I got a FULL BODY Wax to Impress my Crush

Publicerades den 18 jul 2020
In order for my life to not fall into complete insanity, I need to play Cupid and get these two together. That means a wax and an insane proposal. Hope it works out! This is Episode's Prom Night, Part 2
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  • what is this game called?

  • i

  • I love your hair

  • And I'm still thinking of what Terry is thinking when he hears Gloom.

  • Should I be watching this

  • I swear, I am dyeing on the vid, I love these type of videos, it's sooo lolllllll 🤣🤣🤣😂😖

  • Frank’s voice reminds me of Vera edit: the love is incredibly awkward

  • Oop -

  • i want a part 2

  • oh my gosh franks face lolll l 22:48

  • Epasode : Ya BaSic Me:and so is ya momma u disty diritooo

  • 🙌 ya basic

  • what is the game called gloom

  • I love you

  • I want to know what kind of person runs head first into a wall and then complains about it hurting of course it's going to hurt you just ran head first into a wall like why though yes you could have just pinched yourself or you could have just put some ice on your face or jumped into a pool all your person can think of was running into a wall wow I want to say poor gloom also if you spend your time reading this but why would you read this is pointless I'm just making this comment because I have nothing better to do with my life since I'm you know bored out of my mind that 12:57 in the morning so yeah okay 12:57 is in the morning is in the middle of the night 12:57 in the afternoon is in the afternoon which is like lunch time at school so like I don't know how to explain times to y'all I just know that it is late and I'm tired and bored and angry but somebody has to be oh and thanks for sitting here reading this comment even though it's pointless I'm just really bored and going to say it because why not I'm going to put a really long comment here because I talk a lot and I'm doing this with the speakerphone but yeah this is a really long comment

  • This Episode is CRAZZYY

  • This Episode is CRAZZYY

  • What is this app called I really want to download this!!

  • I like when tyler said cause if he doesn’ want to be friends he wants to be mo-mor-moreeeeeee

  • what was this one called

  • no one littaly no one: not even me: ... Read more

  • At 14:42 did anyone else notice the car was going backwards?

  • Can You make a other SEnewss channel for this plz. Umm I’m subscribed to and I love you and your videos!

  • Haha so funny! I love your hot videos please, please, please, comment back to mee I'm dying to meet you!

  • You never finish your episodes :'(

  • Plssss....make Part 2 plsssss...plsss

  • First up a view of the death- I mean wonder wheel

  • I know that.

  • Dang correcting thing!

  • Lot I mean my story????

  • What game are you playing is it story life???

  • :O hey is this kinda like me

  • Ima trick u :3 ...Read More

  • whats the game

  • Hey gloom say the one u said before!!😀😃😃😀😃😀

  • Is it just me or at this time 6:16 does the 2 building between Aisha and glooms head out in the distance look JUST LIKE the Twin Towers! Except the one doesn't have an antenna.

  • love your hair

  • What story is this

  • Who is a little depressed because she didn't choose VICTOR? :,,,(

  • Which story is this

  • Weird

  • Don’t you hate it when you talk to a creepy phone goblin

  • I do

  • glooms hair is so fricken pretty

  • What game in episode is dis

  • Which story is this

  • Hahahaha

  • This was very funny and weerd i cant stop laughing im dying : edit again this is so cringe : fourth edit very very cringy

  • make more of these videos

  • What is this game?

  • this sounds like fifty years! wth

  • What app is this

  • what gloom thinks about tyler: 18:39

  • Hey, please can you tell me the name of this story........... It looks interesting.........

  • Wow she is faster then the speed that got me a speed ticket...😂💞

  • 28:08

  • 15:02

  • Your sunging is actually not bad😂😂😂

  • Love the “ I’m so nervous I caaaaan’t feel my face” part

  • What is this Game called

  • you are the best and you are so funny :)

  • Me waiting for part 3🥺🥺🥺

  • 😂😂😂 LOL I love your vibe.

  • who else rally want to know what the game is called so they can also play

  • this is how much ppl where for watching gloom | |

  • When she said "the end" I lowkey thought she was serious tho

  • Did anyone else notice that they were driving backwards at the race? Just me? Ok.

  • Who else loves glooms videos

  • Who was deja vu????

  • i hope she makes another part of this🤪

  • *me shipping Tyler and Frank*

  • Everythings like going really interesting🤔🤨🧐

  • What is this game-?


  • Hahaha I was just playing episode

  • Sooo punny

  • Hi please can you all tell me what this game is

  • You are amazing Gloom

  • Hello Gloom... I Just Wanted To Ask , What Is That Game's Name?

  • Me knowing all the cuse words at age 10 and saying them lol im going to get killed by my parents if the found out

  • imm sorry but the faces gloom makes for the boys voices is so cute lol

  • Hi

  • What is the game called? 🤔 i have been looking for it forever 😫

  • when your name is also christina: "dang why does gloom gotta do me like tha"

  • 5:05: Im runnin, runnin like the wind My fandom brain: TMR

  • can you downlode sims please a really wanna see you gloom cause a wanna get a boyfriend

  • Lol

  • You should have picked Victor he is a way better

  • when frank started singing I had to skip I was cringing so bad

  • . .)

  • Do more plese

  • When you were doin the pings I thought I was getting an email because that is the sound I get😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • If you guys want to know the story it's called prom night

  • Like if lagged when she said fresh avocado and Expensive Play -doh

  • Did anyone else think of the other drag race 😂😂

  • The awkward diner song was just the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen

  • this is my favourite love on fire episode

  • Can you please name the story...??!!

  • When Frank was singing and u where doing it for him I was cackling

  • My bff’s name is Christina LOL