I tried hitting Max Level THICC in Bounce Big

Publicerades den 6 apr 2021
Mobile app games have evolved to hit a pinnacle in high octane gameplay, they crawled so Bounce Big could run. Watch the next one where I get it right: senewss.info/slow/Yty0i8ebkKi5arY/video
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  • Ty for the Bounce Big tips, I’m concerned you guys are seasoned veterans at this game but grateful. Imma try it again 🥸❤️

    • You can push the people off to get thicc

    • Yeah, to get to the end platform you can push people off to get up there

    • Np

    • U had to knock the ppl at the end out then u will win all the time

    • The only mistake you made was that at the ending track you need to push those people off so you kinda get thicker and you didn't do that so thats probbably why you didn't get to the very end.

  • Happy day I’m ✨ g L O m M✨

  • You’re supposed to push the humans off

  • Gloom: ok I don’t know why the girls are there Me in my mind:you need to push the girls to get more thick have you seen the video of laurenzside playing it and pushing them?

  • Uhm doesn’t she know that you have to run into the people at the end 😳

  • Can we talk about how cute she is at 8:25 and 9:45 🤧

  • Make another video of playing Bounce big

  • When you get to the portion with the ppl on the side you're supposed to push them to last longer.

  • Kassie ur supposed to push the ppl off the platform to actually make it to the end but it's okay

  • Your supposed to touch the girls at the end yEEEEt


  • Play You go girl

  • Love how she never realised she was supposed to push the people off😂

  • I just played and I figured out how to get to the end so when your done and you see the people just walk into them

  • You have to run in to the people in the end

  • Because you have to go ➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️ to the people to get more thick

  • is it just me or does anyone else want gloom to play yandre simulator 😭🤚💀

  • I am not thick

  • 💶💵💎💴💸💷🔱⚜️📿🪙🪙✌🏻✌🏻💵💎💶📿💸💷📱💴🤑🤑🏅🏆🥇🥇✈️✈️🛎🔑📿🔱⚜️slay queen 👸🏼 💸💵💴💶💷💎💎

  • Let me straight up say, never be too thick, if your so thick that it comes up to your ribs, stop with the implants.

  • That’s a slap in the back in the face

  • I made it to the end

  • What is the game called

  • I Love your videos

  • Bump the Girl’s

  • You don’t know how to play the game at the end u have to push the people off the thing

  • Gloom on stage 3 I got to the stage no kidding

    • And you need to push the people of to go faster

    • What you need to do is get thic mode at the very end

  • YOL

  • LOL 💗🐈🐕‍🦺🐈‍⬛😇😍🥰

  • In the end you have to push the people.

  • ‘She’s having a wack attack’ - Kassie 2021


  • No mam


  • Is that a JOJO REFERENCE 0:08

  • Ask Lauren for help

  • I learned from Lauren that you have to knock off the people

  • To continue!


  • Btw I got to say something in the last you should push of the other grils at the end to make it it is possible to win😃

  • the thick mode is the highest


  • how is Kassie playing on the ipad but not looking on the ipad?

  • Tip to win next time push the people like when you see the people dancing when you’re close to getting up there you have to push them so then you can make it

  • ...ok

  • You need to push the people at the end

  • gloom you have to push the other girls

  • Try knocking the ppl at the end off a cliff

  • To go on the platform where the people are

  • This is literally triggering my anger rn cause when she gets to the end she has to push the people of 🥵

  • You were doing it wrong you were supposed to push people off at the end

  • Hahaha fat but hehehe

  • I have played this game but I dont like how they made the black character walk like that because us black people dont walk hood like and all of us dont have afros so I genuinely think this game is kinda racist it is a fun game and all but that threw me off a bit so I exit out of the game every time the black one comes up because I cant stand seeing stuff like that stereotyping one race or group

  • Gloom supposed to push the girls not leave them

  • who else was triggered when she didnt knock the people off

  • I love your Channel

  • at the end you have to push those people off and take thier inplants to make it to the end end

  • You have to hit the people at the end🤣😃😂

  • U

  • Oh boy.......

  • my birth day is on april 6 th

  • i like getting thicc and my man wants me to me thiccc so i like the game.

  • It says to push the people at the end

  • Do you have to run to the people to get bigger

  • XD😆😄😄😄😄😄😝😝

  • Happy day am GLoOm

  • U know u have to push the girl at the finish line to get up?

  • But like her Instagram shows that she thicc

  • 5:24 "Large and in charge" 😂

  • Did you not know you need to push the girls!??!

  • I have this game 😂

  • You were supposed to run into the people at the end


  • You have to push the girls off of the bridge

  • to help you get to the end at the platform you have to push the other people to get more thicc

  • Gloom, you know jojos bizarre adventure? Didnt expect that jojo reference there

  • I love this searies

  • I’m playing it I

  • If you bump in to the models at the end where u try to get to the stage, you get the models thickness Edit: correcting spelling errors-

  • Gloom dosent even raelize that at the end with the arrrows and thers girls ang guys she need to bump them in the end she dosent even know

  • Your thick

  • here a tip you got to push the girl off

  • I love💙 this video


  • I got ya girl to the stage WITH THICKNESS

  • She triggerd me when she didn't push the people off

  • Why did you not push the people at the end that makes you THICC BOYYYYYYYYY

  • So triggered that she didn’t knock the peeps overrrr

  • bruh ur doing it all wrong u just have to push the girls on this part 9:41

  • why do you look like carly from i carly / maranda crosgrove i rely mis i carly like if you do to i mis carly , sam,freddy and spencer.

  • Happy DG I'm GlOoM :D me being like girl wheres AZZY

  • Too make it you have to puch the people at the end

  • What if you go PAST thicc?

  • At the end you push the people

  • Kessie:I need to get more thick Me:yeah me to girlo 😂😂😂😂

  • U can't get up there cuz at the end ur supposed to hit the ppl at the endddd

  • Have to g Ehsan

  • It ain’t nub struggle it’s scrub struggle

  • Gloom your suppose to hit the person at the end to get they bounty to make if to the end

  • JOJO