I scammed my friends as impostor 4 times in a row (Among Us)

Publicerades den 26 sep 2020
I absolutely rolled a HILARIOUS lobby by winning every impostor game that day. It had some high IQ players and some low IQ players who I had so much fun turning against each other. Sometimes they accused each other on their own. The lobby included @LaurenzSide , @DanTDM , @Dangthatsalongname , @iHasCupquake , @CaptainSparklez , @TheOrionSound , @Thinknoodles , @iBallisticSquid , @ThnxCya (@Corpse Husband , @Kara Corvus and Terry are in the last round too!)
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  • Gloom or cupquake: * vents with sparkly here* sparkly: nothing is suspicious me: WHAT THE **** 😱😱😱😱

  • i can feel that cup will have trust issues 👁👄👁

  • Cupquake vents into the room sparkles in..... Sparkles: eh i dont see anything suspicious Cupquake: 😏

  • The dream team would be Kassie and Scott

  • Ok, one time when I was playing among us (Mobile) I was killed by light green. Someone found my dead body and reported it. Here’s the weird part. A ghost said “welcome to death” and so I answered “I don’t like dying :c” I looked at my character and there was no x over it when chatting and it wasn’t dark. They could see my chats. I was dead, but I could talk to them like I was still alive. I ratted light green out but they thought I was hacking....

  • Cupquake:I hope kassy and terry aren't talking to eachother..... Gloom:*crickets*

  • i watch u every day casie

  • eek oh ah eek oh ah eek eek oh ah ah


  • ui wich i had frends like that i wich i had frends

  • 27:50 RGB LOL

  • Kassie: N-No I-I saw thick- I mean think and.. Me: WTH?! LOL

  • Gloom evily giggling when she wins while everyone one else screams

  • ur so lucky im never imposter!!!! ur the best!

  • Poor olly he always dies

  • Corpse sound so weird

  • I feel so bad for Scott lol

  • How to be imposter again and again?? ;-;

  • Sparkles when the cameras gives you red blinking light at the camera that means someone is watching at the security

  • gloom your lucky to be imposter 4 time in a row because I never am the imposter:(

  • That random person who,,,'''' Liked my comments 😔 || i pray ''' may you and your parents live more than 100 years ❤️❤️

  • In the beginning, who is the green text? I'm an idiot, I recognize his voice but don't remember his name

  • Gloom is so lucky she get imposter like 4times now.

  • The tactic to winning if you're the imposter it's just to be quiet and don't input your opinion When someone says someone is the imposter Just say "oh okay" People won't suspect you In a way to find the imposter is by when someone says such and such is the imposter and they are actually innocent Just vote that person

  • “Teebs and Cassie, I hope they are not talking” *Crickets* Cassie dead quiet

  • 。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • Gloom was An Imposter. 1 Imposter remains.

  • Okay Gloom is literally the best imposter ever

  • Seapeekay more like California pizza kitchen 👹

  • are they playing with random people

    • Nope, all of them are friends

  • I want to play with you some time because I want a challenge

  • I have a question. Why do you block the room names out?

    • Because they are streaming and people could see the code and join their private server.

  • ha scott I feel so bad for you. haha

  • DanTDM: think why were'nt u pressing your hand on the reactor thing think: i was i had my hand on it *think literally had his hand on the screen* 11:33


  • CORPSE... that voice thoo :O

  • Are we not gonna talk bout how many times gloom was imposter

    • @Zødiac I was thinking that too

    • She probably cut out the times that she wasn't the imposter

  • Scott: im sus of kassie and sparkly Sparkly: we got to get rid of scott hes to suspisious Dan: I think its tiff. Remember I said that.

  • My favorite video from gloom

  • Sometimes u play with itiots and sometimes before I die I say the killer h die then they don’t feel bad but then the person who killed me was the person I susesd

  • corpse has a deep voice and I like it

  • How do you get voice chat in among us

  • Hear that shrink for a Magnus players you know how everyone always ask when you find a body where it literally says it on the bottom of the screen

  • I feel so bad for Smajor

  • Gloom: Kassima/Kassie. CaptinSparklez: Jordan. Thinknoodles: Justin. ThnxCya: James. DanTDM: Dan. Cupquake: Tiff/Tiffy/Tiffany. Squiddy: (Not sure yet) LaurenZ: Lauren. its Oli: Oli/Oliver (Am I missing anyone?)

  • Poor scoot

  • What does gg mean can someone tell me

  • man i feel so bad for oil lol

  • I loved watching her FNAF vidoes

  • Ay cupquake is bak

  • Sparkles: and I was shooting cauliflower Me: wth 😂😂

  • Nobody: Gloom: blebleblebleblehevsjgesjgesjhejsbe *random noises*

  • no one: cupquake: 15:20

  • Hi

  • oh my can i just marry corpse's voice and laugh :3

  • Did it look freeshhh?😋

  • ME: why can't my luck be like Cassy's and always be imposter! AMONG US: hmmmmmehhh ooooo ya nah

    • She probably cut out the times that she wasn't the imposter

  • ahhh squid was in the gameeeee

  • Thinknoodles =Annoying dream

  • So if you will ever play again i have a advice. So when someone finds a body let everyone say where the body was and then you will know who killed them

  • Cupquake: I hope teebs and kassie are not talking while playing Gloom: ._.

  • Dude you were imposter like 1700 times lol

    • She probably cut out the times that she wasn't the imposter

  • I swear.. *gloom was imposter every round -~-*

  • Whenever I watch these vids I keep tapping the “chat” and pausing the vid. I never learn.

  • Gloom ur a boss!😂😂

  • _How does she keep a straight face on when she’s impostor_

  • Dans voice brings back memories😔❤️

  • 21:35 Today we are smacking other people’s necks like twigs

  • am i the only one who was really fascinated by how gloom's mind works when she was thinking out loud like master strategist who

  • sometimes when they say tink it sounds like stink...

  • Watching this and realizing DanTDM is the SEnewssr my little brother has been talking about for years now😂

  • I wanted see some watching anime tic tok


  • Cassie's IQ is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • cupquake: *vents right in front of sparklez* sparklez: i'm not seeing anything suspicious

  • i feel so bad for the baby's

  • 31:36 kassie: *e o a e a o e u e o a e a o e u* me: *what the heck kassie-*

  • I finally got Among Us

  • *DanTDM lies here* *Died while reading a donation* "Money killed him"

  • 27:35 corpses voice


    • She probably cut out the times that she wasn't the imposter

    • I know right

  • Olí: Reeeeeeee

  • Squiddy looks JUST LIKE my math teacher... my math teacher says he has no siblings... C R E E P Y


  • me: eating gloom:EEEEEEEEE Sqiddy: WHO WAS THAT WAS THAT SPARKLES?! sparkly: yes no maybe not me :D

  • And also is oli on twitch bc i just found his channel and he hasnt uploaded for months

  • Honestly this is my fav among us group like pls play with this group again

  • Sparkles: blah blah blah and then i was shooting cauliflower me: noice

  • Your so lucky you got to be imposter so many times

    • She probably cut out the times that she wasn't the imposter

  • Don't do it don't do it sparkles don't do it🤣

  • Scott has been removed from the game

  • Hhahaa

  • Whahaha

  • Thnx:Finds olis body Cupquake: i’m a little Sus of think me: so you think think

  • OK Man CORpse TalKs DEEEEEEP

  • I feel so bad for Oli because he always gets killed first btw this is like my 50th time I’ve watched this video

  • Scot- “No it wasnt it was YooUuU

  • I saw a Among Us and I got on it and I saw your name

  • Hi sis

  • I think I’m the only one who thinks dans voice is cute 👁👄👁

  • Haha