Who FILMED ME Doing a Bad Thing?

Publicerades den 23 aug 2020
Someone texted video of me doing a bad deed and I need to fix that while also trying to repair my reputation. My life is a mess.
This is Episode's Reign: Part 2
Watch my friend @noraverse !
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  • Part 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


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  • glom your are so lame

  • what story is this in episode , cant find it

  • Glomp trying not to stop being such a loser Emilia is missing Find out next

  • M

  • Kassie : "This keeps getting worse and worse. Like am I gonna get gloom(Boone) back?" Me: Hold up you want to get yourself back?

  • What is the game called

    • In the game that is so hard to do but you're always probably not going to be popular no more in that game

  • What is this episode called

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  • What is this episode called

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  • I have a suggestion for a story, it’s called the baby project it’s basically highschool students taking care of a fake baby together and falling in love

  • .

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  • I’m going to like my own comment because nobody else will like it-

  • hi

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  • Hey you should go back to playing games I have a game that I think you might like it’s call “ Among the sleep” you should try it out. And p.s u make my day better

  • i remember one time you said "you wanna feel a crunch when your eating rice" so i dont like cucumbers so i did somthing els aka chips i just made the rice and then crumbled some chips in it AND GURL IT TASTED MIGHTY FINEEEEEE recommend-

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