I tried Edible Food Art on Tik Tok | Kids Lunch

Publicerades den 27 mar 2020
This mom @SulheeJessica on TikTok goes so hard for her kids' school lunches. Kartha Gewart is bored at home and wants to taste these edible delights.
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  • Plz sub to me

  • We both hate fruits

  • Girl me and are twins where sister like where the I don't know how old are you but I'm 16

  • I can eat 20 plates of pasta 🍝 and 10 bowls of rice 🍚 in one day I have a big appetite...🤣

  • are me and kassie the only people that don't like crispy bacon like if you agree

  • You should Make Laurenz Sides Kid their lunch!! When they start going to school of course!!

  • Hey gloom when you cut the kiwi and you thought there was a different way I actually caput the kiwi the same

  • I would love to eat thease

  • Gloom: he hates it- he likes it! Meh:if day was mah dog the whole lunch would be gone in a second like thanos snapped!!!

  • I don't like crispy bacon to

  • my little sister eats 3 feet long cucumber's each day.

  • i use a tooth pick after dinner...and sometimes i poke my gums and it bleeds a little....

  • i do not like CRISPY BACON AT ALL

  • Yourrrr soooooo preteyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 💜

  • Y. E. S.

  • Kartha: your kid gets to school and there like I got a pool of searup in the middle I don’t know what to do with it ☹️ Future kid be like: am I a joke to you😐

  • I'm not a big meat fan more into veggies and fruits 😋

  • The doggy's tounge

  • 21:54 That looks delicious!🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 👇🏼

  • I thought he ate the plastic fork.

  • 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Green grapes are bigger

  • kartha: "I, actually not a big watermelon fan" my dad: '*I don't like this kartha person*''

  • I looooooove your bunny tattoo🐰🐰🐰🐰

  • Mariah carry: All I want for Christmas is yoouuuuu kartha: ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS RICE AND MEATS

  • Bra a one year old can open those pancakes easyly

  • I hate it when you change your dogs name 😲😾🙀

  • No I eat chew bacon 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😏😏😏🙃🙃☺️😊

  • in the begining when she screamed my mom said who was that is someone hurt

  • If I was your kid and you made me lunch and you packed eggs and no catch up I would be super mad at you because I love catch up with my eggs

  • Stop saying bad words cuz I'm 7 years old and watching your Channel

  • Kid Cassie: 25% of a cheeseburger 10 year old Me: cheeseburger 6 nuggets chips and large coke slushy

  • Cooking weeeners weeeners with kartha aaand gaaatlin

  • Your lucky you can eat bacon 😭

  • So the grapes are a choking hazard but not the pancake bites that are at least 3-4 times larger than an uncut grape?

  • My mum just has to cut the kiwis because I eat the skin,it is very tasty

  • Plz do a house tour i request plzzzzzzzz

  • Is anyone gonna tell gloom that Kartha gewart is in her house Lol[]~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

  • How old are you are you 20

  • Have you ever disliked a video on acadent and never noticed until you went back on the video😅

  • How old are you, are you

  • KASIE I LOVE your tattoo💕💕😻

  • I love the intro to “ Kartha Gewart “ 😂😂

  • I love twinky! The faces he makes!!! 🥺🥺😩

  • um your supposed to like peel your kiwi with a potato peeler at least that's how I do it just some advice ya know?

  • Me: how dare you not like watermelon 😡

  • Me: I choke on a blue berry Kartha: HOW DARE U NOT CUT THE GRAPES hahaha... Person on phone: ok this time I cutted the grapes

  • “ive been cooking since i was born” “how do you cut a watermelon”

  • food?

  • ‘Theese are called the distancing nails’. Me. ‘I’m wearing miney nails my sister made’.

  • cucumbers are a fruit, not a vegetable... 😐 No hate though, maybe she just got mixed up, or she just didn’t know... lol. Time- 18:54

  • Cheese 🧀is bad 👎for dogs 🐶

  • umm its christmas now

  • Breakfast for luch= Brunch? Just a easy ways to say BrUcH🥞🥐🥓🍳

  • Baken

  • this made me hungry

  • Can you tell me you're real name

  • Only Kartha Gewert would share the random satisfying bentos. I agree...... I would eat it ALLLLLLL for myself. Unless people were actually needing food more badly then me.

  • I’m wearing pants with socks......... (I’m confused what’s wrong with that) you know how sometimes grannies wear pants with their..... dresses? (Okay what is this conversation anymore what does she mean?)

  • He’s took a SEAT for this one! He’s getting back UP for this one! He put his foot on the CUTTING BOARD for this one!!!!!! Insert slow-mo of him putting his foot on the cutting board. THAT’S INSANE!!!!!!

  • i hate crispy bacon too

  • this is how many times Cartha Gewert said turkey bacon 👇🏻

  • I had a sleep over with my cousin and we keeped her mom awake so in the morning we made breakfast I made most of it and I cut up grapes and me thinking about it why did I do that??

  • Dog name changes from King Abubu to El Bubbles to Gatlin cute dog by the way

  • O

  • 😂

  • I am 10 and i know how to cut a watermelon

  • In dont know but i just love food

  • When I saw those watermelons roll 9:07 ba ba boy

  • L lobee enddkdkd. Ddm vigelos glppm

  • My last name is actually bacon

  • Kasaei this is watermelon Me : laughs so hard I choked on air

  • You should give Azzy some of the foods

  • Yap 🥞🧇🍳🥚🥓

  • Carta : ahhhh I love breakfast for lunch ME:???????????

  • You can make Lauren’s kids lunch!

  • Hello

  • She maybe eats meaaaat

  • So gloom do' s not like sweet sweet stuff and she do's not like fruit then what the he'll do's she eat then

  • My sister died because she choked on a grip

  • I love turkey bacon! Turkeys for life

  • 13:03 my source sauce appears to be broken

  • I also love watching the making lunch for my kids videos too

  • Did you no that Loren was pregnant

  • I hate those green chips i literally feed them to the dog.😂

  • Who likes boba? 👇

  • I love under cooked bacon too it is 😊

  • G L I Z Z Y


  • Me with making toast: The toaster pops up ice cream and fall in my glasses fall off

  • How many times kartha say gorgeous in a year. . \/

  • People say a lot of random words and get a lot of liked so I thought I try WaTerMelOn

  • yes Kartha Gewart eats turkey bacon


  • My cat likes cheese too! ... weird

  • He means take you skirt of dum breezy lol

  • You sod totally have a kid

  • I have a stuffed animal like your dog her name is chewy

  • Ok can we take time to appreciate how CUTE TWINKE IS 😍😍🤗🥺❤❤👌

  • I like how gloom change her's dog name.😂😂