I tried Awful Hacks To Sneak Food into Movies

Publicerades den 25 jun 2020
Funny ways to sneak food or your dog (I guess) into the movies! Movie food be expensive and this format of video seems to be super popular so I want to see if the hacks are decent. But I can't go to a movie theatre cuz I can't leave my house so... that's useful.
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  • Hair products

  • THEY CHECK YOUR PURSE! THEY DONT CHECK MINE! Probably cause your in Canada. But my friends mom brings a CLEAR bag to the movie theater

  • My aunt sneaks entire subs into the movies🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Or natural?

  • Am I the only one who thinks kassies freckle makeup r so cute!?like if u agree👇

  • It looks cute😍

  • Kassie I want to be your friend please please please please please please

  • Kassie ai love you!!!!!

  • She is always hot to me with candy in her hair or not

  • Am i the only one who's never been in a cinema that doesnt let you bring in food-

  • how do you know what shampoo tastes like hmm?

  • most of these are pointless, just use your pockets

  • candy hair hack by gloom is so cute

  • In Britain they’ll just let you in brandishing your bag of sweets...

  • When you said the brand of pizza but there was actually a pizza on your shirt I thought that was just a shirt

  • My nana put a bag of pop corn in her bag and they didnt even look

  • Wow

  • At my movie theatre they never check our bags so it’s just easy peasy maple syrup leapy

  • But..... How do you know what shampoo tastes like?

  • Hi

  • Fuchisae mandsore

  • haha!! NO

  • the thumbnail and the title together... scare me

  • Extension if I was the gaurd

  • SSSNIPERWOLF & Lauren do this so you can do it with them!

  • my sis loves sour straps

  • Its not sugar

  • At my movie theater they do not check your purse or have security

  • My theater does not check the bag

  • i love her hair with the rainbow candy a lot

  • Hi gloom >~

  • I love the braids with the rainbow candy! So cute!! like if you agree

  • It's so cute

  • 2:40 = cuteness overload

  • Cassie is savage 😂

  • The pizza you can use edible glue

  • Candy hair one too that was such a cute thing

  • whos gonna tell Kassi that Terry is cheating on her with Kartha Gewert?

  • Not at my movie theater we sneak candy into my mom’s purse

  • U hav frekls

  • I've actually sneaked crackers and juice and literal food in with my bookbag i was on a field trip tho

  • Where I live they don’t check your bags or anything

  • But is anyone gonna notice the fact that there is no more color in her hair when she is walks out?

  • I have Sneaked snacks into the theater by going to dollar tree before the movie and getting snacks and putting it in my backpack and they do not do body checks so I got it in True story

  • It’s illegal to check people’s bags when you go to the movies in my city so I just put it in my bag

  • I like the Candy hair ☺☺

  • Kassie your so beautiful

  • I have hair extentends

  • "How do you get pizza on?!" Me: uhh double sided tape-

  • "Eating a staple, no one wants to that." Me a Percy Jackson fan, "Well technically there's this guy called Jason Grace who ate a stapler when he was two..."

  • Hi

  • it looks cute kassie so cutte and wid hacks

  • Lol

  • I love Your candy Hair!! I wish You would have kept it in :( It was so cute

  • I always sneak food into the movies its not that hard! Ever heard of a bag?! 😂😋

  • Jeez mia keeps scratching me 😂 (I have a lot of cats mia is 1 of them)

  • My theater never checks my bags tho-

  • The pizza was on a necklace 😅😂

  • Fun fact: I live in USA and in my theatre they don't give a f*ck if you bring your own stuff. Like once I brought 2 Large bags of cheetos for my family and a whole blanket

  • I love the rainbow candy it looks so cute on gloom hair(I’m a girl)

  • I want to have candy here

  • Twinkly is so cute

  • 0:44 if they check your purse in the USA [where i live] you can get them in TORUBLEE cause it illegal cause invasion of privicay so I get to sneak food in theaters when ever I go

  • Her: they check your purse so you know... Me: No dEy DoNtZ aTleAsT NoTttt HeReeee...

  • I love you guys and your channel and you to death...but you should t6ake this video down...it's not morally responsible to teach people to sneak things into a movie theater...

  • I’m watching this again and your freckles look absolutely beautiful and stunning

  • Kassie maybe the pizza shirt he put enable glue idk if you know what that is tho lol

  • weird

  • I would let you in.👌

  • your candy hair kassi

  • The movies we go to lets us in without checking our baggage or purses or whatever as long as you have a ticket they don't care they don't check anything else

  • hello iAm such a fan

  • Title: I tried awful hacks to sneak food into the movies Thumbnail: Shows her giving birth to a dog

    • @Anna Hall yeaaaaaaahhhhh jk sorry for doin that my friend next to me though it would be funny im sorry how about i sub to u okay :) so u can forgive mee (btw my friend comments that well they said so sorry for interrupting you day :>)

    • @chocolate pretzel well what a lovely coincidence that is

    • @Anna Hall yeah? I saw the the same comment thats was near the top comments and yours

    • @chocolate pretzel nah

    • Copied comment :/

  • Hi 👋👋👋

  • so cute

  • Is it just me or did she just grow freckles

  • The prices are expensive because they have to pay the makers of the movie money they make from the movie do they make most if their money from snacks

  • I like how it says Trying to sneak food in to theaters but it shows a dog is Cassie gonna eat her dog 😂

  • I dont really understand my mum just puts stuff in her purse and they don't even look

  • Honestly, I kinda wished that she put that ice cream on her head

  • Where l live we DO have a bouncer checking each person

  • But I’m not blaming you

  • People do this but I don’t understand my grandma just walks in

  • i really like the part Gloom put the sour strips in her hair and braided them

  • i once when i went to the theaters i snuck food.hahaha if you snuck food into the theater,like this comment

  • I like your hairstyle

  • Im from croatia and in the movise you can bring enything you want to eat

  • Kassie Please INVITE ME OVER Mabe kinda ok no I’ll stay at my house

  • In sa they don't check your bag

  • Lol

  • Where I live, they don't check your bags so I can just put it in there

  • With the tapping the candy bars onto your legs about that I really like your dresses. I like the pink one more.



  • Gloom none of these work Me neither do I this make me cringe

  • Or you could just take it in a bag...

  • It's cute

  • has anyone seen the movie posters tho-

  • 0:59 xD when i lose breath on a run