🔴Among Us with LaurenzSide, LDShadowLady, Smajor, Joey Graceffa, Orion Sound, Jimmy, Shubble

Publicerades den 1 okt 2020
Lots of old and new friends here today. Hoping to get some clean impostor and crew wins! Today's roster includes @LaurenzSide , @LDShadowLady , @Dangthatsalongname , @Joey Graceffa , @TheOrionSound , Jimmy, @Shubble , Katherine, @fWhip
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  • Hey


  • Ooh Kassie has a CRUSH on Joey!

    • Just kidding I know you are married

  • Hmm sus

  • it. was joey

  • Everyone- Terri and Gloom are a power couple! Nobody- Me- Scott and Gloom are the power pair of friends. 😎💃

  • hi

  • This is the one

  • anyone here from 2020

  • Gloom ur videos are łhe best ☺️😊

  • When Jimmy and Gloom were imposters jimmy should have just killed will there was a crisis because they can’t call a meeting during crisis and then killed one more and they would of won!!

  • Will Kasie be in ETN Season 5?

  • hiiii

  • did y'all know Kassie is 5'9? Tall queen

  • U were a bit toxic idk why because u were talking bad about things like the tasks and Lauren being bad at imp 😭 I love u and everyone tho ❤️

  • m lm m, ,m. k. , ;kcolkivovlvvci vd

  • Tell Joey I said I wuv him

  • Hi my name is hayven

  • Jellooo

  • I love u

  • I love it when you play with Lizzie, Lauren, and Scott

  • There should be like perks like if you vote the right person or win the game you get tokens to help or to blind crewmates or other stuff :)))))

  • Kassie and Scott are the dream team

  • just play

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey to Oli when Joey was imposter: come my way, my way or the wrong way.

  • Did yall noticed this vid is TWO HOURS LONG?!

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  • Hii

  • I just woke up, my mom went down stairs and she heard ya'll talking slicing someones face lol


  • Hello 👋

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  • HI

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  • Why are the videos so long I keep thinking 20 minute video actually 2 hours

    • theyre not videos, theyre live streams

  • Me trying to press the chat and also me realizing it’s a video🧐

  • O

  • lol the most surprising thing to me is how oli survived for so long at 36:17

  • 16:31 poor gloom :( she should just join Xlife

  • ᗩᗷᑕ 丅ᗝ 丅ƴᑭᗴ ᒪᎥᛕᗴ 丅ᕼᎥᔕ

  • Hi

  • More among us

  • gloom can you do among us with fans?

  • The way gloom saved scott

  • The hamsters 🐹 face when she died 😭😢😫

  • Idk how to live chat😂

  • I actually HAVE this game downloaded it at 5 already HOOKED

  • No one: Gloom: Thicc...

  • let me say this. I was re-watching the live chat, and they started talking about BLM. After that people started spamming ALM. Let me say this bubs if you actually, and truly believe all lives matter then you should have no problem with the BLM movement. You can obviously see the clear discrimination black people still face to this day, and yet you dare say ¨ALM¨ which was made to put down the civil rights movement, and the equality of black folks. You act as if segregated bathrooms, and schools was a thousand years ago. No. That was only about 70-80 years ago, and there are still plenty of places with constant discrimination. If you actually believed in the equality of ALL humans then you would support it. Your privilege blinds you from seeing the rest of the world. Just how like so many men, and even women say feminism is toxic and unneeded as women are getting BURNED in India for not having a son fast enough. You're CHOOSING to be ignorant, and that´s the most frustrating thing. Open your eyes.

  • what i don’t get is why do they cover the codes 😂 when people can’t even join once its full

  • Are u and azzy not friends anymore

  • how can i comment on the live

  • hi

  • not to be rude, but Gloom kinda takes this game really seriously.

  • She always get imposter so lucky

  • 23:47 i was like whatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

  • There's so much murber in this video

  • Hiiiii

  • Kassie: "lemme fill up the gas" Me:PFFT HAHA WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY WHY XD

  • No one: Not a single atom: NOT EVEN KARTHA GEWART: Kassie: oOh aH aH

  • Hi cassie!! I hope I am not annoying you with my comments, if so tell me to stop

  • Whenever Gloom and Smajor get imposter, it's game over.

  • hey kassie how can i join your channel without paying please

  • 10:29 , Kassie screeches like a pterodactyl

  • Lauren- Joey why where you running in circles? Joey- I got 🍂Nervous🍂 Me- *dies laughing*

  • Gloom looks like a filipina girl so pretty and i like your attitude and your voice my family likes u too

  • Everyone who played with her watching this like:👁💧👄💧👁

  • Yessir this is what the meaning of bing watching Kassie’s videos feels like Feels great :D

  • Who’s here in the morning. I have an ear innfection

  • Anyone watch for two hours lol 😂

  • Why is azzy not playing

  • Ok I will claim my ticket " but why they be blaiming schot to be honest I would but only when I'm imposter "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "love you guys hahahahahahahaha"" incoming mesage💌🙂💖😘💕💕💟 😥 👈☝☝

  • Hey I think what she was working on was that song

  • did anyone realize that Joey's avatar was the same as James??

  • Lol

  • Can someone tell me the color and the names of everybody please im confused 😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • Is jimmy mr beast? I don’t really know some of the gamers there hehe

  • i fell asleep to dis

  • My friend literally drawn you and Laurenzside in among us and lemme tell you that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty sure this is my 4th time watching this I LOVE THIS VIDEOS

  • So I cricket and I’m making a Among Us cup right now

  • I wish I could play among us with u and everyone SEnewssd that plays

  • 25:39 first time imposter

  • I can’t believe it’s two hours the first video I’ve seen that has over 30 minutes

  • I may be criticizing but u still have ur scan in that one where oli killed lizzie. Could have brought it up. 47:21

  • I may be criticizing but u still have ur scan in that one where oli killed lizzie. Could have brought it up. 47:21

  • I don't mean to hate on Gloom or anythings, she's a great person, but she was kinda being toxic and rude throughout the live stream. Like she was acting as if she was better than everyone else. Again, I dont mean to hate on her but she was being toxic. But other than that this live was great to watch

    • I also thought this. I've been subscribed to her for at least 5 years, so I know she is super sweet, but in this video she was 100% acting like she was superior to everyone else and at times it made me cringe :( still love her tho

  • me when cassi is gone: LUARENS BABY ERYBODY WHATS HAPENIG TO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloom win when you are inposter

  • i forget the timestamp but one girl sounded like she was crying

  • Lizzie is a brown bear i’m a brown bear too 🥰

  • HI

  • I love your vids

  • everyone getting 3k likes then there's me

  • 1:22:37 the circle they're making around scott is sO AAAA

  • claim ur "jimmy why" ticket here

  • hi