I was the ONLY Boy in a GIRLS PRISON (True Animated Story Reaction)

Publicerades den 15 maj 2020
In the thumbnail we have a giga chad, in the video we have Justin Bieber, and he seems to enjoy being in an all-girls prison. Let's see what this dumb dude gets up to
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  • Yes I was hard on the dude but I’m not about to support exploitation of a power dynamic that potentially compromises everyone’s safety. Aight imma head out 😽❤️ (jks i'm still reading comments)


  • Wait does Marcus have two eyebrows?? Just asking lol!! Love u Kas! ❤️💞

  • Daddy long legs

  • i have a crush

  • I hate him he is week I HATE HIM AF

  • people really cry diamond

  • Why on almost all these animated there is so many spelling mistakes?? Like... of gosh I wanna say wt (f) but I feel like ima get reported.... idk why I even made this comment tho

  • Jhope

  • Jhope

  • Hi gloom! Can you please do a video where you react to your subscribers channels like mine or someone else here!

  • me: realizes he has two sets of eyebrows me: I-

  • 2019: boy in a girls school 2020: boy in a girls prison

  • Gloom: see that's why your a IDIOT Me: hahaha I have cello practise tomorrow Me in my head: I am a idiot

  • So, I searched the second one and turns out that it's a real thing. "Cystinosis is a rare genetic disorder that causes an accumulation of the amino acid cystine within cells, forming crystals that can build up and damage the cells. These crystals negatively affect many systems in the body, especially the kidneys and eyes." is what google said, I'm not that smart 😅

  • yus

  • the woost

  • Other peeps:awwww this poor boy Me:GET IT GURL YASSSSSSSSS

  • I cry ______ Think of some stones in the comments

  • Honestly I think that Justin Bieber looks just like when he was a baby😂😂

  • We STAN weakness

  • Yo why in the beginning he looked like chandler bing....just A LOT less attractive

  • I love kassie she’s so funny! (:

  • I fell in love with one of the prisoners and left her small presents? Storyline of orange is the new black, much?

  • simping for lora part 388383

  • Sell the diamonds girl

  • I'm not sure if I believe the diamond story. Just started watching

  • U shouldn't feel bad for him

  • Love the girl, he's the was guard I've ever known, even worse than corrupt guards

  • Kass, you're right like in the last year of junior high school, we were only six girls and one boy and I thought I liked him,though I insult him most of the time and ask him to help me with some of my notes. I'm not exactly sure what I felt that moment

  • it is actully posible to cry crystalls

  • I love your videos your so funny 😂😍

  • Ha nope

  • If I was him and I liked her or somebody in a jail I was asked why did you go in jail that's the first question I will ask

  • She seriously had to have done something to be in prison, this guy just annoyed me

  • Lol, some parts of his story (most of it, really) are basically a copy of the story between a prison guard and a female inmate from Orange Is The New Black...

  • Nephropathic cystinosis is a rare autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disorder leading to end-stage renal disease and many extra-renal complications with crystal deposition in the conjunctiva and cornea being the most prominent. Basically people can cry crystals but only tiny pieces.

  • Gloom, please research every sickness in these animations YOU CAN CRY DIAMONDS IT'S A REAL THING

  • is there carbon in her body?

  • bro this is literally an episode of orange is the new black. look it up lol.

  • Sounds like someting i would see in a royal high bio the diamond one

  • The girls surprised eyes are longer then my life spam

  • Anyone else realize the green haired Jeff the killer on a poster behind him at 2:15 XD

  • ههههههههههههههههه

  • Im a boy

  • Im affended

  • Kassie: look at daddy long legs Me: dies laughing

  • Kassie really hates this dude

  • There is one girl really cry diamonds but this story line is not true

  • Hi gloom i am a big fan

  • Man he's so cool

  • That intro. I love it.

  • guy looks like a blonde quiff-haired spencer reid

  • "either way they both look like little girls to me " cracked me up 😂😂😂

  • crying diamonds can actually happen. It was on TV so its obviously true

  • I have never hated you more she is turning into stone this is a real sickness😡!!!! No offense though I love your videos🥺

    • I wrote this comment at the beginning of that story and I honestly thought at the end you would be sorry for what you said and you’d understand her sickness!!!!!😡

  • kassie: *keeps insulting justin* Justin: heLLo dArKnESs mY oLd friEnd😪

  • Oof you don't wanna be stuck with us girls HAHAHA

  • 0:17 🤣🤣🤣

  • While he was in the jail

  • Yo anyone else notice whil she’s roasting him for being skinny in the background it a picture of him

  • The one about the that cries diamonds is true I saw it online with a real girl crying diamonds .....like for gloom to see this

  • Why is every one of these stories the person bumps their head and then something magic happens?

  • It seems that “Loris” here is very likely to get out.

  • Justin Bieber watching this be like 😑😑😑

  • I bet you at least one of the other wardens have helped her escape

  • Are these animated stories fake bc my dad said they are

    • Most are fake, occasionally you will come across a real one, I have looked up some and on occasion you will find out it's real.

  • Why is it so satisfying when she says “happy day I’m gLoOoOhOoOoM”

  • you are sooo funny😆😆😆

  • shut up

  • There is a girl irl who actually cries diamonds.

  • your so rude

  • Maybe all the water in her is crystalizing (I know that it didn't happen but there my explanation)

  • I don’t think it is true that you can cry crystals because there is some kind of stuff which is poisonous that you MUST need to have crystals My ‘knowledge’ comes from a crystal growing set

  • this random but i have the same headphones 😂🤣


  • So Daddy long legs a prison guard?😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wow I would love to see that

  • I hate boys at school most of the boys in my class love me for some reason I don't know why but it's really annoying I'm in 2020 right now if you were wondering I don't think you were sorry if I'm too annoying I can be like that when I haven't talked to anybody in a very very long time probably because of Corona virus I really am just one day I don't really go on SEnewss a lot so when I do get to I like to go in the comments and share things I am like an owl I can never sleep at night and mostly sleep in the daytime I always I'm sleeping in the daytime if I don't bend I'm really cranky like cranky you do not want to see really tired and by tired I mean really tired I don't really do anything. It's very hard living my life and also I don't like boys that much so. My name is Zoey I'm 9 years old and going into 4th grade I would love to have a friend around that could talk to me but I don't so I mostly talk to my stuffed animals it seems like they talk to me it's creepy but they're also very cute I've had stuffed elephant since I was born her name is Ellie she is a cute baby elephant and I love her so much. I sleep with her every night and never let go of her I'm a deep sleeper. If you guys could be my friends that would be awesome. I'm really lonely. I have no one to talk to no one to play with and it gets really boring but I'm used to it. :-(

  • no you just don't got to be mean

  • DUDE why is a only boy in girl prison :/ And he has a crush a prisoner bruh worst ever gaurd😒😒 I hate that boy bruh dude

  • As a former correction officer in one unit it can be 100-1000 inmates and your by yourself

  • Why are you just put diamonds

  • Isn’t this illegal... THIS IS A SIMP

  • Wow

  • Stopgloomyouarebeingmeenanadummy

  • Some people Actually do you cry diamonds I seen it on a SEnewss video

  • That lady who “cried diamonds” was totally lying, I hated her. I don’t trust her, I mean she could be telling the truth tho, crying crystals is actually a thing, but I don’t get how the crash caused this. And I don’t think the “turning into stone” is true.

    • She literally said that it was a genetic desies and yet she had it in a car crash

  • XD I was hating on that dude too!

  • Me to

  • :O

  • Ummmm Justin bieber is amazing

  • I cry DIAMONDS I don't get richer from it even though I'm CRYING DIAMONDS And if I keep crying DIAMONDS I'm gonna turn into STONE

  • Gloom: She probably eats donuts every day ME: DON'T EXPOSE HER

  • Vb

  • I tink dis is orange is da new back

  • Hehehe I found something btw yes I am cringe answered play roblox ;)

  • www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7520521/Woman-cried-crystal-tears-suspected-faking-condition-inserting-glass-eyes.html

  • Too much Talking in reaction videos

  • Actually you cant physically CRY DIAMONDS. you cry crystals , they crystalize in your eye socket i guess ?? and no you cant get rich from this so dont look up "hOw tO cRyStAlIzE mY tEaRs" , only 3% of the population have it.

  • #KrispyKreme