this is what lonely girls secretly do

Publicerades den 22 maj 2020
I'll be aight. These are some delightful anecdotes mixed with true comics about how it feels to be alone for too long.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • I've been having crazy dreams and...ur beautiful

  • cassie: freaking out, going nuts over a few months in quarentine. me: its been over 6 months

  • Why do you need so much Bagels

  • i love the intro

  • Cassie looking at the girl kick the post: 👁👄👁 Me who broke my toe mid quarantine not even remembering how I broke it: 👁👄👁

  • When I was in quarantine on day 3 my sister painted my dog Zeus toenails and she’s eighteen and my dog is a Great Dane cross mastiff

  • "guess what this little rat did"

  • okay not to be rude- but most of the comment section is saying “cassie” and not “kassie”. her name is spelled kassie if you didnt know!


  • Hihihihihihihhihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihohihi

  • She says she was on her phone for 8 1/2 hours but I was on for like 30 hours yikes😳😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • i appearently have an average of 13 hours of screen time a day-

  • I'm a youtobur

  • Quarantine fix me. I was close to having depression and now I’m not.

  • That’s a weird dream...........

  • I had a weird dream that all the stores closed and we all starves

  • I had this weird dream so there was this phone number on my phone labeled kidnapper and so I was looking at it I’m gonna go knock on her door and said do not call that number and I’m like what and then I look at it again as I do not call that number another weather and we were just told we were in an unfamiliar house kind a looks like an RV and that was scary what are the scariest dreams I’ve ever had and the entire thing I just said with the entire dream

  • Gloooõõõm

  • "Anime is an important part of our culture-" Me: AWHH LOOK AT HIM TREMBLE. HES GONNA BURST A BLOOD VESSEL CAUSE I DISSED HIS WAIFU-

  • 1am



  • Who else was cracking up when she told her dream😂😂😂

  • Another Thing To Do In Quarantine: Imagine yourself in your favorite book/movie

  • i like your hair curly its cute

  • Gloom: 8 1/2 hours!? Me: looks at screen time.... hum..29 hours...noice..

  • Only 8 1/2 hours?! Me like : i got 12

  • sup

  • lol, this was funny. and incase no one told you, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL WITH THAT HAIR!!!!!!

  • I love gloom but do y’all remember when she forgot to turn her stream off and then chugged some ranch sauce and then took her bra off and then pretended that it was on purpose

  • I like the curl’s is the new here it looks beautiful

  • yep-

  • I agree with Nate XD

  • I love your hair! 💖 if you like it, you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

  • Who was eating at the spit bit

  • your hair looks beautiful

  • we both have that girl issues like first two-three weeks imma like LET ME OUT! but when my parents gived me mobile i was like nah I'm not going out

  • I have been having bad quarantine dreams

  • Well yes

  • I,m spending the night at my friends house and it is 3.50

  • Nice intro lol

  • The funny thing was when you’re talking about your dream I was eating

  • I literally forgot what the outdoors look like


  • Kassie: anime is a important part of our culture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Me:*shooked and starts screaming danganronpa* Moi mom: the flip Me:*still screaming* Moi mom:wut the flip did I give birth to

  • Me realizing I’m not subscribed Also me: Triggered

  • Gloom telling after her story how she got spit on her: Me: I had a dream one time where I dropped my tablet into the tub with water in it and i was like “LETS GO IM NOT GONNA DIE AT ALL” then I jumped in it then died with a weird felling and when I woke up I had a weird feeling but not as weird but it was still weird So I hope you enjoyed that! Lol

  • I luv the into sister! Slay it :>

  • Yes i had a dream were aqumatized villans rulled the world with hawk moth and myura ( from miraculas) and me and my friends were the only two people left and we had to survive and take them all down to survive

  • Gloom: I’m depressed Also gloom: Happy day I’m gloooooom

  • also my screen time was 17 hours reeeeeeeeee

  • okay so i had a dream and it was like there was knives and i had to run away from them and a dragon (which is my favorite thing rn) jumped in front of me and took the knives and i woke up and when i woke up i was on the floor with my arms out

  • Talking bout screen time Ummmmm 16 hours In um 1 day

  • Who else thinks gloom is always beautiful no matter what she looks like?❤️

  • My screen time is 14 hours.

  • I dream about the end of the world

  • I hope you feel better soon, I can tell bye yoyr reactions you weren't doing well but i just want you to know we lava you.


  • My family calls me *the bagel queen*

  • Same here 1:31

  • Same here

  • I'm depressed to girl

  • The only thing that’s got me through covid is waffles with Nutella on them and roblox

  • And also I have been watching your channel for the whole entire day no joke

  • Last night I stayed up till 4:00am

  • Cassie- wut was the beginning though... XD

  • Quarin-Dreams 1:48

  • 💌You can look the way you want to.😃🙂

  • No be who you are!!!😇😇😇

  • OwO

  • The first part tho

  • Hi -_-

  • my screen time is 16 hours😐😐

  • I cant stop laughing abt Kassie's dream🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • am I mean for laughing so hard I fell out my chair

  • Oml this is on my brothers birthday lol 1 like = 1 wish for my brother please

  • あにめ?

  • 1:45 is my favorite part of the entire video. Watch the whole thing plz

  • Pls do 24 hours staying up all night 🌙 I do to Every day

  • I haven’t seen any of my friends for almost a year, I ask if they can play online games with me, they are hanging out with friends at there house and having sleepovers :’(

  • I love your nails kassy

  • Cassie:talking about spit Me:geting in trouble from laughing and my cat starring

  • 8 1/2 hours HA weak I stay on my phone four10 hours I have a problem...

  • Yesssssssss!!!!3am

  • Who else is not supposed to be up right now

  • I'm up really late Xd

  • You know what I like the intro.

  • Terry: "It's Wensday" Me: *looks at date* "It's Wednesday!!!!!"

    • lol that is so me

  • 3:38

  • Kassie complaining about how she was on her phone for 8 hours: 😡 Me having an average of 3m off of my phone in 10 days: 😳

  • wth is that dream lol

  • Poor Cassie

  • Wait, you rock climb! Me too!

  • Glooohoom(glooooom)

  • aww look at him trumble

  • Me watching this and this time is 1:04

  • Me

  • You look nice all of you guy are nice gloom

  • I Love her 😍!!!!!!

  • I love whenever I stay up late I end the night in a gloom video