I Tested the Tik Tok Strawberry BUGS Hack with a Microscope

Publicerades den 6 jun 2020
I don't want to believe there are bugs in my strawberries, so I have a microscope and a dream.
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  • If there where bugs in my straberrys i eould still eat it couse yum

  • Mom: do you want some strawberries? Me: THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW!!!! Mom: WhAT wHy?! Me: JUSt dO iT !!!!!!

  • they look gross BUT! there not actually harmful to us. theres bugs everywhere so it doesnt really matter, but its cool to see them come out of the strawberries for me! id rather have tasteless bugged sweet strawberries rather than salty strawberries

  • They should have bugs because the come from a form and Animals live in the form

  • Happened what happened to right now

  • Hey! I know you made this video a while ago but the worm-like bug that scared you so much is a type of maggot, from the SWD fly (Spotted wing drosophila). There's no actual health problems with eating some and people have most likely been eating all kinds of fruit with bugs in them for decades. Just thought I'd say, sense nobody said it yet ^^ Edit: but I don't recommend eating maggots. Don't eat maggots, kids '-'

  • Beginning of vid (Kartha): “If it is true, I don’t think I would actually care...” Later on: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Me: Inevitable.

  • wut

  • Can u do pt 2 doin the cold strawberrys

  • I don’t really care because bugs give you protein

  • Hi ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • That THING was like a water BEAR

  • I was gonna eat strawberrys today but I'm not now

  • Honestly, you seem like the kind of girl that would walk into a car store and ask if they have blinker fluid

  • *I’m never eating a strawberry ever again*

  • Kassie: ants are said to be sweet when you eat them. Me: NO! i ate an ant and it was SO SPICY *HURL*

  • When I was a little girl I found a worm in my orange When I was a little girl I found a worm in my orange😨😨

  • Ok but

  • That is SCARY!


  • ME: 9:54 also xD... its just a little guy! kartha:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • 7:43 xD

  • Taking a bite outta your bath water

  • im a vegetarian. i knew this already.

  • ):

  • I don't like this

  • I stopped eating strawberries

  • Ewwwwwwwwww

  • Ok so I am not watching this Not because I don’t like Kassie BECAUSE STRAWBERRY IS LIFE

  • Wow....just....wow....

  • Summer😆 Summe😁 Summ😄 Sum😃 Su😀 S🙂 Sc🙃 Sc☹️ Sch🙁 Scho😕 Schoo😟 School😔 S😣 SC😖 SCH😫 SCHO😩 SCHOO🥺 SCHOOL😢

  • the huge one tho

  • Mmmm eh ill still eat them

  • **I'm never gonna eat strawberries again** and I ended up MOTIONLESS while watching *(:--:)*

  • On all of them I saw 90 bugs

  • My sis putted my video on 0.5 and I didn't notice that then it became really slow

  • I don't even like straw berries :D

  • Wanna know something the bugs are da seeds :l

  • oh and if it was a grain of salt that big thing was not salt

  • ok cassie i mean kartha guward how

  • Cassie you know they go to eat the harmless

  • ceep on doing the casy show thing lol lol

  • Bug:hi how are u Gloom:waaaaaaaa Bug:got yaa😎😎😎

  • In the beginning hehe that’s what she said :>

  • Thank goodness I’m not a big strawberry fan lol 😂

  • gloom: screams seeing bug in strawberry me: eating stawberrys while watching 👁👄👁

  • So ants taste sweet??? O I learned something new thanks!!! XD

  • Sad face 9:04

  • i'll never eat strawbery

  • I will never look at strawberries the same way again...

  • I don’t even care if there are bugs I hate strawberries

  • Hmm I eat 🍓 but I like Raspberries more

  • No control?


  • Summer 😁 Summe☺️ Summ😊 Sum🙂 Su😕 S😅 Sc😳 Sch😐 Scho😦 Schoo😧 School😵 *Sadness occurs*

  • das why you wash strawberries with water 😐 love ur hair by the way *teehee*

  • Me: holding a 🍓 and then throw it

  • Collab with sssniperwolf

  • School😆 Schoo😁 Scho😄 Sch😃 Sc🤨 S😐 Su😡 Sum😤 Summ😱 Summe🙄 Summer😭

  • I've watched this 30 times but i still scream when i see a bug

  • You know that could've just been water

  • Phew I didn't ate a single strawberry in my life

  • One time I was eating a banana and this big spider crawled out and I haven't eaten one since.😳

  • If you really think bout it, your getting protein from these little bugs.

  • My lesson I’m never eating strawberry’s again-

  • But she’s right I’d do the same like pls

  • So am i literally eating bugs when i eat strawberries- (i love strawberries)

  • the hair wus veines

  • 9:51 is the time the big bug comes

  • Where did you get that microscope??????

  • Is Kassie’s real name Kartha Gewart?????????????????

  • 11:23 I just saw a worm on it bruh you just missed it! Edit: on the left

  • Even if you eat the strawberry with the bugs on them it’s still better for you our ancestors used to eat bugs. also I think that this trend started because they want people to wash their strawberries and fruits because they don’t want people digesting the pesticides that people put on the strawberries.

  • I huf last nightt in strobare. In Bug

  • I am eating strawberry’s right now-

  • For real now I'm actually not eating any strawberry any more and it's my favirout fruit waaaa

  • If u see a Banana with white spots don’t buy it it’s a bunch of spiders inside

  • I’m never eating strawberries

  • I’m never eating straw berries again.

  • XD HER FACE ON 7:45 XD

  • Gloom: desgusting

  • There are bugs in everything but that’s not gonna stop me from eating fruit 🤤 extra protein ;)

  • Gloom: I don’t really care if there’s bugs on my strawBerries Also Gloom: eww eww eww! I need to wash my hands 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • When that giant thing ran, *It got me-* 👁👄👁

  • I was just eating strawberries with whipped cream when I saw this Thanks Kartha! :)

  • When I was watching this my brother was Eating a strawberry I slapped it out his hands

  • Do oranges!!!

  • Me:eating strawberries Me:seeing this video Me:screams

  • Me: Watches this video Also me: Never eats strawberries again

  • It was a worm in the strawberry larry eated

  • Ew never gonna eat a single strawberry- EVER

  • Gloom: ewwwwww Me:didnt you say you eat a strawberry without washig it? NO HATE THIS SOPPUSED TO BE A JOKE😆

  • Ewwwwww hahahaha

  • Summer Summe Summ Sum Su S

  • Me: **gets covid 19**

  • Me: **eats 20 strawberry without watching them**


  • 5:10

  • A bug a bug

  • You are not kartha gewart