Tasting Fast Food for Kids so you don't have to

Publicerades den 10 okt 2020
I be judging based on flavour and flavour alone. Kids do be eating good meals these days, but I feel like fast food isn't trying as hard as they did in the 90s.
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  • I love me some soft cookies-

  • me wondering if shes complaining that the chick fa lay sause isnt a sause because it dosen't have a name then wishing i was there to tell her that its there special sause

  • i ate a happy meal im still hungry though

  • Cesar is my friends dog's name don't eat he😭😭😭

  • I LOVE CHEESY TOTS!!! How can you not??

  • Am I the only one who grew up preferring pizza over nuggets..? 🤷🏻

  • Irland (or whatever)s' definition of bread both say the subway bread is and isn't bread like Irland (or whatever) make up your mind

  • And we dont have chicfile idk how to spell

  • I live in south africa Our McDonald's happy meal has Like 6 chips 4 nuggets and a box of apple juice no apple no yougurt like u fancy Canadian

  • i will never eat burger king because i got sick and that made me trau,atized

  • Chick fil a sauce is their special sauce!!!!! That’s why it’s called chick fil a sauce.

  • she forgot Arbys :(

  • Chick-fil-A #1 for me

  • McDonalds hot cake meal will fill up an adult.

  • Lol Gloom! The chick-fil-A sauce is the sauce, the made their own sauce! 😂 3:30

  • bro chick fa la is the best and i'm dying for food now and I just ate pizza

    • btw the chicken things inside those are chesse bites

  • It looks delicious

  • So no one will talk about how that look’s like a school project No one?

  • Fun little drinking game lol- Take a shot every time Kassie says “well rounded”

  • Am supposed to be in bed but I saw this and now am hungry

  • Im also canadian! 🥰

  • Looking all of these food *It makes me hungry*

  • ... their was Carmel with the apple slices? I never got that 🥺 and I never had enough fries 🥺 in the happy meal

  • 8 year old me when mom gets McDonalds i whant 1 burger 6 pice nugget large frie and small sprite

  • Kassie: Insults chickfila Me: Purely offended

  • I am from Britain and I think you should rate pizza and if you have it in Canada you should try papa John's

  • This video made me so hungry 😩

  • Yes we watch among us vids on our ipads :D

  • Gloom I hate potato’s also gloom I love 🍟 French fries

  • If only I lived in Canada!!!

  • Me watching Gloom eat Also me: gets hungry and starts eating everything in the house✨

  • F Chick-fil-A i hate them

  • The Chick-fil-A sauce is supposed to be Chick-fil-A sauce because they made their own recipe

  • gloom try the chick fa la sandwich it’s even better

  • I’m anything but simply and my younger brother who is six hates any food

  • I’m a kid and I like Hawaiian pizza, mushroom pepperoni sausage and pepper pizza, and meat lovers pizza is not simple at all :D

  • Why do you change his name and now it's mold ann

  • The chick-fil-a sauce is there own special sauce that’s why it’s called that

  • Ummm but how do you get so much in the happy meal in the uk all you get is a drink fries and a main and obviously the toy but this puzzles me

  • why do you have a old intro. It looks like you have been making youtube video for many YEARS

  • my mcdonald's still gives the meal in the box not just a bag, and I rlly don't like chick~fla :/

  • Oh myy lord I love swish shall a

  • I can open that liar

  • I'm 9 and I love Red Lobster

  • A&W used to have many restaurants in the U.S.A. However, they closed many of their locations here, and very few are still open. I think they’re just focusing on their Canadian locations. However, A&W Root Beer is awesome.

  • I think Chick Fil A opened their first Canada location in Toronto last year

  • I’ve had McDonald’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times in my whole life chick fil a 0 times bc we don’t have it in Britain red lobster 0 times I also don’t think we have it here in Britain Burger King I’ve had once never had Swiss chalet never had subway never had Boston pizza never had Harvey’s and never had a & w •^•

  • I found terry’s twin brother

  • Nobody: ..... Gloom with gogurt: vacuum mode ON

  • No one: Literally no one: Kassie: YaY BuRGeR KiNg

  • But whata bout whataburger :(

  • Me when I saw that there was 4 nuggets and not 6😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • HEY I’m a kid and I love vegetables and I eat adult meals sooooo..... I’m classy then 😎

  • Mcdonalds in Canada is very different the USA Mcdonalds.

  • WoW l 8

  • Gloom: have you ever had Chic-fill-a? Behind the scenes voice: I’m vegetarian!

  • u live in canada what part???????????????

  • Gloom is the only youtuber filming a video of her eating mcdonald.

  • Please do part 2

  • Gloom looks so different now that I’m used to her having darker hair

  • also in the US we have the small box for fries not a bag

  • I used to HATE getting a bag from a happy meal

  • Please do more like this.

  • That “poutine” is a disgrace.

  • Kassey will be da best mom ever lol

  • Ok... so Russian President’s name actually means cheesy fries? 😂 Ok

  • There is no nak cheese in my happy meal

  • Everyone: talking about the fries No one: Not even one imposter: Me: YoUr APPLeS CaMe WiTh CaRaMEL

    • @Stacy Tip No one said I was trying to be funny

    • Nice try at being funny. Lol.

  • I’m 11 and I’ll order 3 extra small fries and I’ll stil eat it all

  • McDonald's apples taste gross To me they taste like chemicals

  • Bruh who does not like ketchup bruh 😤

  • Can somebody tell me more youtubers who are like gloom,noraverse,wengie, Natalie tell me because I know only these...

  • Hi, go to chick-fil-a grab a lot of sauce an Waugh’s piece grilled nugget and fries and dip the fries in the sauce it makes it better. It’s amazing

  • Macaroni bites are amazing... just not from burger king🤮

  • If you like the chick Flay what I do for it is Honey Mustard and BBQ Sause then mix that’s all.BTW love your content

  • Chick-fil-A Olive Garden and subway are my favorite restaurants I’m looking to move to Canada but I cannot live without my Chick-fil-A

  • My favorite part about this video is the start when she says "because I'm an adult" then there is an edit that says (debatable) in the top right corner of the screen and I was doing laughing I almost choked....🤣🤣😂😂

  • I don't eat happy meals any more. but you make me wan't to

  • BTW Chick fil a is so popular In Florida And my friend every Tuesday Chick fil a Supports Support Donald trump And i Kindly dislike Donald trump And also 4nuggets a bunch of fries would Fill me up when I was younger

  • I live in the US, sorry to say for other people who live in the US, but I don’t like chick fe la something about the chicken nuggets is sweet and taste weird to me something happened and it wasn’t Iike this when I was younger.

  • Burger King McDonald’s

  • There’s the kid that eat everything, then there’s the kid that only eats peanut butter and jelly

  • If you think your dumb heres a story. I watched this while i felt sick on my stomach ;-;

  • Me: looks at playground* ö

  • What kind of happy meal are you getting? In KanSaS we get a bOoOtIful box, and less fries, AND CARAMEL SINCE WHEN

  • Wendy’s!!!!

  • Gloom:so much fries Me:30 fries?! Also me:I’m sewing

  • Try firehouse subs!

  • Chick-fil-a is amazing!!! Like if you agree!

  • Gloom where was buger

  • In the us they give u a box

  • i miss when we had caramel with apple slices

  • At 3:31 minutes it said mustard at the bottom

  • See in the uk u get a toy 4 nuggies and an option of either chips or a fruit bag in mc Donald's and a fruit shout the uk is just sad compared to America

  • Tasting??

  • Can you bu the fast food restaurant called “Jolibee” you won’t regret anything eating there food 🤤

  • I'm sorry but how dare you insult the mac and cheese butes

  • :0


  • me: yes chick-fli a for an S yay