🔴LIVE Secret Neighbor: Kubz Scouts, LaurenzSide, Smajor, Joey Graceffa, Showthyme | Gloom

Publicerades den 20 okt 2020
This is an impostor game like Among Us but we're 6 kids trying to find keys in a house to get into the basement.. but one of us is secretly an old man (neighbor) who can transform as a kid into an adult and snatch the kids for the win. Playing with: @Kubz Scouts , @LaurenzSide , @Joey Graceffa , @Dangthatsalongname and ShowThyme
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  • Ewww Lauren get away from me you freak Gloom 2020

  • I don't think joey has ever saved anybody before. When everybody dies he just runs away like a coward.

  • Why are they acting like they’ve never played before when some of them have lol

  • Kinda disappointed they didn’t acknowledge Hello Neighbor once

  • 😁😃😆

  • Hi

  • I was so terrified this whole video

  • You need to so another on of these

  • why is it called imposter?

  • gears are for the inventior he use them for making shotguns and keys

  • hi!!!!


  • Joey, “Jays the perv!!! “ Me: OML Joey is my new favorite when they play neighbor 😂

  • you should play more secret neighbor when streaming

  • Thyme: Very High Me: Height or? If you get me hit like.

  • This is fun

  • No one: No one EVER Scott: I gOt My PlAnT

  • does anyone else get annoyed when they call it an imposter or is it just me?

  • Yes yes I know this game VERY SCARY

  • -2:03:51: rip headphone users I was deaf for 5 seconds


  • Yo

  • Hi

  • i have this game and i love it

  • i think its funny how thyme just changes into scott and gets kassie just across the backyard

  • Hi


  • What is you reel name


  • Hiii

  • Kassie : it's not meeee Everyone else: yea right WHY IS THIS ME IN AMONG US LOL

  • Srry if i spelled it wrong

  • The mystery person aka when Loren was gone the person name was splashaWatta just in case


  • *me just thinking* *kassies videos make my day* *me smiling* I hope I get pinned I am a big fan of kassie she is awesome and great

  • ummm when kassie was the neighbor her first time the game ended at 8 mins but when other people where the neighbor the game ended at 1 min or less

  • From four to six? I think you mean from SIX to FOUR!

  • Girl you were the one who through the glue so... technically you called your SELF having poor aim!!!!! :/

  • 44:41 “Hey killer” *flashback to Cory, gloom, Lauren, and Jay’s collab in secret neighbor* “Hey if you’re the killer just do killer things”

  • Kassie: OH.... YIKERS Joey: WHAT Kassie: nothing Joey: has death come for you Kassie: It came Joey: oh

  • Kassie: OH.... YIKERS Joey: WHAT Kassie: nothing Joey: has death come for you Kassie: I came Joey: oh

  • Kassie: OH.... YIKERS Joey: WHAT Kassie: nothing Joey: has death come for you Kassie: I came Joey: oh

  • "Runnnn!!!"

  • Scott : I'm off

  • Hi I’m a dig fan

  • tip: you can open the gates by hitting the clock hope this helped :)

  • 27:55 um kassie that’s a bookshelf

  • 1:46:03 for no reason at all

  • HELLO i luv ur vids

  • I have watched this so many times I can’t even

  • Isn’t it kinda funny that like a year or 2 ago she played this all the time but now she doesn’t Remeber it at all 😂


  • Who knows the name of the game?

  • Kassie getting taken and screaming - me: GIRL IF I WAS IN THAT VIDEO GAME I WOULD PUNCH THE BOTTOM OF HIS JAW UP AND KICK HIM IN HIS WEAK SPOT! edit: Tysm for the likes I hardly get any! :D

  • who else saw one of her doors open a bit?

  • aw man I missed the stream!

  • Ppllsszzz give me 500.00

  • I’m slowly screaming about how Kassie can save herself, or press different buttons. Also, I think secret neighbour is a bunch of kids trying to find the neighbours kids, which he turned his daughter, or sister into a doll, that’s why the guns there. And it could be his sister or daughter because the neighbour and the neighbours son looks the same.

  • Kassie I have a question when are you and Terry getting married

  • i want gloom to do this again

  • I have been waiting for a new secret neighbor to come out I LOVE these

  • Yesss more of this pleaseee

  • 2:08:36 Gloom: “Who is still alive?” Gloom: “Hello, is anyone still alive?” Gloom: “Uh-oh” Jay: “I’m still alive” Gloom: “Uh-oh”

  • Love the stream

  • Yooo hi gloom

  • Remember this? “GLOOM/KASSIE AND HER FRICKIN PUMPKINS!!!” Only true fans will...


  • Kassie: Guys i think i might die there's a bag of potatoes chasing me

  • Again!

  • 1:21:45. Izuku MedorIIIIIIa

  • I like it


  • 45:08 whos cat is that? Is it Joeys cat or Scott's cat I cant tell lol

    • @Edmond the bunny Ell?? I think it WAS Ellie and then he made it Ell?

    • It’s either Sakura or azula both of joeys cat

    • Sakura I think it could be Scott’s cat I forgot her nane

  • I am not even a teen

  • i love this stream this is my favourite video/stream ever they should do more like among us they all have posted 100 videos of among us but not secret neighbor

  • Gloom you should try this horror game on roblox called identity fraud you have to try your reaction would be PRICELESS 😂🤚♥️

  • Lauren: I broke my leg!! Scott: Run! Run!! Me: You're gonna need 'em right about now,Lauren

  • she looks like she's in pain watching them play 30:46

  • I can’t Believe this is a live

  • 2 days 20 hours and forty six minutes?! Jk I know it is 2 hours 20 minutes and forty six seconds 🤣

  • On the side it tell you who is who and who as died

  • Me👨🏽‍💻

  • Should I stream on SEnewss or Twitch?

  • 11:06 when she didn’t search that chest I yelled” search the chest search the chess maybe there’s a key!”

  • i have been waiting for this im so happy they played this together again

  • I saw gloom pass so many keys in the second round

  • This game looks even more fun than among us!!!!! Sadly I don't think my dad will let me get it😞😞😞😞😞

  • who watched this late?

  • uuum gloom your chearecter can hit the neibor bye pressind a button q i think

  • My favorite part about this stream was when Jay was gonna jump across the rooftop but just falls about 20 feet 😂

  • This is how many people that won’t Kassie to play corpse with this game 👇

  • eViL kAsSieEeEe

  • “ I think I might die there’s a bag chasing me” Cassie 2020

  • Im all of your gusest fav fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Can you guys do more of these types I love when you guys play this game together

  • where do i download this game so I can have nightmares and run away from my computer -_- (like not a joke)

  • I’am leaving the chat to play Minecraft

  • Hi

  • Did somebody just say they are like Bob the builder lol 😂

  • this took me so long to finsh it