I Tried Melted Crayon Fluid Art

Publicerades den 5 jun 2020
I saw this on Tik Tok and wanted to try a combo of melted crayons and acrylic water colour paint on a canvas with an image of me under an umbrella with my doggie that I glued on. Love you Twinkie.
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  • Why don't you sell your painting's R20 for 1

  • Please do a art video with Moriah Elizabeth

  • What happened to your dog

  • Wow that’s cool I can be your friend

  • So meaningful , so talented.

  • What does she mean accident

  • kassie:WOW it looks so cool Terry:woah Me:*just vibing to the music*

  • its amazing

  • So cool i love your dog

  • I did this in pre-k. Except our Crayons were in the shape of a heart and our teacher glued them onto the paper, and after that, everyone took turns using the blow-dryer to melt them. I still have it!

  • whos watching in 2020 like if you are

  • I love that painting it is awsome

  • Wait her dog is in the vet?


  • “It is pride” 😂😂😂

  • What happened to him?!??

  • Is your real name gloom

  • Kassie: I want the back ground to be dark gloomy 2020 Also Kassie: used pink and Blue and yellow and white and purple Kassie at the end: I want the background to be bright

  • It is so cool to watch.

  • are u karda or kassi

  • In the beginning she said dark gloomy sky the pulled out bright blue yellow and pink🤣

  • You draw better than me

  • I've done this and it brun my fingertips and it bruse for two or three months.

  • 😝😝😛😋

  • It,s so pretty

  • I just watched how to speak cursive, yes speak cursive but anyway I keep thinking the she speaks fluent cursive

  • Some person at my school watches you and she said she does t like your dog because he's a chawawa I don't even no if he's a chawawa but I think he is

  • Ya he back so cute

  • he is the best dog in the world

  • Hope your dogs ok I have a dog just like him called peanut

  • well hes not the oldest my jack russul teirrer is 15 years old

  • is it me or the crayon look really nice raining

  • Idc if her little freind isent here anymore

  • Kartha /kassie has named her pet twinky like 50 times

  • What is her age because she looks shorter than my father but my father was born in 1979.

  • Kartha gewert you make my day better

  • Sorry that I spelled it wrong

  • Me: what's your name? Subscribers: it's kartha Goart

  • ohmygoshthisisapeiceofart!

  • Is gloom gana keep going with kartha Gewart and a random name for her dogs like :if yes comments :um not sure

  • I like how the crayons are color cordnated and how COOl they looks with out wrappers Like if you aggre THE JUST LOOK SO COOL

  • It’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am confused on how old she is bc she looks 20 but she says something about something in 1963

  • Gloom are you 55

  • He is okay did you not hear what she say?!

  • Sorry for the dog😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wait is. Your dogs. Real name.

  • Is no one gonna tell kassie that kartha has been breaking into her house with all those dogs and she IS ALSO IS MAKING STUFF IS NO ONE GONNA DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT

  • Where is our little friend? is he actually sick

  • Gloom: I kind of just want to make a gray, gloomy, murky, 2020 sky. Me: YESSSIRR

  • 🐶

  • I love this series! Pls like so "Kartha" can see this comment.

  • im so sorry about youre dog. ill pray for him or her..

  • I play Roblox to much

  • i love the pansexual colors sense im pansexual and trans male this made me feel happy and amazing

  • I’m so sorry 😔 about your little friend, when you get your little friend back I hope you and your little friend will be happy 😊 fine. 💗🐶💗🐶💗🐶💗🐶💗🐶💗🐶💗🐶💗

  • You know gloom I LOVE PAINTING to

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • You didn’t put the pansexual flag colours in the right order

  • wut happened to the little friend

  • Lovely painting 😍😘

  • Her: your the best dog! Me: looks at my dog “offended”

  • Sometimes you gotta yell at it till it listens to you My parenting style. 🤣

  • I love how some of the time Terry tries to stop kass from putting it on the wall and this time he was so happy to put it on the wall like it's nice that they appreciates the lgbtq+ community ❤

  • that's sad your little cutie dog got a accident i even got a dog that died because my sister used human shampoo and luckily WE GOT A NEW DDDDDDOOOOOGGGG my dog that died name was hank and are new dog her name is boki

  • I did this You inspired me😏 You gave me my love of painting🙂🙂🙂🙂 I even did the background🙃 I didn't have the right glue and by 2 weeks all he crayons fell off😢 Btw I'm a girl

  • Oooooooooooooooooo

  • Who's watching this in quarantine

  • My heartbreaks cuz the dog is in the hospital he is in our hearts

  • Everyone women hides her age Cassy is like : back at 1963 😂 I luv Cassy ❤️

  • Kassie, I wish I didn't have to say this but I think Terry is cheating on you with someone named Kartha Gewart.😭

  • I love how she sings for her dog at the end!!!🥰

  • Noooooooooooooo our little friend is gone

  • 2:31 I think you can use a teeth brush to make it look fuzzy

  • Is the dogy ok

  • I just woried about the dog

  • Why do you change your dogs name all the time?first OCTOPRING, then ALBERT WILSON,

  • Even I have a dog called speedo since he is really fast

  • What happened to him is he ok 🙏🥺

  • Hi kassie

  • I pray for st Francis shawarma

  • 3:37

  • All of your paintigs are so baeutiful! How do you do it?

  • ❤️ 🌈

  • My friend has cancer and I was in the hospital with her watching gloom and it made her day so much! Thank you gloom for everything you do! ❤ Love you so much!

  • I feel bad about her dog

  • i love kasess and her freinds vidio they are bestei🤩🤪😍😇😃😄😁😉😊

  • 100% would wach if this was on netflix

  • im am non binary!

  • Normal ppl: oh my dogs name? Yeah she is called Maddy (or what ever ur dog is called) And they say that to everyone Kassie: *has 100 different names for her dog*

  • You: "sometimes you just gotta yell at it till it listens to you" Me: BATTERY DON'T DIE ON ME NOW over and over 20,000,0000,00000, times and it is now at 1% sooo yeah bye 😑

  • Why is your 🐕 at the hospital?

  • Aww what happened to him

  • Who would like if Kassie sold all the pantings she did not want :D 👇🏻

  • Yay

  • hi

  • The sky is literally always just filled with clouds

  • Hmmm what’s ur real name and can u do a painting with makeup video 😇😁

  • I love u kassie

  • lets take the blue into the pink and they will end up with purple their daughter