life is fragile

Publicerades den 24 maj 2020
This is from the creator of Missed Messages and it sounds like a beautiful experience that will get you in your feelers
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  • Best intro ever

  • ik i am all late on watching this video but when i saw her eating spaghetti and i started laughing 😂

  • May: everyone's sleep deprived. It's necessary for success Me: the only reason I'm sleep deprived is because I'm watching SEnewss instead of sleeping.

  • I only made it when the stream was like 15 minutes away from being done

  • I love the agust d (or b, I should say) poster in their room

  • oh snap

  • I cried at the part where it was "alone? or dreams?"

  • hi

  • Gloom at 8:17 says yes to kiss Me: 🤦‍♂️

  • *August & people who were born in May:* 57:32


  • The Game: **Mentions Kpop** Kassie: **Mentions Twice** Me a Kpop Stan: *I think Im gonna like it here*

  • i cried EVERy time may was laying in that bed! xd..

  • My best friend sent this to me with the caption “this reminds me of us”... I’m blushing *so* hard right now...

  • Rewatching this because I love this vid and I’m rewatching a lot of your old videos

  • 29:33 wich one is trans? Edit: ok i think i know now i think its May my reason is that she has a more chiseled jaw but I'll have to see

  • i was legit crying

  • Not sure why but the title and this video make me feel ... safe ?

  • This is my fav gameplay ever ❤️

  • *eats soup* me: dooo dooooooooooooooooo what is she saying because my headsets are dead

  • When she was eating ramen I was watching at 4:00 in the morning and wanted ramen

  • Me too but she has been going live a lot Marley

  • WHY IS THIS SO SAAAADDDDDD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • ....bascily watching a movie. ❤

  • You are the best

  • And this is why..... I prefer to be Aromatic :>

  • hi

  • I in le livestream:)


  • Its cute

  • hi

  • Hi gtg to bed

  • wow like every video I've seen for a while has loled somthing to do with Corona :( -_-

  • I can't comment in the chat for some reason

  • I don’t know why but my favorite types of games are LGBTQ games

  • like what

  • friends and family

  • Any one watching this 3 months later??? Nope only me.....ok

  • I just found out that you can survive a brain tumor, as far as I have come. I think one of the choices you get after May gets a brain tumor can either making her die like gloom first got and a another choice and she survives, as that the game will depend on the players choices, so it must be a choice for every death May can get. And what the player gotta do is to avoid it?

  • did anyone else cry when May died...

  • Family and friends

  • Dreams

  • hey

  • I cried each time she died.

  • Me like girls to ps i am a girl so I am a girl

  • Tell Azzy Jazzy that i miss her more then anything or anyone right now... She saved my life.... thank you baby doll Jazzy. It's difficult living without u

  • Eyes on you... Kelly Beam look alike.... U R apart of the Medina project... Cause im the last James Dean....

  • I love this live stream 😍🤣

  • If you are making another live stream, I found this adorable game named Syrup and the ultimate sweet.

  • I'm crying

  • I just love them 🥺💕

  • Hi

  • Hi gloom I love your videos so so so so so much

  • They are sooo cute together

  • My friend actually has a brain tumour. You just be there for them if they need you

  • why do i miss all of these

  • this is the third time watching this

  • Is you ok kas 👌

  • this was on my birthey

  • AAAAAAAck this was amazIING

  • I miss every livestream too

  • Am i the only one who noticed agust b aka agust d 29:30 (agust d is suga’s from bts album)

  • girl u are the second funniest pserson on youtube

  • Hi

  • 47:32 that sounded gud

  • y i be da pink one doe. /0o0/ \0o0\ /0o0/ \0o0\

  • I​ love​ your​ videos​

  • Gloom

  • Goom

  • Did anyone notice at 29:40 there's a trans flag next to the pride flag

  • Im glad I looked through the comments, I haven't finished it but I heard May dies and it's super sad but I'm prepared now.

  • Leave a message after the 14:25

  • "This is me! And this is my anime girlfriend!" -Kassie 2020, best quote of the year

  • HHII


  • This game made me question if I like girls Side note I was a girl when I watched this I'm non binary now >w

  • Why do I scroll down in the comments when I haven't watched this in a month or somethin

  • Hi

  • You should have started at work

  • Sometimes I miss live videos

  • Do you know kiera briged?

  • Who else thinks may reminds u of may from missed messages also i was here during the stream ive just been watching it over and over again

  • I watched the stream when it was live. But I just had to see it again! It is such a great and beautiful game.

  • My best friend likes me she told my friend and my friend told me we are both girls and I do not know what to fell...

  • Nooooo

  • awwwww

  • You look sooooo pretty just like always

  • everyone in the comments: **talking about the game** me: are you eating ramen with a fork?

  • This mAde me cry it’s so cute It made me.cry so hard

  • Hi

  • 8 minutes in and I'm already bawling ;-;

  • I cried the whole time😭👁️👄👁️

  • So Wholesome

  • oof i so wish i could watch the live stream :(

  • Gloom: I dont know guys what should we do? Also Gloom: no chat, we can't do that.

  • fun

  • hi

  • Ughhh I didn't want to start crying todayyyy

  • I cried AT LEAST three times TwT