HELP! I owe this crazy rich man money

Publicerades den 10 jul 2020
Tom Nook convinced me to move to a remote island and said that my dreams would come true. But things here are not what they seem. This is To New Horizons, a short creepy game inspired by Animal Crossing and LumpyTouch
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  • Lumpy touch’s projects is absolutely amazing I love their work!

  • I’m never playing ACNH again

  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Gloom I thoult you were cool your not so cool!!!!!!

  • I love her curles to

  • My friend loves dom. I think she's going to be mad if she sees this.

  • Animal Crossing gone terribly wrong

  • i played this game with my little sister and she freaked out


  • Wat :0

  • Uhh I’m not gonna beg but u should watch my latest video it will change the world :)

  • Animal crossing but scarier

  • I thought it was Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • am i the only one that's intrested in the point that gloom has new horizons ?!? like i wanna see the island !

  • How do people hate this channel I think it’s amazing, but then again people are entitled to their own opinion

    • But seriously how do people hate 😭😒

  • The recon is Tom nook do you remeber

  • Nook is not a raccoon he is a Tanooki

  • react to lumpy touchs gorefield vids

  • Why do people think Tom nook evil??? :(

  • This is Billy the whale 🐳 Billy can't swim! Don't let him drown in the sea of comments!

  • That raccoon man is TOM NOOK

  • was i the only one who realized it said "get (forgot his name) catnip" while nook was talking?

  • Intenso sueuwech i want that

  • Tom Nook is such a misunderstood character he lets you pay off your debt at any time without any interest!He is a nice guy.

  • That racoon is tom nook the animal from animal crossing

  • That. Is. Animal crossing!!!!!!!!!

  • U didn't know about nook and crossing animal theres a creepy place ahhhh

  • its a horror animal crossing

  • ???

  • …………

  • Hi!!!

  • [] []

  • Bruh I thought this was animal crossing

  • i'll never see animal crossing the same again and now im gonna dream of this happening tonight

  • i have dom and IM SCARED AF

  • Tom noon nooooo ;-; ik you scam my wallet but you still nice ;-;

  • Gloom I got a game fur you it’s called “abandoned”

  • I knew it was Garfeild too

  • Gloom: tHAT LitTLe RACoOn MaN IS FrEAkInG ME OuT! Me: TOM👏🏻NOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!

  • It's a Nintendo switch

  • The cat is Garfield

  • My name is Abby O.o

  • Idk how nice she is and how rude she is

  • She’s pretty nice at the same time

  • Sooty gloom

  • Lol

  • The girl Abby is so rude

  • The person is a Karen

  • Girl your hair is amazing 🤩🤩🤩


  • Your hair is great

  • Lol looks like those characters from animal crossing 😂

  • When I play the Real Game on the Nintendo My bill is 5,000 miles and this DOES NOT HAPPEN

  • Animal croosing Characters:D?

  • Lol my grandad has the same porche

  • You should check out r/imsorryjon for some context!!

  • me: oh I play animal crossing I mean wat can go wrong later..... me hugging my pillow like THIS IS NOT ANIMAL CROSSING NOPE also me: doesn't play animal crossing for weeks

  • Me : Congratulation You Escaped from that stranger Dumb gum bumb game

  • Abby is a gold digger

  • Haha I thank you not really a Johnny a cat

  • Garfield always on watch you've never alone

  • I always am watching when you are sleep Bing

  • :-) :-) :-)

  • :-)

  • You know I always I want to hear you no you're not even alone when your boyfriend out Avea house I'm still there you just can't see me

  • :)

  • The it's new seal you I always see you you don't always alone

  • ??

  • I want to be focused on Halloween Animal Crossing I'm going to be so

  • I hate school Boise trash School

  • It looks like animal crossing

  • She said the raccoon is scary but it is actually is Tom nook

  • Gloom with curly hair looks like my cousin sister

  • ugh i hate abby

  • RIP off animal crossing they make Tom nook look so bad

  • *and you own this man alot of money* *”look i already agreed”*

  • I didn't want a iphone when gacha club came out, now i want a android!! >:3

  • Tbh this is based off of Animal Crossing: New Horizens, if you did know

  • Umm this game is almost like animal crossing but is creepier

  • He is not a racoon he is a tanuki

  • This is from Animal Crossing! :0

  • Gloom is a copycat

  • You sand like a robot

  • My friend owes 2 mil bells-

  • The bored guy was from animal crossing

  • 6:04 look at the bottom right

  • I LOVE animal crossing!

  • Hey um what is this game called (U◕ฺ㉨◕ฺ)ノ

  • I have animale crossing but it's a app and it's on my ipad

    • I have it on animal crossing on iPad and on Nintendo!

  • Lumpy touch is the creator of gorecat or gore field

  • 🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🍡🍮🍮🍦🍦🍘🍔🍔🍖🥙🍝 up for me and you

  • Animal crossing :3

  • I l've kassies hair who else dose

  • This looks like animal crossing

  • "Animal Crossing New Horizons as a horror game" should have been the title

  • I can't believe that they made game or version of animal crossing.!!😑😑

  • Tom nook im sorry i didnt pay 😭

  • I feel so bad for Abby’s ex boyfriend! He seemed like such a sweetheart for buying her a switch AND animal crossing! Somebody make sure he’s loved🥺

  • That’s Animal crossing fro nitendo switch./Tatty

  • I hope there's a secret ending