinks, and you can’t really get the marble out. ONE PERSON EVEN TRIED TO SMASH THE BOTTLE WITH A HAMMER AND THE MARBLE DIDN’T COME OUT

  • Choose purple because red and blue make purple

  • percy jackson be like-

  • blue is betterrrrr

  • I’m red sry cassie

  • I'm on blue side cause that's my favourite color

  • it was 6/5 gloom had 6 and nora had 5 soooooo blue wins

  • Im on red team so blue loses

  • I like blue flavor and foods that are red

  • Why does Nora kinda look like Candace from phineas and ferb with that outfit

  • If you mix them you get purple and purple is the best

  • Purples better because you know blue well you know the blue and red makes purple and that’s my favorite color and purples better

  • I have that before but with sushi it’s delicious are used to speak Spanish

  • There twins!

  • i the begining u guys are not friends i know it

  • I am more red than blue,

  • I’m more like katthy

  • "I have bought shame to my family."

  • Nacho cheese dorito gang where u at❤️ (Like)

  • I love the first drink

  • Blue time all the way

  • “Reds my power colour” *has blue nails*