Kindergarten but it's an Insane Party

Publicerades den 12 jun 2020
This is Nobody's Home, a game that you think is over, but it's not over. Similar to Kindergarten, you need to replay it to take different routes and piece things together. This is a completed (I think) gameplay featuring several endings.
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  • I was already getting sally face vibes but at the creepy freezer I REALLY got sally face vibes

  • the zombie in the towel is the guy in the shower i think

  • Hi I love kassie 😁 Do u?

  • Hi gloom

  • I think I know what happened to that poor girl when she woke up from the bed... with a camera pointed at her..

  • Home home is fun fun but that who can the garden

  • Pull the handle?

  • Why did I forget that her name wasn’t Kartha for a hot second

  • It’s her spirt moving on

  • I was watching this on my cold wet throne

  • I hope there's going to be a kindergarten 3 or 4 😷😥

  • i'm so happy that you play games again, i absolutely love it

  • I need that game

  • Happy day im GLOOHOom

  • *Could we have more of these? I really enjoy it xD*

  • ‘Gloom’ is That your reel name ? (You make funny vedeo’s )

  • Hi

  • Nobody like to clean kassie be like clean up your own junk!!!

  • Yo please play this more

  • Yay I love kindergarten

  • me and my mum love your videos we live in jersey

  • So gloom the zombie that you fought at 18:58 was the person in the shower that you didn’t give clothes to.

  • Petition for Gloom to do a collab with Albert flamingo

  • what would’ve happened if you joined the consumption?

  • “Happy day I’m gLoOOoooOm” OHHH I love that

  • 4:35 A carnivorous plant or a CORONA VIRUS PLANT

  • The character: get hit or steps on something kassie:ouch!! Me:😂😂 kassie really

  • So instead of Nobody's home as the actual meaning maybe she is looking for someone or something that is called Nobody in her mind and is a figure of her mind or imagination

  • I have a doll I am also close list I wonder now this is a kids channel so I’m not gonna say what it is

  • “Kindergarten but everyone is older” So umm…high school

  • Not sure if you noticed in the beginning, there are numbers that are redacted but they are part of the phone number

  • Never watch this at 3am

  • This reminds me of kindergarten and sally face mixed together

  • Gloom what’s this game called and that looks scary if you know ahh

  • Oh

  • maybe she’s the zombie on the tape

  • Game theory has to make a video on this!

  • The person who you are in the game is a ghost and you're trying to find your way home


  • I thought it said corona virus plant ;-;

  • You should probably play my big sister if you like this

  • what happend to realated hmmm

  • 15:29 **freezer opens** kassie: r we just gonna...?

  • okay but is it just me who thinks this is kinda like sally face and kindergarten combined??

  • (Bottle falls on her head) I think about how my friend almost died from a bottle hitting his head...(leaves video)

  • 8:50 did anyone else think that was a noose?

  • Gloom should play No Delivery

  • I really hope they make kindergarten 3

  • The fact that you got shoes and didn't try to use them/put them on.... Ugh 😂😅

  • I wish thet soon will be kindergarten 3.😢

  • Hey Kassie! I think I know what nobody’s home means. I think it means that the ones in the party bullied her into thinking she was a “nobody” that’s why the zombies went “Nobody’s home...”. They were obviously party people so I think that they just wanted to party not caring who’s house it was. Maybe she knew that this would happen. It would make since because she was the only one that could have died but didn’t. SHE WAS LITERALLY ON THE BED!!!!!!

  • Maybe they have anxiety, that would explain the board game instead of "partying" and the trone, the bathroom, being a safe place where you can lock yourself from everyone

  • Who feel safe in comments section?

  • *"Kindergarten but a bit older."* _HAS BEER_

  • Hey gloom that wasn’t a lever

  • I loved kindergarten and hopefully this one kind of like kindergarten but just one video of it

  • the guy whos in the shower is washing off blood


  • I love how in depth kassie got with the game. If that was me I would just b like: Huh, ok cool. Byeee

  • Watch game Theory

  • Gloom can u play Corpse Party plz🙏


  • it's just none like kindergarten

  • I thought the carnivorous play said coronavirus

  • U should click on the post it notes cuz I think they mean something...

  • “It looks like a carnivorous plant” Me:CoRoNa ViRuS Me:o nvm

  • 8:52 I don’t think that’s a handle😳

  • Carnivorous Corona virus...... this made me think

  • I was at school! Its not fair!


  • Its more like undertale

  • I don't care if you're first, we are all going to watch this at some point. ✋😌

  • I love your videos. I am your biggest fan. ❤️

  • At 9:21 did you see the guy in the corner?

  • Oh kassie you're looking so cute in this pigtails.. PLS KASS DO THAT INTRO AGAIN ' Billions of years of evolutionary advancement and then we have kassie ' !

  • Is it just me or does this remind you of sally face and kindergarten combined....

  • This is so Confusing but it is really cool to and like thair is five endings gloom

  • Hiii

  • "It's Kindergarten but everyone's a bit older" My dumb self,"First Grade!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • 4:34 I legit read that 'It looks like a corona virus plant' Idk why...


  • We have to wait so long for kindergarden 3 :(

  • Ooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooof

  • Kassie: Kindergarten, but everyone's older My sister: So high school? Me: What about college though? Also my sister: Oh no, College is pre-school.

  • You should play riddle school

  • If you give some keys then he will drive you out

  • Early

  • I think the person you play as is nobody and it's your home so you we're the only surviver "nobody survived"

  • listen to the zombie and you will get the answer, its obvious......

  • Lol Love This

  • When u wanna say something in the comments but ur 4 days late and dont know what to say

  • play undertale it is also a 8-but came gloom

  • I may not be first. I may not be last. But when Kassie uploads, I clicc fast.

  • This made me muuuuch more uncomfortable than Kindergarten-

  • Your so amazing gloom, all your videos are so awesome, btw I am never eating strawberries again, I love you gloom :from ya gurl Geneva

  • No one: Me wondering how this has anything to do with Kindergarten: *:0*

  • can you do part 2 of this pls

  • 233 videos until you reach 1,000 vIDEOOOOOS!

  • You didn’t get all of The endings where is more..

  • Ik this is kinda unrelated but u should do more dory story/ animation stories lol love u so much!!