Kids trying to sneak out of back to school

Publicerades den 4 sep 2020
Times have changed but playing hookie from grade school never does. RobertIDK and I are looking at some funny, impressive and dumb attempts
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  • 😎🧐🤩🤓

  • I wish i was not in online class bc i miss playing after class

  • I don't reallylove Zoom like where your frends waths the point pf that just go away pls corona

    • 1wath are you doing with cassy/gloom

  • I paused at 0:23 it was literally the best gloom face ever

  • waaaaiiiiittt! my cousin and i are in the same class so he came over to my house and did the meeting together... well... we actually did play roblox the entre time. dont tell my teacher!

  • Including me

  • Believe me, teachers WILL go into the boy’s and girl’s bathrooms to check on kids. I know from experience😅

  • im like Robert I get intimataded for trouble😊😊😊😊😊

  • the donkeys need to be tamed

  • lol I could slip through the gate and run some it is a 3 min walk

  • at 12:10 I'm like wait wuhhh GOODBYE OUTRO!!!

  • One time I was tired and I fell asleep in 3rd (fun fact, I'm still in 3rd grade) and my mom lied to my teacher that I had stomach issues. Next story: One time I was late to class because I slept late and didnt finish my school work and my mom said that and said "sorry, (my name) won't be able to go to PE because, she isn't feeling well 😔"

  • My 6th grade teahcer is a youtuber and plays a bunch of vid games

  • One Time I went to the bathroom and I threw up my teacher didn't believe me so I was still sick when I got home. But it was the last class.🤒✍🏼

  • I don't mind being in School I enjoy school actually not so smart though

  • I literally tried to hop the gate and go by my cousin's house escape School nowadays I just walk away from the computer I don't even end the call

  • Actually on e time I asked my mom if I skipped school cause we really never got days off of school so my mom was so nice she let skip btw this was before covid

  • I always looked at the gate in senior infants still do always try to make sure the teacher wasn't looking to plan to leave at yard time

  • 7:54 When your Mom asks you what you just learned

  • My parents was always my friend and she would always for me

  • Me in 2020

  • In my School my teacher to go inside the boys bathroom

  • Bru i luv school

  • Gloom the only thing I like in school is Math😎 y’all can call me a nerd but idc

  • One time i said i felt sick cos it was swimming IT WORKED And know i feel bad

  • Kassie: how could you pay attention in class when you have roblox on the the other computer Me: I don't even pay attention and then when I have to do the work I fail😅

  • Me: QUICK SIS, DO THAT I AM ANOTHER PERSON HURRY!!! My sister: Hey teacher, this is Angelica totally not Marie Me: Thanks for picking me up from detention mom...

  • i literly play royale high while in online school XD

  • I love school

  • When you throw up 🤢🤢🤢 I did before XD

  • Ha y’all think you’re teachers are mean my parents had to memorize an entire book that has about 269 pages for an exam

  • The emount of likes is how much you like her out of 1,000 heheheheh

  • In my school my class was right Next to the boys bathroom and She yelled at the boys a lot for talking in the bathroom.

  • I never skip school because I don't want to get in trouble

  • One time in 3rd grade like 23 boys told me to download Fortninte, Pubg,Free Fire....... And then I was like 😣😣😣😣BYE!!! And I left the school and mom grounded me 😅😅 Edit : My little brother told me to tell you that he loves school. Tho my other brother opens the Zoom and turn off his cam and then he brigs hi phone and listen to music!

  • in 6:24 my "friends" REALLY WANTED ME TO SKIP CLASS or they will punish me im so dead serious (but i didnt listen i pretended that the teacher called me hehe)

  • I skipped school and i got in trouble i was very scared of my parents because every time i do something bad they punish me TwT.....

  • I use pens in school

  • Once I was so bored in online class and we have a recitation going so I just left the call and came back after I think the time the recitation is over. I just said I was disconnected and couldn't get back in because of the internet 😌

  • I was born in 2014 and you guys had a skipping in school 2014 thing

  • Me acting in Primany school:🤓 Me acting in Secondary school:😒 Me outta school and in a job acting be like:🙄

  • my elementary had like 264 students

  • Gloom: I think video games has kept my brain working rly well! Also gloom: oh I thought that was another kid going into that ceiling 😹

  • I've jumped out of my schools 3rd floor before because I didn't want to answer a question and then ran into a woods at the back of the school

  • Here’s a funny thing so my friend was in class but she was playing royale high so like she so yeah

  • It’s robertidk

  • I started writing with pen in grade 5

  • In Asia we hear the term ' red pen is the teachers pen' a lot when I say a lot I mean a lot

  • I used pen when I was grade 0

  • I agree with that guy my parents are not my friends they are my parents🤣👏

  • "Why do I have to do the quadratic formula when I have roblox on the other tab" ME ME LITERALLY ME LIKE NO JOKE I HAD ROBLOX OPEN ON ONE TAB WHILE MY TEACHER WAS TEACHING US ABOUT THAT

  • I cry to go to school so I’m home school

  • I'm doing home school :'3


  • I once turned the WiFi off in my whole house just so I didn’t have to go to the zoom class. I also once pretended to throw up in school so that they could send me home.

  • Go on Bitlife and trying to be the richest person in the game ever

  • robert: he YEETuhED himself as the kids say its yeet robert not yeetuh xD

  • I skip online school .,.

  • My lunch teachers working in Costco

  • I skiped school once and I completly frogot that we had a fall party

  • My Brother gets b ully in he is 7

  • What if they have go guardian and see u play roblox

  • School is the worst

  • How dare 904 people do not like this 🙄😡


  • I am a big fan of you and when I see Azzie land with you I am excited and I love your TickTock

  • Me watching the bid: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCHOOL IS THE BEST HOW COME Vid: school is so lame like its almost the worst me: O: 😭😭😭 CRYS 😭😭😭 :O Vid: math is the worst 🧮 Me: MATH IS THE BEST WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

  • *me doing zoom* me: I have to go to the bathroom miss *me leaves zoom and plays roblox* :)

  • Hi

  • It happened to me

  • We started to use pens after grade 2

  • I was born in america and 2013

  • Idea to skip school (only works on a zoom call :you know when you have to go to the dentist or something and you come on the zoom call with a note. Try to copy that note on a paper show it to your teacher. before all that when your pretending to actully going to the dentist or whatever, HAVE A PARTY :)

  • I have never skipped school

  • My cleaning teacher will come in and my super viser

  • I go to the bathroom than some times my friends come in and I have fun because we talk in there then I go back but sometimes my teachers assistant when we are late she comes in front of the door and last year I watch SEnewss in the online school lol 😂😂

  • Me after i finnish school: IM NEVER GOING BACK! Teacher: But you might be a teacher when you grow up! Me:Oh..

  • Kassie: for elementary school middle school and high school this won’t work because they have a lower amount of people. Me being in elementary and having 2,400+ people: 🤨

  • Miel pops


  • My parent had to lie because something was happening I forgot what it was or I was late

  • In 1st grade I got bulled my twims

  • My school has 500 students

  • When i was in 7th grade, we had P.E class, after the class half of the class and me went on THE TOUR OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL literally for whole 2 hours. The thing was that none of the teacher asked anything to anyone and the ones who went in class (on time) were like idk where they are... It was the best day ever!!! NOW I JUST DON'T ATTEND THE ZOOMS CLASS!!!

  • I skipped because I was freanted

  • That kid is very lucky

  • First grade that was when I'm in second grade now

  • I'm grade 3 and there is 5609 people

  • My teacher did go to the boys bathroom and I was like ummmmmm????

  • “I don’t think girl teachers go in the boys bathroom...” They do...

  • My Grampa goes to a Portuguese school and they don't have homework

  • wait so kassie is a boomer

  • Kids in 2012:im so bored in class I wanna skip. Tries to skipped class ** then get caught Kid in 2020: I'm bored goes to the next tab then plays roblox xD

  • On zoom we barely listen we play video games

  • Me:wow 6th grade? Mine is 3rd grade no red pends no other colored pens 😭

  • I used pen in grade 4

  • I skipped school once and my parents weren't there so they want like it's time to forget it's time to get ready for school so get ready you've gotta get up and my mom normally wakes me up in the morning because I there my alarm clock at my window so It was the amazing time ever because it was on a Monday and I didn't get to go to school and do that dumb test

  • Try an Indian school... You will never be able to skip.....

  • I need glasses probably because of home school and staring at my screen the whole day to do work

  • If i was on zoom call i would just say me:*mrs i have to go we have family meetings now so yea bye* Me also: * now I'm just gonna rest*