I Answered Sinners Prayers to get 5 Star Ratings

Publicerades den 14 apr 2021
I'm Gosh and I'm choosing whether people go to heaven or heck. This is very similar to Prayr in that I get to judge people, but this time I'm trying to get a 5 Star max rating in a Yelp style rating system.
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. stay a while and listen!
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  • 6:08 ananas is in Finish pineapplw


  • When it said he could not count to100 I be like i counted to 160 like 2 years ago.

  • I have alergy to some cats…

  • Hey people love cat

  • Searches gloom this coms up

  • Through school up until maybe 8 or 9 I use to steal things alot so in this game i would probably go to heck ;-; Whoops-

    • Then again most of the stuff i stole were kids things off the floor that they did not pick up so i was helping the janitor

  • Gloom is the best game ❤️❤️❤️

  • When gloom said needy Needle from BFDl: don’t call me needy!!😡

  • 8:58 although my name is not shelley and i am a girl the rest is 100% true😱😱 Especially : still watches children TV shows😂😂😂😂😂 (like transformers rescue bots) I AM NOT GOING TO EVER WATCH A HORER MOVIE OK!!!!!! Pls say I am not the only one😖😖😖

  • Gosh

  • What is the game name but iloved the video

  • you know who is the master chef and art hack person of heaven? THE ONE THE ONLY..... KARTHA GEWARTTTTTT

  • 5:36


  • Ahhh my favorite gosh and jeez 😌

  • I love how she censors even not that bad words. Gloom is so caring. ❤️

  • W h y u n o t. S a y i n g g o d

  • Me: *watches this video* Also Me: Welp I don’t want to be gosh now Me: thanks Gloom

  • 4:10 S H R E C K

  • You can't judge a book by their cover Kartha

  • soooooooo basically people actually kidnap planes?

  • 6:48 dreamt he could drink gasoline yesterday and is dead today... What happened do you think?

  • wich am i- i make people happy i save kats i give people if i can what they want plz heaven

  • not gosh

  • I jumped at 9:11. I idk why but that scared me o_o

  • What is the name of the game

  • what is the game colld

  • Obsessed at twerking I can't- ✋🏻😂

  • what's this game's name?

  • wait but diddnt she prank azzy?


  • I love how she doesn't use the Lord's name in vain. One of the Ten Commandments

  • It is so scary in this game every person that you decide that they go to heck or Heaven is bald like did they die from cancer everybody that you decide their infinite truepath like come on every person that you choose their path is either bald or dies from cancer and even the girls don't look like girls and nobody has eyebrows kind of creepy

  • I love the what are you doing in my swamp meme🤪

  • I love these

  • Your bad at the game

  • "Isn't crossing your fingers and praying a sin? me who has been doing it my whole life: *Were dead! Were dead! Were alive but were dead!*

  • if you wacth this 999999999999999 Your super Mega OLD

  • GlOoM

  • Norman as in tpn Norman?-

  • (0:01)Kassie:gosh and geez Me:...........................

  • 9:46 are you sure this isn’t William Afton?

  • Gosh

  • Btw i am nicer then lindon

  • I have a friend named Benjamin and he’s a bully at middle school


  • I replayed her intro too many times and now I can never unhear it-

  • no because i needed this in life

  • That’s God’s not gosh

  • Why do you say gosh?

  • Uhhhh

  • Lives in an ananas under the sea, what? Me knowing that means pineapple in Russian and Romanian 😏

  • Hello you just call my name

  • Awwwwlawdee is back!

  • at least the ones who went to heck get to see lil nas x

  • whenever the opera says *aah* that means ppl need to go to heaven!


  • I am just going back forward be cuz the gloom word nice-

  • gloom is my favorite youtuber

  • Me swiping to hevan YOU ALL GET ANOTHER CHANCE

  • What is this game

  • what the 4:08

  • Gloom : AnticipAAAtion

  • im the last one

  • And I almost got hacked on sweetdance

  • Yes she doesn't say you go to he🏑🏑

  • Millions of years of revolutionary, then we have kassie

  • Gloom torturing people for fun is called "say anacle" it's wrong but a game.

  • Say jesus and now remove the j and e now say that now say them together jesus sus and it be right

  • Sadly people, won’t stop dying COVID:😈 oh heck you talking to me?

  • I'm new and I love how she says gosh

  • What's the games name pls someone tell me

  • respect them

  • Guy that dose not know how to use chapstick Me: we got a shigeraki in here

  • Ok

  • What is this app called

  • 5:36 Parnell! Knowingly infects people wi- *hecc*

  • btw I'm only 9 but I LUVVVVV u


  • I litterally played this game and my first round i not 24 points as score

    • What’s the game called?

  • Oo

  • When she said a I got 5 stars it scared me

  • He killed a man with his thumb then hes from the Rat show with the cooking rat

  • But what is she playing?

  • 8:30 Dat look tho

  • You sent me to heck;(-from Sandy:(

  • I see itzkraykirara comment and I can wait for my Mom to sign her signature on my planner that everyone in the school needs to do

  • 1000000000000000000$!!!!!!!!!!!

  • join me in among us jdgmnf

  • I love how all of them are bald

  • How you bad this game... :(

  • 6:08 ananas is another word for pineapples lol

  • For me it’s happy night

  • With all this information I think I have a shot at heaven LOL

  • Why does she said gosh instead? Does she not believe

  • Gloom: I gotta go faster Me: GOTTA GO FAST

  • dude have anyone not notice this man is the purple guy 9:47

  • not you keeping out the curse words- odd- you even call g*d gosh lol- i aint judge ilysm-

  • My mom name and my dogs name are in the video