Can You Spot The Secret 5th Grader? (Jubilee React)

Publicerades den 23 apr 2020
I've been watching A LOT of Jubilee, I love this channel and I figured I'd watch 6 Middle Schoolers vs 1 Secret 5th Grader to see if we can spot the mole together!
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  • Uh im in 8th and we still have recess- i mean- it doesnt help that my school is literally k-8 so if we didnt have recess people would complain since the littles do 🤷 also ive realized that the school work we do here is mild compared to other schools, like, I started algebra in 6th but my friend from australia STARTED PRE ALGEBRA IN 2ND GRADE BRUHH

  • I’m in fifth but since my school goes to eighth grade I’m considered a middle schooler🤷‍♀️ Plus the eighth graders in my school still have recess? IDK why?????

  • when i moved to delaware, the school i went to did have recess but when i moved to a different state they didnt. i think it depends where you live

  • I'm in middle school and I still have recess... then again I go to private catholic school that has an elementary school so that might have something to do with it. I was also born in 2008 and am in seventh grade sooooooo

  • Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of among us..... the profocy is true

  • these kids should play among us

  • i used to watch this and now i realize it’s like among us

  • i had resses in middle school........

  • Lol my names Jubilee like she said subscribe

  • Kassie: 1st grade 5th grade 7th grade high school middle school Me: *_British_*

  • Wait are y'all not having resses in middle school...tuff

  • I’m in 7th no I was born in 2008

  • I honestly think that Gloom isn’t in middle school.. 😂😂

  • -oooooo WAIT IS THIS AMONG US-

  • I missed one day at school and everyone got gummy bears.

  • The concept is just among us

  • I was one of the oldest and tallest in my class and I hated it!!!!!!! I just wanted to not look like a old giraffe but nope ._.

  • I was born in 2009 and I’m in middle school lol 😂

  • other middle schoolers don't have recces?

  • **theres 1 imposter among us!**

  • *among us school version*

  • *me realising that this video is literally among us irl*

  • Me sitting here having had 6th grade recess


  • In Australia, we just have primary school (kindy to year 6) and high school (7-12), we have recess and lunch both times.... middle schoolers don't? XD

  • I had recess all way up to 8th grade

  • *”we don’t have recess in middle school”* Me who had recess in middle school: 👁👄👁

  • Wait what, I’m in 7th and we have recess..

  • This is like among us

  • im in middle school and we still have recess 😭

  • I- I have recess and I’m in middle school 😅

  • Okay but the thing is- I had recess in 6th grade but not 5th grade ☹️

  • as an 8th grader(born 2007), i hate kids my age. other 13 year olds are irritating😭

  • Is it just me who had recess in middle school?

  • I had recess in middle school

  • Okkkkk . . . But you guys didn't have recess in middle school??🤔 My school was from pre-k to 8th grade and I had recess all those years😭 How sad it would be to not have recess in middle school😬

  • 😐 I had recess in Middle School

  • *Its like imposters*

  • the girl who weres glasses denfinly wacth SSSniperwlof

  • Cassie: You only had recess in elementary. Me: I only had recess in kindergarten in Mexico

  • I'm in Jr.High and I still Have Recess

  • I’m 2009 in 6th

  • Wait but I have so many flipping recesses to the point that I don’t wanna go outside and I’m in middle school


  • This is so among us irl

  • In my middle school we get recess in 5th and 6th and once we were done with are lunch in 7th and 8th we went to go in the gym and play or we were lucky if we ent out side

  • I was the youngest when i went into classes i was always the youngest cause my birthday is in dcember 🤍

  • Im on middle school(7th grade) and I have recess ;-;(btw the one in the pic is mom don't judge)

  • I was born in 2009 and I am a sixth grader but do seventh grade math

  • a I the only on that thinks of all jubilee's content as Among Us? "There is 1 imposter among us" think about it...

  • I love how gloom is so into this

  • i know the luke kid lol

  • im in 4th grade

  • Can we just admit that this is literally among us😂

  • My middle school was 5th grade to 8th grade and all the grades have recess there are 2 play grounds one has more than the other but they both had a recess

  • kassie a kid born in 2008 is in 7th grade

  • Cassie: "you don't have recess in middle school" Me: "i still have recess im in 7th grade"

  • My 5th graders watching this video | | \/

  • I had recess in Middle School...

  • im born in 2008 and im in 7th grade

  • Just like playin among us

  • Lol ppl think I’m a tall 6th grader ( I’m a 5th grader)

  • Wow... we had resses/ break playtime in 6th so idk if im still in in 7th now so yea...

  • ... should I be scared to go to 6th grade...

  • Kassie: I AM HERE- Me: ALL MIGHT?!

  • plz respond

  • my channel name is mr.peanguin with the same logo as my youtube thing

  • gloom if u sub to me i will sub to u

  • I am 8.......u m m m m m m m m m m m mmmmmmmmmmm

  • I can tell 2021 is my year I'm going to be in high school and I'm getting a new phone a phone number I cant wait I want 2020 to end

  • Girl ( Sarah) : How was your first day of middle school? Me: Well I grabbed my computer stayed in pajamas and ate when I wanted :)

  • 12:04 “she’s born in 2008 that’s super young , I think she’s the mole.” me being brown in 2008 in 7th grade 👁👄👁

  • This is a real life Among Us Change my mind


  • I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it There is a 5th grader among us

  • i was born is 2008 and i am in 7th

    • well that’s how it meant to be

  • Tbh I would just ask who was in the Ramona challenge cause ether your not smart enough to do it or your in 5 th grade assuming your in the Cali area

  • I asked my brother cuz he's in hight school and I asked him if he had recess i n middle school and he said yes so I guess it depends on the school

  • HEY! *cough cough* i was born in 2008 and i’m in 7th grade :c

  • I love Cassie❤️😂

  • This is like among us in real life

  • this is just like amoung us

  • My school is a bissnes so it hose up to high school so I got there in 4th grade I’m now in sixth so I new my friends for so long it’s asome

  • Hey I'm in 6th grade and I was born in 2009.

  • There is 1 imposter among us

  • im in 7th grade and we still have recess but our recess is the parking lot

  • why are they born in 2007 and are in 6th grade...i’m an 07’ baby and i’m in 8th-

  • Where I come from 2008 means your in 7th grade -._-.

  • Gloom: "I feel like everyone is going to think that this little kid is sus." Me: someone has been playing a lot of Among Us.

  • oop when i was in 6th grade i was 10 turning 11

  • What a coincidence "JUBILEE" ReAct my name-

  • Tye is the kid that would say *it is tommorow now.* when the clock says midnight.

  • My school actually has recess in middle school

  • I actually look the youngest in my class I literally I am 4 3 and I am flat chested I'm in 5TH GRADE!

  • I like how she said I don't remember kids looking this young in middle school I have kids in my class that look like thee all toddlers and I'm in 5th grade almost middle school and I'm very very scared for all the classes

  • I just made it to 5th grade soooooo.....yeah

  • wait- im in middle school and i have recess- 😐?!

  • Tye sounds like Kid President

  • Y’all don’t have recess in middle school? We do even up to 8th grade lol and also 5 th is in middle school so

  • Im in 7th grade and I have recess...