15 DUMB Hacks that “Work Great!”

Publicerades den 18 sep 2020
At one point I really thought that the hacks channels did great work, but it has gotten absolutely awful.
The Hacks referenced in the video are linked below:
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  • He really done did eat the armpit hair loli pop


  • What are you wearing 🤣

  • Ewww2wwwww guys never do this I think I'm gonna be sick blehhhhhh

  • And I'm a boe

  • Love you too the moon and back

  • What do you mean!? This is absurd …THIS S OFFENSIVE what why would you-*intense breathing*

  • K...Anywaysss

  • Her: i have never cracked a screen before. Me: laying there with a very cracked screen with a hole in it and the screen about to fall completly off

  • My phone has fallen into the toilet twice🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Who else noticed at 12:52 that burger was different fause the actual one that got dipped in water had seeds but the one she eats after doesnt have the seeds so they lied

  • Ha she sounded like scott at the end lol

  • The toilet one was crazy because what if your💩 is to big 🤣🤣🤣

  • 12:51 GARBAGE!!!

  • Terry: eat that grows Ewwwww

  • 5:50 i’m canadian and even i realized that the way she said day was so canadian haha

  • I screamed when Terry put the lollipop in his mouth after stick in it in his armpits like AHHHH NO 😭

  • Level of cringe for the waxing: 100,000,000

  • Terry: noms on the sucker kassie: EWwwWwWW D E S G U S T A N G

  • Hold the 🧢 Did she actually say double fist the crisps 🤣🤣😭😂😂

  • I have size seven Feet

  • While I was watching this I was eating like year old candy

  • Here is a hack for not dropping your phone in the toilet just don’t bring your phone in the bathroom 🙃

  • Hi

  • Here’s a hack if you press the volume button it take photos!

  • I just can stop laughing when terry eat that lolepop and gloom was like" ...........umm ok

  • Gasp!too much smartness

  • 13:15 u could just use the hack to save room in ur fridge

  • When he eats the sucker *me throwing up*

  • Kassie shirt is brighter then my future 😂😂😂

  • Not trying to hate kassie but some spouses leave as soon as the woman becomes pregnant not saying the heck is smart but it's definitely not dumb

  • tries to grab the phone but cant so takes the shoe off ahahah

  • I love the sarcasm in this video😂😂

  • Kassie. no that's not edible terry mmm suker Kassie disgusting

  • Im laughfing so hard

  • Cool vid, but not all guys have a stick.😁no offense!

  • *2:27* g l o o m p o g

  • Is she wearing a swim suit under jeans?

  • Hey

  • Lol

  • I played with you on Among Us probably I can play with you one day I’m the subscriber I played with you and I scribe to all your channels

  • I don't blow my hair.. Just air dry it

  • Gloom after terry ate the sucker gloom- :O

  • Gloom”I never dropped my phone or had a cracked screen” me watching on a cracked screen HOW

  • pls dont were those close

  • 🤪😂 love it

  • well there is a prob in the chips one well what if you have dogs

  • I love the shock in her face at 2:26


  • 2:26 Terry: food is food.


  • If you think about it your feet and legs work out more then you actually do at the gym

  • The mash mellow hack is probably bc they were playing

  • At 13:00 minutes did you notice that the first burger had sesame seeds on it and the second had no sesame seeds on it???

  • Eats suker ewwwww

  • 3:58 Today Cassie will present: Karen Shoe Lady

  • That outfit is not it girly

  • Is 69 the one who died

  • KASSIE’S FACE 😂 2:27

  • Haha terry don’t eat deodorant boy

  • i closed my eyes befor you put the lolly pop in his arm pit XD

  • ewwwwwwww tery groooooooossssssssss

  • Mhm *"work great"*

  • LOLLY POP!!!!!!

  • 2:26 got me rolling😂😂😂😂

  • *Life Hack:* Just do it the proper way.

  • Hahaha

  • Kassie`s face when Terry ate the sucker

  • I wish I looked like Kassie

  • (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

  • bruh less talking more doin u talk to muchhh

  • When he ate the sucker me and gloom made the same face😂

  • I have dropped my phone in the toilet before

  • Kassie that's really disgusting why did you try that hack that's the most disgusting hack I've ever seen in my life also Terry's like nom nom nom Terry you're being disgusting little kids are seeing this don't you dare do that ever again!!!!

  • Kassie: No! Deodorant isn't editabl- Terry: *Imma eat it anyways just to get on her nerves Kassie: *makes that face Charli made when she heard the f word in "Be Happy" :0

  • Kassie: lets put the sucker on his armpit Me: i t i s a l o l l i p o p

  • You at 23?: I have a size 5 shoe Me at 10: oh I am a 5 1/2 😐😳

  • you got thick hair im half black so i got thicker hair than you that i cant even let it out i have to keep it in a brade twist or bun 24-7

  • I

  • Gg g g

  • H

  • cassie:"a creamsicle" me:👁️👄👁️ its an icelollie.

  • Cassie: deodorant is not edible!!!! Terry: *eats sucker* Cassie: HUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!!!

  • I did not understand gloom whay she said at 4:45

  • I did bot understand gloom what she said at 4: 45

  • How many times did Kassie say “Sucker”-

  • 2:25 - 💜😂😂😂

  • Kassie: No thats not edible!!! Terry: Eh whatevers Kassie: D i s g u s t i n g + shocked face

  • Gloom: *"puts on Terry's armpit"* Terry: *licks after putting on armpit* Me: *eww he really did that! Ahh yuuckk!* Kassie: *O.o 👁️👄👁️

  • Eww

  • Gloom - we have to tape it to our foot? Me - ever heard of a selfie stick?

  • Terry looks so bored

  • this is how many times kassie said sukker l jk 1632436

  • Hi

  • :C u r size 5!!!!!!!!! IM 10 AND SIZE 6-7 SHOE WOMENS

  • Terry looks like a smaller version of Javale MaGee

  • I'm sure your sister is watching over you and is so proud of how far you've come 💞

  • I made a typo channel and you inspired me to do so

  • How Terry just ate the lollipop that he put on his armpit

  • Pls do that tag thang if you no pls