Meet The Girl With Chocolate For Hands (True Reality Story)

Publicerades den 3 maj 2020
This poor girl dipped her hand in a pot of chocolate intended for Chocolate Lava Cake, the burning was so bad, the doctors recommend she leave the chocolate on. This is the true story of Chocolate Woman Lady.
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  • Is theirs true

  • Sad

  • Pause your video and click this 2:56

  • 5:08 who realized that those were the pj pants that made the dress

  • This sounds like one of those animate “true” stories lol

  • Is this actually true?

  • I’ve watched this so many times

  • That is you

  • trueeee but ik this isnt real xD

  • How does she do her makeup

  • Gloom:'Yeah,what are u eating.' Me:'Ur so dumb it's chocolate like c'mon u don't need to be angry.'

  • Did anyone realize that kassie is wearing the dress that she did in a hack

  • When whe said I can shoot chocolate i thought of when you are in the shower and you squirter in the shower Auto correct sorry

  • Is this true don't joke

  • Did anyone else notice that Gloom as wearing her pants to dress outfit hack?

  • Lol someone get kassie on dr phil

  • Love you

  • Wow

  • Your tattoo ruined when you were dipping your hands

  • There is chocolate behined gloom so u didn't need chocolate women lady for the starwberries

  • ghgvgv

  • You were the dress from the five minute crafts video you did with AzzyLand

  • 🤪😂😂🤣🤣🤪🤪

  • No one saw that there was chocolate on the stove which went on her hands. I mean it definitely stayed on there for a few years hehe..

  • this be like real documentary all just drama and hypocritical lol

  • Teehee *gets choked for no reason*

  • Moral of the story : always dip your hand in your moms steaming chocolate Lava cake

  • Le story fake

  • This is a very VERY true story I love her vids so much lol

  • In this, Kassie is basically a Karen

  • This is so funny :) 🤣😂

  • ay look its that life hac dress from the testing life hacks vid 5:08

  • This is cool I really like this I really like your chocolate hands

  • Hmmmmm ShE LooKs FaMiLiAr

  • Did anyone notice the fact that Kassie was wearing the hack dress with the pj pants

  • lamo

  • I fell sad for her

  • why can't u wash ur hands.

  • This is a true story

  • This is how much people are watching in 2020

  • ...

  • Yo idk if someone has already said it but who is still watching and hoping gloom will see your comment in 2020?

  • Who laughed at this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • gloom aaaAAAAAAhaaaaaaaa👁. 👁 💧 👃🏻💧 ⚫️aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • the fact that the title says "true reality story" 😂

  • This is to funny 🤣🤣


  • me: drinking a frozen chocolate from dunkin also me: *oh shoot*

  • This is the top 10 TV shows. Its next to 90 day fiancé! 😂😂🤣

  • It sounds like groom is serious

  • i love 4:47

  • Movies that say “Based on a true story be like” : The hero’s friend :😁😕🙁☹️😵 The hero bout to die: 🥺 The hero’s friend that disappeared in the beginning: 🤝

  • this is literally a reality show 🤩

  • This is like, supposed to be serious. But like.. xD

  • your hair when you were in the bathroom looks SOOOOOOOOO MUCH CUTE ON YOU

  • Why do you put your hand in a lava chocolate 😑

  • a little kid with a tattoo, believable

  • I like how she dipped her hands when she was younger and she is a teenager now in the story but her chocolate hands aren’t dried up they are still wet 💀💀😂😂

  • Not true

  • Who saw when Terry was eati g the chocolate that on kassie s hands there where purple gloves I did like if you did

  • 5:08 Anyone else remember that dress?

  • How do you take a shower???

  • This is so funny LOL


  • Lol

  • At 2:05 I got kim Kardashian having a fit vibes

  • Did you really have that?

  • I'm eating chocolate oh no...


  • Who else came back and is confused that it’s already been 5 months

  • Is it fixt

  • Lol This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooFunny

  • Yes

  • This sounds even more true that the ones at "Share My Story"

  • Is that true u can take it off

  • ...

  • this video represents my childhood

  • Me going to dip my hands in chocolate 🍫 😋 🤪

  • When they were in the kitchen there was melted chocolate on the bench why didn’t they just use that?

  • Is this real

  • Yum

  • did anyone relized that for the woman she used the pants from when azzy came over

  • I love the fact at 5:08 she used a dress hack from one of her vids

  • Your a lier

  • We need to appreciate terry's and kassie's acting skills

  • Doctor:your going to DON'T want to eat that me:I DO

  • The way you used a hack from the vid with ash for the women’s dress

  • I want chocolate now

  • I would have eat my hands by now

  • Perry we know 🆗

  • Lol I see the bowl of chocolate in the background Like if you see it too it'd like around 3:50 I think

  • Oof

  • her- i have chocolate hands because i dipped my hand in hot chocolate. me- wait i will go and dip my hands in chocolate 😂😂😂😂

  • Imagine this is the behind the sences of my story animation.

  • Is this actually true?! Like I’m mind blown

  • lol

  • This feels like kuwtk

  • Ur lying af I can tell

  • This is sad is it real???

  • It also sound like the Kardashians and a hero original story it's also funny