🔴 LIVE Among Us: Azzy, Smajor, Laurenzside, Joey Graceffa, Charlie, ShowThyme, Sive, Kara, Samara

Publicerades den 13 okt 2020
Playing high IQ among us with one of the smartest lobbies I could assemble. Scott, Kara, Charlie and Thyme in the same lobby, I'm shaking.
@Dangthatsalongname , @Kara Corvus , @penguinz0 , @LaurenzSide , @AzzyLand ,@Samara Redway, @Joey Graceffa, @Sive, @Daithi De Nogla and ShowThyme
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).


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  • I can’t see the name at the bottom right corner at 5:45

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  • My lil bro calls you gloomy his sentences “clan I Wach gloomy”me “sure”

  • I am done with you guys bye

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  • If i don't play with you guys i will not stop saying this ok

  • Can i play with you guys


  • Can i play with you guys

  • Can i play with you guys

  • I haven't watched gloom since 2018 so forgot she played these games XD

  • So no one going to talk about how the Dude who came in when gloom left sounded like CORPES

  • Gloom is the best t

  • Why is the resolution so low??

  • Sup what you doing you’re playing among us Nice I love that game

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  • When azzy and greaseball were in elec they should have vented

  • How do you stream your SEnewss live through discord? Does it just stream atomically when you connect your youtube channel to it or is there something else you have to do? I can’t figure it out. ( I feel very awkward for asking I’m sorry 😭)

  • Gloom imposter times! first imposter round : 1:08:22 second imposter round : 1:52:21 third imposter round : 2:04:20 thats it 0-0 .

  • cHaRLe !!!!

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  • Hi l Love all of your videos

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  • Is it live I can't tell

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  • Hi my name is angel

  • I like how they throw All that logic at someone but not this one thing- "Kara killed Samara obviously because Samara sused Kara" ITS SOOO OBVIOUS

  • i need to start commenting on every vid so i remember which ones i’ve watched lol

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  • I'm rewatching this video because it's entertaining and funny.

  • Kassie: I'm so unlucky Also Kassie: stands next to person she knows is impostor

  • Kassie: “ Poor Lauren ...” Second later kassie : “Get her out! “ Super funny! 🤣🤣🤣

  • “Oh it’s Monday. Oh, it’s Tuesday!” I felt thattt, I haven’t known the day for weeks

  • Azzy's accent is so freaking cute 😍

  • i miss all of them so i watch them later

  • 1:52:15 Please don’t pay attention to this, I just need to leave a marking to where I left at c:

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  • Is it just me or do Lauren and Samara have the same voice...

  • Me watching like 👁👄👁

  • Ok lets get one thing clear KASSIE IS THE HECKING PRETTIEST PERSON!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for listening

  • No one: Not even Gloom in the bathroom: Terry: (•‿•) / | > /\ (He's meant to be dancing 😅)

  • im from germany lol i cann speak english wenn i was 3 heh im 10 now and i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv kasie

    • Wow! That's impressive! I speak English, in school I'm learning Spanish and outside school I'm teaching myself Russian. It's difficult to speak another language so I have MAD respect for people who can 💙

  • Terry’s dancing was hilarious^_^

  • whos like so late me LOL

    • I'm watching for the 8th time while playing Among Us 😂

  • Azzy and lauren(just for chaos)

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  • 13:02 just so i can resume watching it another day 🤗

  • “Where did she come from, where did she go” Where did she come from Cotton eye jo 21:20

  • Are you going live?

  • i love art and among us your the best

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  • 49:53 terry dancing weirdly like nobody is there when the is thousands of people watching and this goes on for ever

  • Can you give me the code for I can play

  • What's the game you are on can you tell me the code

  • cassie read this KNOW my friend called and said DELETE AMOUNG US it's getting hacked if anyone spams it's a hacker and if it's a black screen as soon as you join it's been hacked the hackers find ur location and knock on ur windows! 😫😭

  • i gust subscribe to you

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  • Who else missed the steam?🤣🤣

  • Is Gloom colour blind cause she has colour blind mode on

  • Are you always live when you play manga you should never do that blah blah blah blue

  • "I just know it's not Gloom or Scott" Me: Oop- who's gone tell her?

  • wait am I the only one who only gets he 360p quality????

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  • Idk why but gloom’s among us videos..are just..like the best..like I literally watch these while doing homework or something

    • I watch them while playing Among Us because I can use their big brain techniques in my games.

  • Why push Azzy off?

  • 50% brainies 50% craisies When the superchat thing happens I think someone is unmuted

  • I’m always late for live videos.. I never get to be in one of them- :C

    • One time I made it to a live, and I kept putting "Hello future me rewatching this video 👋" in the live chat, then I FORGOT about it and was scared when I did in fact rewatch it and saw that 😂

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  • I love your streams but I’m always late at least 1 or 2 hours

  • Wait I have a channel

  • calb with sssnipperwolf

  • I'm sorry did I get this right you had 3 Million right now you have 5 million sm I tripping

    • I've been here since like 1 million and I come back and I'm always like "GURL HOW YOU GAIN 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS SINCE I LAST CHECKED????"

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  • Ty for filming it.

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  • Not me falling asleep after watching an hour lollll😭💀

  • Me: I think it’s Scott Also me: Scott is safe he scanned

  • Is the chat live?

  • please pray for gloom to get skins

  • Gloom is so sweet

  • you can only like this if you watched the whole video

  • Lol Gloom always has the best thumbnails 😂💗

  • Kara-“I just know its not Smajor and Gloom” Gloom and Smajor-Both imposters

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  • Satan hates This video The dislikes are 666 lol

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  • Scott is lying when he says literally a lot. Keep that in mind.

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