I tried Chalk and Oil Pastel Drawing / Cherry Blossom Forest

Publicerades den 13 jun 2020
I’ve never used pastels in my adult life and as per usual, Tik Tok hacks inspired me to give them a go. The struggle is real.
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  • Squirrel Friend 🐿 🤝

  • We’re do you get your art supplies

  • I Love it

  • It looks really pretty, I think you could have probably used a sharpie for the trees though.

  • Lorax: i am the Lorax, i speak for the trees, if u don't save the amazon, ill break ur knees

  • i like it

  • Who else is watching this in Namibia🇳🇦

  • Try using a paintbrush to blend

  • I would so buy your art

  • i will!

  • Hi

  • My heart are melting when gloom do the kawaii ahhhhh😂😂😂😂

  • Please make some more video using pastel please

  • I would give a tip but ... I'm dumb

  • If TikTok talk to jump off a bridge would you because I would 😅

  • 0:30 aawwww so cute❤

  • You should do bubble shaped like rain drops art

  • Today I was watching youtube at 10 pm and I was bored of everything and then I was like, Hey Im gonna watch Kartha Gewart and then I was no longer bored

  • In india a set of all colours oil pastes is 100 rupees . 74 rupees = 1 dollar so in india if u bye pastels it will only cost 1 dollar or few cents

  • Wow thats better then i could do great job!

  • Me shaving the pastel be like: It's coming like mozzarella cheese D:

  • pan colors kinda!

  • I love it!!!!😋😋😋

  • "Beautiful, Stunning, Fantastic." Could be used to describe the color wheel or Gloo- oops Kartha Gewart herself.

  • Is ur real name kartha? Gloom

  • Video Idea: I tried to make a painting with lipstick

  • Guys, not to alarm you but I think Kartha is KASSIE!! I know it’s far fetched but, I have reasons to think this! They have the same voice, act the exact same, never seen together in the same room, live in the same house, both say “fingies”. Just a theory! Nice art *Kartha!*

  • My sister’s cat named squirrel died

  • Does anyone think that gloom knows that terry is cheating on her with kartha?

  • 9:00 what's wrong with 10 year olds

  • Here in India we can get 50 pack of oil pastels for Rs.140 which is 2 dollars....by the way ILY kassie aka kartha.

  • 👇🏼

  • When will she stop singing?!?!?!

  • I wish that I can see you in parsen

  • My fav animal is squirrels

  • That is so pretty!

  • Cartha needs her own channel

  • if you used only oil pastels it would have been much better at least in my opinion

  • Hi

  • Kartha:its like a 10 year old did this Me:..... Yea my art would be better than that (and yes i am 10)

  • HONEY!!! What do,you mean amateur you are pro Bob ross

  • All ten year olds unsubscribe

  • What Kartha isn't wearing white

  • Who else here says 'fingeez'? 😂

  • Who else know that tiktok is gonna be shut down on the US?

  • My hands would cramp after 1 second

  • I wonder why she thinks she is bad at painting when i would hang all her paintings up in a museum

  • Who else loves Kartha Gewart leave a like if u dooo

  • 👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️

  • you can sharpen an oil pastel so u can be little more precise

  • Loved it really did. ❤️

  • Love your art, you give me inspiration for my art. Instead of looking on tick-tock do art with your heart

  • If you need a thinner pastel you can shave the tip of the pastel

  • You should do a give away for some paintings

  • I hate it when they dont do the full intro but i still love too see gloom

  • Love your art do more plz

  • 0:55 why can kartha do math quicker than me

  • Dislike this comment if you would buy Kassies- I mEaN kArThA’s art. I would go broke if one was on sale. They are so bootiful 7^7

  • i've done this before!

  • People writing comments: *Writes Comment* Other People: "somebodies" already wrote this 5 hours ago , etc. Edit:I didn't mean to do this to offend anyone so I apologize 😔

  • I used oil pastels in third grade I’m going to forth now but I have to wait a year with all dis stupit CorOna😞🤢🤧

  • you know that u can use paper towels instead of ur fingers (no ofence

  • I love your art vids

  • You can also use the ear things to blend in the color

  • Why you gotta have a cute little dog🐕🐕🐶🐶

  • Gloom plz let me by your arts plz o plz

  • Squirrel friend- food YOU EAT SQUIRRELS

  • Gloom: this guy had a pencil Me:its a color pencil

  • Nice.👍 👍

  • I love it

  • cool

  • Here's a tip I think would work: I'm not 100% sure if this works, but I think you can take a thin brush and dampen it with water and carefully run it over the black threes so they would be smoother

  • Shhhhmer'en it

  • Tip: If you want to have the pastels to stay where they are and not smudge you can spray them with hair spray and they won't go anywhere just make sure the hair spray is fully dry before touching it and hanging it up

  • The black pencil was probably a charcoal pencil they are basically normal penicls but instead of it being like a grey or silver color its black


  • Americans: Worrying about the next election Canadians: Worrying about how the reflection in their painting is looking P.S. I have nothing against Canadians may our friendship last forever!!!!

  • you should try using less sharp curves next time and making it more random so it looks more natural for the riverbank and for the trees.

  • I'm the queen of oil and chalk pastel😁

  • Try shaving crayons onto parchment paper in any desighn of colour COLOUR it cant be a picture, Anyway shave them into any colour pattern and when Your done shaving your colours iron it while its still on the parchment paper and let it dry peel it off (if you do dark colours it wont work) Hang it facing the light and youl be able to see trugh it and it looks really cool me and my family did it you sould try. It may be really thin so you might need to do alot of crayon but not too much

  • Who else would like the kartha gewart show on actual tv?

  • 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • This is how much Drawings Kartha will have by the end of quarintine 👇 👇 👇

  • Lovely and gorgeous are Kartha's favourite words

  • When she said "next we have land" she seriously sounded like one game baldi

  • *me watching* *her says : it looks like a ten year old drew this* *my mind : yea haha it does* *my mind a few ministers later : wait I’m ten!*

  • Why could you not use paint? It would be more smoother.

  • Kassie:I’m so bad at drawing! Me:HoW diD U dO DAt? Edit mistake I mean Carthage’s gewart UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH

  • It is so nice watching someone that can outwierd me. 😂You are so funny gloom

  • (crumbs you dont want)

  • if you ever have crumbs of chalk on the painting don't rub the of it'll ruin the painting , blow them off


  • You can do that with oils too you just draw them smudge

  • Cassie you should make a channel called Kakegurui her

    • Gloomy you should make a channel named after your video you just made today

  • Karthaaaaaa~ in the video they used a 6B graphite pencil

  • I thought the dog was called Twinky

  • Coll

  • Petition for Gloom to do a collab with Albert flamingo

  • Can u do a qna pls

  • You’re amazing and talented 😍