I tried painting a Double Exposure Girl with Masking Tape

Publicerades den 3 jul 2020
This looked so oddly satisfying I really wanted to give this acrylic art my best effort in the form of a girl with a clouded mind. It gets messy. I got the idea from SurajFineArts (Abstract Art) but tried to put my own spin on it. Did Kassie or Kartha win?
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  • Kartha Gewart made a master piece as usual.

  • I love to do it OK no cheating you did this because you don’t can’t beat it but it’s gonna be like not that bad please brush you have to do it or marker so I hate that it’s growing from channel And I’m your friend do you like sunscreen I have a buddy missed this I don’t like any likes or six cry OK bye

  • how many dogs do you have kartha!! 😂🤣

  • who thinks her sister is Kassie Gloom and Kartha Gewert

  • Cassie

  • Your Canadian but still have EVERY ASIAN THING I HAVEVEVVJSJAKAJJA

  • Me

  • I Love them both

  • You are.

  • Since when does a dogs name change every day

  • Why does kartha have a differently named dog every episode


  • SET IT ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7:10 Why is there in the corner Waldo or idk how he's called xD ✨

  • Gonzoe fartoos?

  • Got to be honest, I like Kassie's!

  • Who is going to tell gloom that kartha is sneaking into her house and using her stuff

  • Imagine when Kassie has guests over and they ask where she got the paintings from

  • Seeing gloom draw the lady Me: Oh wow is is skilled!


  • Is her real name Kartha Gewert or is it Cassie?

  • 👁️ 👁️ 👄

  • azzy 1 gloom 2

  • Cartha car for Gilbert

  • _us americanos no understand canada language_

  • Kartha won

  • SaTiSfYiNg... :O

  • Who else notice Waldo's

  • Kartha: DONT STEP ON THE CANVAS, DONT STEP ON THE CANVAS Gonzole(basically every name in the book): You said step on the canvas OK😋

  • why do i feel like im watching a real tv show

  • Kartha: IT LOOKS LIKE A YELLOW CANVOUS Me: no....it’s a yellow bus 🤣 I have a horrible sence of humor❤️❤️😂

  • I rather karthas

  • Do you now funneh and the Krew

  • Lol m Michelle

  • kartha won

  • umm....... its 3am i am 7 watching this video and i am hoping my mom dont catch me so wish me best of luck....

  • 0:38 sounds like indian 🤣

  • Kartha gewurt looks awfully similar to gloom. Nah

  • I see yours so so much better than the other one

  • kassie

  • Well happy Canada day 😇

  • kassy's

  • who else thinks she should sell her art fr

  • i feel like the one would look better without the heart

  • uumm gloom its messy ok😐😐😐

  • " Eww look how gross I look" I actually thought rachet kassie looked nice...

  • Sooooo who is going to break the news to kassie?

  • Hi I'm karta gewart Hi 👋 then I'm Aava

  • Wait why dont print the stensele thing then cut it out then trace like dude then do wutcha gotta do

  • Cassie

  • I am sorry... Kassie's take was better!!!

  • Me: mom can we go to the art museum Mom: why Me: I want to see Kartha art Mom: who’s that Me: 😱 you don’t know who’s kartha is Mom: no Me: she is only the best painter and cooker

  • Her dog : Why dos dis foolis hooman call meh so manie nam s >:P - angry tiny dog noises -

  • Is it just me or do more people 👍🏾 other peoples comments more on the channel

  • How does kassie have so many doges?

  • what happend to timmy o' tool?

  • Me

  • Me

  • Kassie if u tape stuff over then remove the tape well the paint is wet cuz then your paint doesnt lift up as you remove it and if the paint drips out of the area u can just wipe it off and maybe do this picture but for filling it maybe pour paint the whole thing cuz u get all the pretty colours you pour in the middle on ur pieace of art just suggesting i still think there amazing

  • 0:56 made my lil sis laugh sm

  • Your a painting

  • For the strings if you want an explosion effect your supposed to pinch the strings and pull with your other hand it will get paint on your hands but just wash them

  • Kassie is soooooo creative

  • I love the way how wink just walldes around oml

  • Does she have a twin Im new

  • when even ur dog can tell ur crazy lol

  • You know they’re both same right if you realise that Carthy and Cathy are the same person

  • Her draws a master piece Me: draws a anime girl that looks horrible

  • me:*sees purple and green* also me: Barney what did they do!

  • Help shes holding sponge bob captive 😅😱

  • I love ur videos of art can u plz make a video of art with azzyland 🙏🙏

  • There’s a show called player select it but there’s not gloom on it

  • wow kassie is a great artist

  • Gonzole Fartoose for gods sake don’t step on the canvas

  • I love you kassi you make my day in fact you make my year your so funny and pretty😊❤️

  • Kartha is so funny


  • 12:08 Honestly I like the second one just a little more than the first😂

  • Kassie saying to Gonzole:Don’t step on the canvas Gonzole:*walks all over it*

  • This mean when everyone but I don't know the difference in between cartha and Cassie

  • I love your artis

  • Casie for the win

  • I like urs better

  • Kassie

  • Kasey

  • You should have a channel for art 😊😊😊

  • Cartha's was better it remindes me of a galaxy 🌌 queen 👑

  • Who else loved that little canadian day montage...lol

  • I kinda like kassies one better


  • Gloom: Dont stand no the canvas! Twinke: *walks all over the canvas*

  • This is the type of show i would watch on food network at 12pm on my night shift when theres nothing better to do

  • Cassie /Kartha should make a channel: Gloom Gloom. Like Troom Troom. Ha ha

  • All I can say is wow amazing 👏

  • I loveeeee all the art Kartha makes!!! P.S. your one of my fav yt

  • Kartha: don’t step on the canvas don’t step on the caanvas Gonzole:oh step on the canvas alright

  • I like how she just gets a name for the dog

  • The white and yellow was perfect how it was now it just looks bad with the girl but I'm on 6:02

  • 2020 be like:

  • From an artist point of view I personally like karthas because of the art style and how she did it no offense I love you kassie