Kids Being DUMB Dumbs 👶

Publicerades den 21 aug 2020
It's been a while since @LaurenzSide and I were kids. These kids are being stupid, getting stuck, and making a mess... they need to go back to school immediately.
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  • 11:58 this is me when im tired and the bathrooms too far but i have a brother

  • No wonder. U have SMART" friends..

  • me too luaren but with mermaids

  • im not dumbbbbbbbb

  • NnNnOoOo

  • hey im a kid

  • Do you more

  • When I was little my brother told me that if I got goosebumps I would grow feathers and turn into a goose. My mom neither confirmed nor denied so I was freaked out for like almost a year

  • I have to admit, there was this fruity lip gloss and-i squeezed it out and kinda.....ate it.....XD

  • I’ve ate I mean fully ate a nerds scented chapstick


  • Around 10:22 This made me laugh because the seal isn’t even a seal it’s a walrus.

  • Don't worry, Lauren, I (SOMETIMES) speed bath too. XD


  • Hahahaha

  • I actually stuck a nickel in an outlet when I was little thinking it was going to give me candy, my Grandpa had to come and fix it

  • One really dumb thing that my sister did is that she got stuck in our popcorn cabinet

  • 2:37 this kid looks like me when i was little...

  • I got told that if I stay in the bath tube for too long I will turn into a mermaid👁👁

  • People: ooh Kassie you ok? Me: how high did you climb?

  • You know there was a kid called donavon well...just loook at my name REEEÈEEEEEE

  • One time l was DUMB and l make my dad mad

  • Terry the giver of knowledge

  • that kid with the afro looks like timmy from 60 seconds and i have gotten stuck in the toylet befor and I HAD TO CALL 911 BECUSE WHEN I WAS 4 I GOT MY FIRST PHONE AND MY PARENTS WERE NOT HOME!

  • I think the little bot at the 5:00 had his cheeks greased up to help him out 😅

  • 16:27 Me who spent three hours making a fake laptop to put inplace of my laptop when my dad took it 🐒💨

  • Every time Kassie says hey Siri my Siri turns on wow and I’m watching this on the same device I did not know that could happen

  • I got stuck in a chair at my mom's office once. It was humiliating, but I never did it again.

  • When l was younger ( by the way am 10) l was a funny and werid girl and my mom said bring me my knife so l could cut this guy and l did got the knife then my mom got scared the first time then l did it more times and my mom got mad at me . HEHE

  • I wore underwear as a hat once... to be fair, it was Wacky Wednesday

  • i tske showers to mai-ling leChen

  • She has 999 unlikes I hate it

  • Lauren: “I fell so lonely I don’t wanna be the only one!” Cassie: “Sorry Lauren but I think your the only one ;)” Me: NoT qUiTe!!! Also me: Be one with the prunes

  • no lauren u are not the only one that was scared but my mom told me that i was going to become a mermaid lol

  • Can the party but

  • Should I be concerned that I may or may not be in this video???

  • Kassie:I wasnt smart,I went to Korea,I was NOt smart Me:At least you saw my oppa/bias

  • U forgot to say "HaPy DaY I'm GlOom


  • Hi

  • Lol 😅😂🤣

  • I am the dumb kid that i want my grandma to be fast

  • Gloom: i feel like every kid has drawn on a wall Me: I have and it was permanent Me after few hours that day: u know what its awesome Mom coming: Ahh its okay Me: what

  • Its that the kid on 3th place is so happy that the other thinks he lost

  • I think my ski once (on my finger) literally broke of a bit because I was in the pool to long that's when got out sorry Lauren if that scares you...

  • 3:36 Dwight Schrute cosplay.... ...anyone??

  • prints: haw dare you kids: i'm famous.😆🤣

  • Give me a like if you are a big fan of gloom

  • One time my hand was stuck on an chair I was crying and crying unti my dad pull it out and then I was screaming it hurted a lot :(

  • Oy I Have A Son

  • kid being in tree: im fine! me: YA LOOK LIKE MAH FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok I am a kid and I’m not dumb;-; I am in 4th grade...

  • LOL!

  • When I was watching Disney Junior my dog was staring at the TV turning into head back-and-forth and sideways

  • Kassie: you should never put your head in a pumpkin me: singing do you know the pumpkin man the pumpkin man the pumpkin man do you know the pumpkin man a dumb kid that stuck a pumpkin on their head

  • When I was a kid, I had five lipstick tubes, and my little brother ate it all.

  • Bath=wet Prune=dry frute It makes no sense

  • 👶

  • Oooooo

  • I just mean to tell you that on the diaria one the last emoji that that kid out was the towel

  • Lol those kids are crazy funny

  • When Kassie said “Hey Siri” my Siri actually went off 😂 She said nope btw

  • Just to let's know :p

  • Everyone didnt know that lauren wear coin/pennies neckless

  • F for granny

  • If there was a like

  • I have stuck in a grid gate in my babysitter house, the grid is like medium grid... I even stuck a Gem inside my nose... I have to go to 2 clinic and 1 hospital, my mum was taking care 2 week baby sister

  • I can relate

  • I understand the bath thing

  • i once got something stuck in my nose and my dad jokingly said "we're gonna hafta cut your nose off now!" and i started crying cuz i thought he was serious. then my mom got it out with tweezers, my dad says he felt really bad.

  • I still don’t understand the “Put these three words In alphabetical order”

  • Are you are you kidding me I think that’s video shot

  • i have a 3 year old neighbor and he wants to play on our xbox so we got an playstation 3 controller and when he said he wasn't on screen we told him he was controllign us on screen

  • hi

  • laurn: Oh no Gloom: Oh that happened to me

  • well they say that because you will get rinkles

  • Mk what dis

  • Your mom to your best friend's mom: Oh! Kassie's pretending to faint again! Your dad walking in: Yeah, don't mind her she's just pretending to faint from her lack of dunceroos.

  • Me

  • The boy that was stuck in the railing that's md

  • anyone else wish Lauren was there Mum 👇

  • I eat chapstick off my lips 💋

  • Wow

  • I was kinda stuck in my bed you know how people cant get out there beds that's kinda me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🐺🐺🐺🐺🐇🐇🐇🐺🐺🐺🐇🐺🐇🐺🐇🐺🐇

  • the kid eating from the mixer is me-

  • people who grew up before the internet go be like “whats tik Tok and we go be like “are you kidding me

  • I did that I was so scared of turning into a prune.

  • 5:36 LOL i had this in my homwork And i spent 2 hours trying to write out the alphebet and figure out this just to bring it to school and realise i was wrong i am dumb

  • 13:03 Who else realized that the person put walrus on the seal

  • Gloom you where a idot

  • diaria is doodoo water

  • I use to eat WHOLE cherry Chapsticks 😂

  • I agree with gloom on the cart thing

  • My mom would tell me "if I swimed in the pool for a long time I would be a fish in the ocean and a shark would eat me"

  • 14:48 Umm did u hear that? :Sorry if it was on the Wrong time

  • Lauren: Inthink I'm the only one who thought I'd actuly become a prune. Kassie: I think you are. Me: But I thought I'd actuly become a prune too.

  • I heard of that before

  • That's literally EVERY robertIDK thumbnail EVER

  • Anyone else notice they both have the same hairstyle

  • I was stuck in my friend porch :l