Funny NEW Animal Tik Toks that Cheer Me Up

Publicerades den 28 maj 2020
My whole ForYou page on Tik Tok is now adorable everyday animals just being their amazingly cute selves. When your faith in humanity is low, watch animal videos. This is me show you and reacting to some of my favs that I liked at 4am.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • Lol

  • Like the dog

  • A lab bit me when I was 5 soooooooooooooo

  • My family got to feed a squirrel in DC it was pretty cool it was out in the open😂

  • I got a grumpy cat that doesn't let me hold it and will claw me in the face if I hold her;-;

  • I present to you...…. Mr. Qutip!!

  • U don’t know ur dog breeds, still love ur vids tho. Keep doing ur self

  • That’s not a chow it’s a malamute

  • 7:07 "their husky, or their chow," what? i thought those were alaskan malamutes- 🤔

  • 14:30 that look like my kitten

  • 13:36 my dogs bark am me

  • I had a golden retriver ,but he disappeared 😭😭😭

  • 12:04 if you sit on your porch or something in a scarecrow costume and pretend to be a scarecrow then someone walks up and you scare them on Halloween you can really get some kids :)

  • The girl who thought her cat was dead, that same thing happened to me last night with my husky and I was boutta cry

  • Did you know... Cats smell with their mouths?

  • gloom " cats are so cute i want one " a CAT almost killed ME

  • My big dog Otis thinks he's so small he literally bumps into things all the time it's so funny he is so huge He's like twice the size of me

  • If kassie little puppy came in on her while she was commenting about a cat 😂 he would be looking at her so Sus LOL😂

  • Cats are judgementle

  • Story time because why not We went on a trip to arizona when I was 6 and I saw in our neighbors yard a small dog getting bit in the neck by a coyote and the dog was not barking or anything it was STILL and I was terrified I started screaming worried for the dog and the coyote just took the poor thing and ran. My mom,my friends,the neighborhood heard me screaming then I couldn't speak,I blacked out and the next thing I know I was in bed and i asked them what happened they told me that I was screaming "SMALL DOG YARD CAYOTE NECK STILL" then I told them what happened. They told the neighbors then they were shocked and the little girl cried. It still haunts me knowing that I didn't do anything to save the dog😞 the end

  • Fun fact, elephants think we are cute just like how we think puppies are cute

  • you should do video only reacting to husky videos

  • 5:45 just watch....

  • i have a puppy and she love fighting me when im going to sleep

  • Same girl

  • When I first got my cat as a kitten, he would lay on my neck at night. I didn't get much sleep lol.

  • I'll take the abandoned cat where is it please tell me

  • hi gloom I love your channel sooooooooo muuuuuuch

  • What pet di yall have I have a pet bird

  • Summer yoga be like

  • One time it was the middle of the night and my husky started howling right outside my bedroom door

  • She should play until dawn

  • Nobody: No one at all: Gloom: if i could be surrounded by foxes and skunks i would be the happiest person in the world. Me: SKUNKS!?!?!

  • I used to have 2 golden retrievers but sadly they both died of cancer and they were acuall brothers

  • English cream retriever

  • that poor poor third wheel cat 😭😂

  • When your dog was on my phone my dog was barking

  • cassie: just like jelly!!! 9:32 Me and cassie at the same time: blubblubblubblubllll

  • hmm i wonder where yu can find skunks in foxes...defenatly not a zoo or a campsite.

  • 11:40 I am cry laughing😂😂😂 I am legit wheezing cause it is12:00 and trying to remain hushed.

  • I had a cat that small but her time came when she was still a kitten

  • i had a golden retriever but she got run over when i was a baby T^T

  • 11:20-11:31 That scared me so bad.

  • I love animals so this videos made me die of cuteness!


  • My backyard has cieots

  • ALL OF THE ANIMALS IN THIS VID ARE SO CUTE and that dog that hit the dudes coffee out his hands it’s hilarious Edit: well all of them were hilarious

  • 12:49 HOLD UP IS THAT OREO'S BROTHER?! (PS Oreo is my kitten and does the bunny kicks that that kitten does so now im questioning if that's Oreo's brother since we got Oreo from someone who didnt need kittens but their cat was pregnant and one of those kittens happened to be Oreo and we were lucky to get him for free. he's so fluffy but is vicious- and when im around him i feel like the older cat on the bottom when he latches around my ankle and attacks it lol-)

  • For awhile I thought I was actually on the app and I started trying to scroll.

  • You read way of the peaceful warrior gloom?!?

  • gloom:I lOvE fOxEs my bad memories with foxes

  • So cute

  • I like Watching videos

  • I don't mean to be a party pooper but if u want those foxes to live keep them away from my house. They would not last a day cause we bhave chickens and oh. We have lost to many chickens to foxes. So the fox would be on a wall or a rug. Sorry to say.

  • i had a golden retriever and now a white lab

  • I have a trampoline and my Friends little is six and when she cry’s or falls it’s the funnest thing ever

  • Me: i don’t even care for the rest ima click other video to much cats if you know me I HATE cats sorry it’s that way .

  • does she call coyotes ky oats?

  • cats adopt outside there species

  • Also the type of cat you said you wanted at like 5:37 or so is I think maybe called a Persian grey cat

  • lol 3:58

  • Foxes or Boxes??? Gottem

  • kids love you

  • I just got a Havachon puppy it is SOOOOO HYPER

  • i dont wach tick tok beacuse of china eaven tho i want to wach tik tok are u there in 2020 like if yes

  • My bunny stomps at me- and she growls at me -.-

  • i like you

  • 11:20 The concentration tho

  • Cats don’t even play with the toys you give them

  • Here is a cool fact: Bunnies / Rabbits actually do these kick twist flips when they're happy, or joyous

  • 9:18 you mean my puppy that eats everything?


  • Those kyotes remind me of my dog when she really doesn't want to play blankie

  • I love goats

  • When your an enby and she said “laidies and gentalman”

  • My bunny die :(

  • My doggie used to sing but he got hit by a car😣

  • those are foxes i just know


  • Are you ready Twinky.... That is defenetly what I say on a midnight umm... I dunno

  • two things about twinke: one:hes super cute two:why does he stick out his tounge all the time?

  • I have a lab

  • The goat is so cute


  • 10:02 so accurate...

  • I want a bunny:(

  • Gloom your amazing your videos are so fun and your dog is the cutest thing ever

  • pets like you you because they think your their alpha it happens to a lot

  • I lost it when she said “is that q tip”😂🤣

  • Awwwwweeeeee I love foxes

  • my cat is grumpy (kind of) and shes just so sweet and adorable when you get to know her

  • My brother has a black lab , and she’s chaotic

  • pick one: Baby fluffy goat OR baby fluffy cow i pick cow

  • That tiny dog at 5:00 his name is rico i saw tiktoks of him but sadly he died when i saw this i was like from this 🤣 to this 😢

  • okay so, here i am laying on my bed with my cat curled up in the crook of my knee. When you mention how your childhood dog, like the one in the tictock, wouls say aroo back i looked down at her because when i meow at my cat she usually meows back and its adorable

  • The little goat being all cute Meanwhile my goat:so cute when he was little, now he so grown and he keeps opening the door for food in my house

  • It’s not pronounced sock-ra-tees Kassie, it’s pronounced SO-CRATES!! (that’s a Bill and Ted joke)

  • I love foxes to there adorble

  • I think my cats are broken... they love waterO.o

  • My mum had a dingo who had babies and some of them died, and the mum staved to death😭😭😭😭😭. I had a bunny just like the one in the video. He died while we were on holidays😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭