Tasting a fruit that grew up listening to music

Publicerades den 23 apr 2021
This melon listened to classical music and grew up being massaged and talked to in Japan. Only for me to get my grubby hands on it and go "huh? what's this?" I can already tell this melon doesn't like SEnewssrs. But maybe we'll learn something today.
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  • Where did the talking and singing honeydew come from-

  • rock melon be like in aus like $5

  • I a ways love looking at expensive food and stuff

  • Kassie and Terry are just talking smack about honeydew and I’m like, but I like honey dew and pineapple is the worst part of a fruit cup. Is it my alergy to pineapple and my like for honeydew that makes me different and basically friendless:/

  • OOoo you like Japanese food えええ

  • The melon looks like if i eat it, ima become a rubber man (one piece reference ik im boring)💀


  • If it grew up listening to my music then it has *great taste*

  • me listening to kassie saying she prefers other fruits better than melons my brain: Then why do you have a melon banner behind you..... me confused.

  • Terry is that how you spell his name because he's mouth must be watering watching her eat

  • My mom said you have to talk to plants and we got a little tree i forgot whats its called but its braided and we called her sassy

  • kassie you posted thissss on my birthday

  • but honydew is really cheap in my country

  • this makes me MELONcoly

  • we can get that for R10

  • Think that In finland those are 13euros

  • Idk why some people dont like honey dew, its sweet and healthy, like i have it in my fridge sometimes

  • T

  • eeeewwwww !!!

  • the way Kassie eats the melon, makes me feel like im tasting it too

  • When she said that she love Pakistani Mangoes.. Pakistani be like 😎 Btw love from Pakistan ❤❤💖

  • In Morocco it's just 13 dhs, means 1,... 🙄🙄 Uhhh

  • Did I just watch a 13 minute video of Kasy eating a melon? Yes.

  • My honeydew is usually orange but maybe I'm just poor

  • Are the honeydew the same thing as cantaloupe

  • I LOVE honeydew.

  • This is so cheap at India like 300 rs

  • Do you like Pakistan so come over

  • The fact that Kassie made a whole video about a melon who listens to music yet didn't name it melody makes me agrivated


  • I get a melon from Walmart for 5 bucks

  • Cantaloupe but make it ✨fancy✨

  • Why does it matter about a fruit’s look if it’s gonna be eaten anyway..?

  • In Greece is 7$

  • Can you start doing vlogs maybe

  • I’m trying to go to sleep and saw this under asmr. Very confused rn

  • you eating that melon is like me eating any fruit ever.... it must be scrumptious.

  • It was satisfying to watch u eat.. 😐 the ✨slurps✨

  • I never thought I'd actually want to eat honeydew... Kassie are you selling any seeds? I want some of that melon but my wallet would cry!

  • "When the honey dew starts singing")

  • I'm eating a watermelon wile watching this vIdEO


  • in the uk the melon is like 4$ lol

  • Bunsen honeydew is dat you 👀

  • Imagine spending $45,000 on a melon

  • Who else kinda wants gloom to try a 5 star potato so she can now think back to that potato every time she eats one

  • This literally grows at my garden and I didn't even knew it was so expensive , 😅 . I thought it was poisonous and literally threw it every year .

  • At the beginning I love how Kass was like “ahahaha” for sitting on the bag 😊😅

  • I never saw someone eat honeydew and ENJOY IT 🍈

  • Ew honeydew

  • I'm confused, in fruit cups all there are is pears, peaches, and pineapple. Never melons. Idk, maybe just me.

  • Oh I tried that fruit a few time. It was NOT the best.

  • Is that a Devil fruit

  • You can buy those where I live for like 12 bucks

  • Kassie ASMR Video

  • I thought honey dew was orange because the ones I have are like really juicy and orange

  • Oh I thought it was rock melon

  • Kassie: is this just me Me: yea it is your the only one who can feel it.


  • Long story short it's alrigh" I'm dead

  • "Long story short, uh, it's all right." And after all that planning I had to buy one of those throughout the video... 😔

  • Here you go gloom🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍈🍓🍉🍇🍌🍒🍑🍍🍍🥭

  • I always eat this

  • Do you like watermelon? I mean like. It is a melon.

  • So first you made a video and now I'm obsessed with honeycomb and I want to buy it and now you getting this melon and I just really want it

  • Just think that you were the melon and when Cassie is ripping out your insides how funny would that be melon and how it feels

  • What devil fruit that is?🤔

  • Yooooo kassie said pakistani mangos are the best . Yeah I am from Pakistan so I am overwhelmed.❣️❣️❣️🥺😂🤪

  • 8:57 melon becomes candle and scares me to death bc I thought it was on fire

  • kassie hating on melons me literally eating an entire watemelon while watching this

  • jokes on you kentucky has like 1/4 of the juice they have tbh- y’all got the crusty stuff- TEEHEE

  • I've been awake for about 20 minutes. When Kassie opened the melon and I saw that green inside I said "it's not finished cooking". 🤦‍♀️

  • 1:28

  • There is no way that is a honey dew melon that's a devil fruit

  • In Lebanon we at his fruit for “12L.L” mean half of a dollar

  • 10:30 , wow she really did that ‘honey dew sugar high’ style

  • Gawd, that looks soooo yummmyyyyy! I could eat that whole thing in a day... 🤩🤩🤩

  • Who thought she was going to bring in a square watermelon? Kay Just me.

  • Pretty sure that wouldn't do anything

  • I just go go to the grocery store and can get one for $5.00 at most

  • I watched a person eat a melon. Ok.

  • Why??????? It's the FUJI one. Noooooo...

  • my Asian grandparents always bring a whole bunch of fruit when they come over.

  • Really these things aren't expensive in my country

  • Me in Saudi Arabia have it every where and we call it “shammam”

  • the amount of juice in that honeydew you could start your own business for honeydew juice 😂😂


  • I was disturbed when they closed up on her taking the seeds out-

  • Am I the only one that thinks why she's wearing a ear pod 😂❤️

  • Am I the only think he's dog is so cute 🥺😭❤️❤️

  • Imagine getting a heart from gloom 🥺❤️😭

  • I really love Kassie's talk that i could listen for hours. The way she talks it's so cute, adorable and funny❤️

    • when she mocks the japanese langueage 😍😍

  • When Kassie smiles i smile at her. This is how Kassie attracts you.❤️ Her smile☺️❤️

  • Maskumelon

  • Why is it green n yellow

  • One piece

  • I could get a melon with the exact same patern on it at my local supermarket😂

  • In my country 45,000 dollars is like million. Or even more

  • Well I am watching this I am actually in Pakistan we took a trip at times and my family is here.

  • Me eating a melon while watching this