I tried an ABSTRACT PAINTING Tutorial and it's just sad

Publicerades den 12 dec 2019
I dunno guys, I keep trying to paint for some reason. Hope I’ll be an artist soon. Thank you so much to LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen for sponsoring this video and helping me create art! Link to learn more: bit.ly/gloomLGG8X Link for the trial program: bit.ly/gloomG8Xtrial #LGG8X #LGG8Xdualscreen
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  • Thanks for watching, y'all! Who's ready for the new SALLY FACE?! Tomorrow sound good?

  • Why are kids always the victims some kids can do better than that

  • If I did this painting it would be much more better.

  • Wow 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 wow

  • Your paintings are always so beautiful and perfect!

  • I come from nature and not all trees are perfect Gloom 2020-


  • I really like your drawing it's so cool

  • When I see her paint she makes a painting just like bob ross makes OvO

  • 4:39 This looks like the Germany Flag- And I'm German-

  • The phone in this advertisement would be perfect for gachatubers OwO

  • 3.6k comment

  • There both cute ✨

  • I wonder wheres kartha gewart

  • im in 2020 but i miss billions of years of evolishion advancement. and then we have cassie

  • gloom pretending to be someone : I MiGHT eVen ASk HEr On A Date! terry: WHaT

  • This my friends, was the moment Kartha Gewart was born 😊

  • Where on earth do buy that phone

  • 46000th liker on the video

  • I don't get it. Are Kartha and her like twins or something? And why isn't Kartha painting? Honestly she's better smh.

  • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • me i want you to do sally face

  • wow coollllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😇😇

  • Did anyone else notice all the fake leaves on the tarp? Hahhahaha


  • oh baby when you talk like thatttt, you make the woman go mad

  • 2.picčor

  • Terry"ME☺️" Gloom"No" Terry"OH😔" Who else feels bad for Terry 🔽

  • Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! The way kasie said it!🤣🤣

  • Beatyful

  • In the beginning it looked like the trees are Walmart and the mountains are Target, now I think mountains are Dollar store and trees are Gucci! Edit: you know, it went from the first on being slightly better than the second one to the second one being way better than the first one, I hope that makes sense because it confused my sister lol

  • Kassie, your paintings never went astray. You are a beautiful artist, and you are just telling yourself you're not. You should let people give encouragement some time

  • I not like it I love it💙🙂💙🙂

  • T

  • it's the using blue for grass and cactuses for me like ru kidding me kassie

  • I love all of them

  • 2020 anyone?

  • Kartha: "This is like watching a literal chil- Ooo I think I like that hopefully you guys too Me: Haahaa lol


  • To be honest you do great art I’m not lying

  • Is it supposed to be a sunset

  • Gloom has began the best artist in the entire planet earth

  • When it went asray mountains and shadows

  • girl you need to blend

  • 2:28 / 12:06 my brother has the same thing

  • Plzzzz Kassie do a painting with Azzy plzzzzz

  • Gurl that pretty

  • I want Kartha Gewart to make something for secret santa

  • Gi

  • Amazing

  • Teal is sus

  • i like the second one

  • Kartha: here comes the I need to stop singing beatle song’s Me: ya stop singing beatle songs

  • Lol looks awesome 😎

  • you are the beast gloom

  • All of it

  • Wow your phone is cool 😎👌💎💰💸

  • Pro tip,if your trying to blend poor the on the canvas in a line but to much and the get a bigger brush and swipe the brush on the canvas side to side with out picking it up and do the sides to you’ll thank me later😁

  • Cool

  • The whole video i was ranting about why didnt she nlend the sunset 😤

  • that actually dose not look bad! I actually would have it in my house :)

  • What about Bob Roth

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  • Here comes the sun do do do do DANG IT KNOW IT IS STUCK IN MY HEAD

  • Did she make a perfect circle?

  • Please do a art video with Moriah Elizabeth

  • where is Kartha Gewert? I wanted her to come along

  • rrrrrrrro

  • Why do i wish i had her skill you know why i have art class and im the least best painter in my class sooooo dont be mean oki im better at drawing then painting lol i have an art test tomorw

  • Can you paint yourself in a paper?😅😅

  • We're is your dog 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😭🙏🏼

  • 2:26 I am that tree. And I have to get surgery for it in 16 days. I’m terrified, please help-

  • Gloom:I really like cookie mountain Me:I really like forest mountain

  • Gloom:and I did it for you Terry:me? Gloom:no Me:laughs so hard

  • She says comment the exact moment she went astray....... I'm still waiting..... And waiting..... Wait the video is over. :( I can't even paint and she comes out with 2 really cool painting. Like where did I go wrong in life.

  • Why that phone be looking like a DS xD

  • I like the one with the first painting she did

  • This girl is Kra kra

  • you already know its very sad

  • 2

  • I remember watching this and it said “one day ago”

  • Gloom: we not professional here Me: I have seen soo many of these and WOW

  • i panit more like a chiled then u i cant panit at all

  • KaRTha GeWARt????

  • I wish we did not have to pay to join😥😥

  • and yes I AM obsessed with ur art

  • and iam 6 year old

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  • Hey who thinks that gloom and kartha sre twins.

  • I do enjoy painting

  • You did a better job then i could ever do

  • Why dose kassie never were a apron when she's painting


  • the cacti look decapitated


  • i like the origanol one the best

  • 9.08

  • listen i love gloom but i feel bad because i hate it

  • Gloom:get the double screen phone Leah Ashe:get the double screen phone STOP I CANT GET A NEW PHONE

  • I am in love with Kassie! She paints.... I don't even have words! I wish I could meet her in person! Pls:like this so Kassie can see it!