This video is hard for girls to watch (emotional)

Publicerades den 2 apr 2020
Grab the tissues because these are comics about how hard girls have it episode 2.
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  • This is funny😂

  • One way to get ride of the cramps when your running is to drink more water before

  • for me all i do is hold my chest and they go away on their own

  • Me tooooooo

  • 1= 100 prayers for the girls that have their period :) And I’m 9 and I have my periods and a little of cramps

  • those cramps when you run are really bad when you have your.......

  • You have to pace yourself

  • I’m so glad your confident with saying the word *period* I can’t say it in front of anyone! I love you kassie your so amazing please do more videos of this video so that I become confident I’m only 11 and haven’t had my period yet, this is making me so much less scared because I’m terrified

    • Why does this happen to GiRLs

  • Yes I know how to stop the cramps just drink cold cold water and do 10 jumping jacks🍉

  • 10:00...Me only wearing black hoodies 24/7

  • how to stop the cramps stop running

  • Mdjdjdueowjdwuwdjwwudjww idwe

  • Me too every time I do a lot of the time when I go running I get like cramps on the side of my stomach and it hurts really really bad and honestly are you running for like motivation and fun but every time it just hurts and it’s the worst

  • Do more of girls videos

  • 9:40 but what if the make up gets on your clothes? Gurl did you even think about that


  • Running cramps Breathe in through the nose out through the mouth for a while and that should help

  • Don’t drink a lot of water and don’t eat before you go for a run

  • are you gloom or kassie

  • You know you can clean around the house and listen to music and you won’t have cramps Just saying

  • boys: come on we get cramps to its not that bad me: have you ever gotten a power drill to the stomach? boys: no why is that relaven- me: imagine having that all day for 3-6 days a week every month boys:I- me:exactly

  • You can stop cramps by running more often, drinking more water and running intervals

  • a way to get rid of the running cramps is to eat a pickle that helps a lot of people ik so try that!

  • 16:09 you have to run through them the more you run the less you get them

  • I crave potato chips when I’m on my period

  • Guys: "Your so annoying stop complaining about cramps" Girls on their period: sHuT uP aNd BuY mE cHoCoLaTe.

  • Tip if your going running drink water before like 30 minutes before

  • u know some ppl never felt how period cramps feel .

  • HaPpY dAy Im GlAm

  • Me ouuuu my brother it don't hurt Me kicks him In the nuts Me it don't hurt Him u win

  • I think your stomach cramps are called stitches

  • My period started on the first day of summer break and I was cramping the whole time I was at my friends house

  • NPT JUST BOYS NEED POCKETS GIRLS NEED SOME TO I CANT EVEN SPELL CUZ IM SO MAD and you want cramps stop comeing back dont eat if you eat and you run you well get cramps so dont eat and run

  • Am i going to die i mean cause i havent started yet and yall make it sound like it hurts that badly-

  • Ok if anyone sees this I do not get a period and no I am not a boy I have a brain tumor so I have to take a pill to get it

  • I know how to get rid of ethnic cramps Dah Dun Dah water!!!!


  • Boys won't understand (˘・_・˘)

  • sleep for the cramps of running gloom

  • Ok so abawt the cramps chocolate or dark chocolate stuff with cafen like hot tea🤫🤭😎

  • I know u posted this a while ago but to stop the cramps stretch before and after you run and stay hydrated during your run. If you get the cramps still grab the area tightly and stretch while you count to 100

  • You are getting the runing cramps because your dehydrated

  • My running cramps feel like my ribs are trying to explode and it hurts so bad and it’s super embarrassing because I’ll be running in PE and kids will laugh and stare because I couldn’t move it hurts so bad

  • Side cramps from working out or dancing is the WORST, but for me to stop them is take a breath and drink some water and chill. lol

  • Yes i can relate to this short pants thing so much. Like i really want people to make pants inbetween long and short

  • I don’t believe in dimensions

  • XD

  • its daniel seavey bday in this video

  • Gloom: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want cry if I want to cry cry cry (This is a song btw-

  • I've watched this 23 times a day

  • To stop the cramp you have to breathe from the nose not from the mouth that’s why you have cramp maybe

  • Gloom, I know you are Pansexual

  • Ya have to drink some water

  • Women’s chino shorts!!!

  • I remember I had skinny jeans and when I pulled my pants up from the belt loops, they broke 😓

  • Oh oh the time to get ready!

  • Someone guy on TikTok said that periods weren’t real and that the cramps didn’t hurt

  • Most of this can be reliable to boys to but I'm a girl


  • How you deal with the cramps

  • You just need to stop for a moment breath clearly and keep running. That’s

  • Hi kassie, your probably not going to see this, but I just try to ignore the cramps when I run, and they don't go away, but you get used to them. Just jog, and sort of make a knife hand and dig into the spot that is cramped, and eventually you should be able to ignore it, and keep going.

  • One time me and my mom and sister went hiking and we went to the Bathroom and there was a camera on one of the stalls *True story*

  • These are so relatable

  • My cousin: You're a dumdum and I don't say anything😄😜 Me: Hurtful 😢

  • Me: YOU'RE MEAN!😭

  • I Know I’m Late But Das Fine. Anyway, To Stop The Cramps All You Have To Do Is Breathe In Though You’re Nose, Then Breathe Out Though You’re Mouth

  • I’m a guy and this comments are mean

    • If the comments are mean then why did u read them And I'm a girl

  • i get the running cramps, during the mile run in gym

  • Okay I have those cramps when ur running to and I always just continue running in pain XD

  • I get them too it’s so annoying I can’t even go one minute without getting them

  • drink more or less water

  • It is very true with almost all of these and especially when she said that about the bench

  • Is it weird that I have the same fear? Like I even cross my arms over the area so nobody can see it. Like if you are the same!

  • Hello im living in netherland and i go to Amsterdam to

  • Me who is in the bathroom for to long: hmmmmmm I’m bored errrr what do i do!??!?!?!!?!!!!!!!! Also me: *starts to read hand wipes*

  • I mean about the cramp when you go running, you’re supposed to stretch your arms in the air. But I just usually punch my sides

  • My mum told me to hang your upper body (your belly to your head) down like you are trying to touch your toes or put your hands behind ur head if u have pains from running, in britain we call em stitches cos its so painful that you might as well get stitches to heal lol love ur videos!

  • When you run bring LOSHEN

  • *me just being a girl watching this* Title : I don’t think so but you do what makes you weird!

  • Thank you so much kassie for making me happy after i cried ITS just i- ok i cant explain and i love your vids kassie ❤️👍 and you Made my day

  • Happens all the time

  • When u r running u can get cramps in your side that just means you need to slow down or walk, and what I do is I put my hands over my head to breathe easier

  • I did hot yoga too i hated it

  • Btw u were talking about the running cramps right? Ya so they'll probably come everytime u run cuz uve just started. But just drink a little water n walk a bit but don't stop. Ull be fine. Just keep jogging after that.

  • Why is this so flipping accurate

  • Why oh why we us girls get periods 😭😭

  • Not to be rude, but you get stomach cramps 'cuz your out of shape physically.👍👌😐

  • How I get rid of running cramps!:a warm damp paper towel under your shirt I mean works for me

  • 7:20 to 7:29 is true for my mom

  • What I do with cramps: lie on the floor and scream. True story.

  • To stop the stomach cramps you put your hands on top of you head and take deep breaths

  • just breathe at a certain rhythm

  • Most of these are soooo relatable

  • boys:periods arent that bad me: SHARPENS KNIFE

  • I always read the shampoo bottle

  • I don't know how to stop the running cramps but I feel you they really hurt and I don't get a lot of sleep at night so my mom makes me go on a walk every morning and they are long so I get them really bad then.

  • run to stop cramps

  • Ice

  • Well last night my dad ate 3 bowls of lice cream and Roman