I Was Watched and I LIKED It (true story animation reaction)

Publicerades den 7 maj 2020
It’s not what it looks like.
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  • you don't have ear it happen sometimes

  • 「 Softy_Gurl 」

  • I think she is beutifull

  • Being stalked is very scary I’m only 10 and to my friends and my family think my famous cuz I have a lot of followers but it was very scary when they started to text me every day about what I did that day


  • "Jonny's bulldog" Me:*spits out Welch's grape juice* WHAT THE FU-

  • hi

  • The girl: He asked me to grow out my hair to cover my ears Me: HOW THE HECK DID YOU jUsT FIGURE THAT OUT GIRL

  • i didnt expect this was a dog whole time

  • Same my teacher gave us all valentines and i gave a lot of valentines

  • a-a mmm...noo nope not even gona say it nu noooo 0///0 nope nuuh bye


  • I feel bad for the girl

  • You know, it might be a fake story but... Some friends of mine would probably agree with her

  • Gloom is so funny Ngll

  • like you have to walk into the glass **glass sound** Im laughing so hard And then "I was standing there In my underwe-" PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THEN


  • No

  • same

  • some dogs can talk and vets might understand them

  • I can't stop laughing 😂

  • You know you can wear headphones right?

  • i have that disese and it is hard but ive gotten through it i currently have a bf

  • L.O.L.

  • I would do that

  • its a dog ive seen this story bymyself

  • the dog is a player

  • I miss the "Happy day I'm Gloom!~"

  • Shcool is coll because Dare is coolin it

  • my mom had a stalker

  • I have a best friend without a ear

  • Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa h

  • everyone is weird not just

  • you are butiful even if you don't have the some thing as every one else.

  • I loved the person who was watching me It was the dog

  • GLOOM don't doow that it scared me😖😖😖😖😖😖😥😥😥😥😥😥💀💀💀 you are so toxic

  • The girl: *cries* I cant look at myself without crying!!! :( Kassie: THEN WHY DID YOU PICK THE PIXIE CUT?!

  • This is weird

  • My name is the same as him

  • Im deaf and people make fun of me and my hearing aids. :(

  • Bullys calling people names FPI OPEN UP

  • Plot twist: in that hole lived a mouse

  • gloom is the definition of organised chaos

  • Whoever disliked this video are DEAD . JK

  • Same

  • I mean every youtuber gets stalked and dont know about it

  • sad

  • ok

  • I dont have a boy frend

  • It would be a total disaster for this girl to wear a mask :D

  • I have the same problem and I am made fun of every day I know how she feels.

  • Hi 🦧 👁👄👁 👁👅👁

  • school stands for: Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives

  • i never had a valentine tho

  • I never had a boyfriend and I love your videos

  • There’s a boy in my school called Josh and he has a condition where he only has one ear and he’s one of the most popular people in my school. So I don’t know what this girl in the story is complaining about

  • I was never seen my ex friends hate me

  • “....Pan?” Me: 😂

  • I have no eye on the other side of my face

  • 2:21 SHE HAS EARS!!!

  • Put some clothes on then!!!!!!!! -kassie Whenever this video was made

  • How old are you

  • ummmmmmmmm, so doctors do make ears and they have been for like 15 years so pass it on

  • I Love your videos

  • "There was a boy who called me in elementary school and when I asked how he got my number he said he went through every number in the phone book until he got mine" That's commitment right there

  • Wow .

  • Can't you play

  • Then why’d you pick the pixie cut 😂❤️😂

  • I did see cute baby

  • Is it just me or is it kinda the story line of Peter Pan pan the stalker she Wendy get it 🧃

  • oki i have nothin to talk about

  • She's so CUTE I think She never looked in a mirror because she's so pretty

  • Gloom ew there’s hair in my eye Me hahahahahaha

  • You're eyes are so beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Hi Gloom you are the best

  • Kassie: screams about a life lesson Also kassie: “wHy Is ThErE a HaIr In My EyE?!

  • "I was standing there in my underwear Gloom:put some clothes on then

  • Cassie: You don't have ears this is what happens Oh ThErEs a hAiR iN My EyE Me: Girl theres less problems then you having a hair in your eye

  • I’ve edited this so you don’t know what it said😎

  • Babies are cute, not newborns THIS IS AN OPINION SO NO OFFENSE

  • My dad only had half an ear and they took skin from the side of his stomach and turned it into an ear but he can barely hear out of it

  • I love you girl

  • It was the dogggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Everyone is beautiful in their own! Learn to love yourself! You'll find a special some who thinks you the most amazing person in the world! We love you all!

  • bring this back!!!!!!

  • I like watching your videos it make me laugh every time

  • I love how kassie she says " hello I'm gloom!" It sounds like coo coo cuz the weird voice lol

  • R.i.p

  • I'm 7

  • The real problem is that people think she’s a Karen because she can’t wear a mask 😔

  • “EW WHY IS THERE HAIR IN MY EYE” Cuz eyeslashes-,-

  • Is anyone else confused on how there is a link to her among us music video, posted on October 3, and this video came out in May?

  • 😄😇☠☠💝

  • I was just trying not just a very different thing with the same

  • Oooo[

  • Gloom:baby girl no Me:do you like this girl

  • I am 7

  • He was actually swallowing by a whale

  • I am only 9 but I had 3 boyfriends

  • I am going to be har frend