6 Sneaky HACKS to Make You A Better Liar

Publicerades den 25 sep 2020
We love a good hack to sneak candy that works great! Not really. Lmk what types of hacks you want me to test next!
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  • we could bring exacto-knives(idk how you spell it we just call them cardboard cutters) we could bring them in grade school

  • OK going I’m just watching this and I just noticed your life today right now I’m about to join that live if it’s still not OK

  • Mom:what are u putting in ur bag Me:oh nothing just putting a knife Mom:ok sweety

  • Am I the only one who sees the no face in the background (probably no one knows what it is)

  • 6:17

  • hi kassie

  • Who wear's a shoe in a house


  • You are watch ing troom troom

  • Nutella is not chocolate it's hazelnut spread gloom

  • you said coke loaf 5 times

  • *Oh trust me, I already know*

  • Meeee

  • What

  • comment down below if your also confused on when the wedding is hapenning

  • Kassie: how to be a better liar Kassie: oh shoot the wedding Kassie: how to be a better liar Me: why should i know how to lie Me: ooh these are candy hacks let me watch

  • The worst thing is that its Purina Dogfood which is one of the WORST brands. If you have a dog, please don't give them this dogfood!

  • Kassie is like spongebob i mean look at theoutfit

  • Happy Day its gloohooom

  • Coke in a loaf

  • Cassie my fish died and I’m really sad but at least I have your videos to make me happy


  • Wiener in a loaf okay...

  • Cassie:coke in a loaf :Me again again she said it four times SHe sais is again boi

  • Cassie Hmmmmhmmmhhmm her parents: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

  • She is wearing an Arabic necklace. I wonder what it means

  • My kid doesn't like eating candy

  • I am 11 and I am not aloud to eat candy

  • I can eat all candy after lunch or dinner but not after 8:30

  • why doese one of te troom troom girls look so pale :(

  • when me n my fam goes to the movies our bags never gets cheked but i live in malaysia

  • i already watch this video

  • That zip tie hack can come in handy if you're ever kidnapped 😂😂😂

  • That ast one wa actually really useful!

  • I was to mean.....

  • Oops sorry

  • U know my brother is older then U!

  • Among us!

  • i noticed no-face in the background and this is what i thought ¨HOLY BALLONNY SHE PROBABLY LIKES SPIRITED AWAY" and i do to

  • Anyone watched Hamilton? I can relate to one of these hacks with it.

  • What if someone thought it was actually dog food

  • Terry the test subject 😅

  • Noice TikToks

  • Hello

  • anyone see the sos is the back ?😭

  • *I'm not allowed to have soda* cri

  • (Some comments already said it but I just wanna say it to you make sure) The zip tie is a survival hack actually, it works in case you get kidnapped. Some youtubers tried it and it really works.

  • AHHAHAHHHAha terry carrying kassi

  • I think Kassie has been playing to much among us

  • They are so cute together (terry and Cassie)

  • My parent also vud be mad

  • The title's off...

  • Ah yes.. white powder.. *all the powder is all over her face and nose*

  • i laughed when you said “dad i gotta go doo doo dee dee” 😂😂😂

  • she wrapped it in a dog food label to make sure the dad doesn't try to eat it.

  • If you like this comment then one day you will be rich not fully but I wish and hope you can become a millionaire or billionaire in the future UwU

  • People use knives to sharpen pencils. Grade school kids do it.

  • 8:29 I DONUT like this :)

  • Who thinks that the guy in the backpack was edit and Kassie was trying ticket in the backpack but she didn’t know that it was edited

  • 5:10 look at the picture

  • Cassie: and when he’s mad say daddy Chile

  • Nobody: Life hack channels: MAKE YOUR CHOCOLATE LOKE LIKE CO...

  • I really hope she films another bitlife video , and maybe be a Royale

  • My parents never say no to me and my siblings

  • ;w; hi ppl

  • Live-love-laugh AND KEEP BEING AWSOME!!!

  • I watched that before please give me like please

  • How can an old fat rat fit in a bag and not me wow!?

  • My mom isn’t to strict with me and candy but if it’s one of those days where a stay up until 2:00 am then she won’t let me have it and if I haven’t had dinner or lunch then I have to eat first

  • The movies shouldn’t be checking your things lol


  • try wengie's sneaking candies to school hacks😀💅

  • Cassie like:my parents would be like WHAT IS THAT????!!!! Me: Relatable

  • WHY IS IT WHEN GLOOM SAID “why is she punching him?” I CRACKED UP, MY HUMOUR IS SO-

  • Why don't you get in to a box

  • HAPPY day and then says I’m GLOOM😂

  • . . . HI If u made me it to the end of this comment say hi

  • Kassie in the first hack its a nutella just a different label not container

  • And I does work by the way you can get rid of a zip tie on your hand but with your shoelaces

  • Teacher of troom troom school: all right kids everyone got their exacto knife for yandere today we're going to be learning how to get senpai

  • Doo doo

  • We actually get those knifes for our class😂

  • Bro woohoo what's Kids to be liars

  • My parents let me eat candy any time I want and as many as I want 👍

  • A kid in my class brought a gun to school and did not get in trouble it was not loaded but still a gun

  • People next door to me and drink soda candy whatever they want!

  • Did something happen to her leg it’s Bruised

  • I remember these videos your watching they are from a YT channel named @123 go!

  • i always thought it was happy day on gloom but its happy day *im* gloom

  • i m g l o o m .

  • Cassie: let the Asians get the blame Me: 👁💧👄💧👁

  • In Australia u are alawed to bring are own stuff but not like popcorn or KFC

  • Hey Kassie, I used to like your content but ever since "Trash Darts" I think I started to dislike it, I really want you to prosper but right now I don't really like watching you anymore.

  • haha me

  • i love terry lol

  • Am I the only one who just noticed the no-face statue 😂

  • Cool Video 🤗💖🤗💖🤗💖🤗💖🤗💖🤗💖


  • You know how you called the hot dog hot dog it's called a Glizzy

  • My parents only let me have two pieces of candy a month