Testing 8 Amazing Gadgets Tik Tok Made Me Buy

Publicerades den 27 sep 2020
It’s one thing to meme and buy random stuff that looks cool on camera but these are products I legitimately wanted to spend money on to improve my life. Hope they actually work!
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  • I love avocado toast probley favorite food

  • It’s Bert because you put it in for too long we all know that

  • He said he’s not listening as if his name is not Tim what is his name is not Tim

  • You’re supposed to poke a hole in the egg

  • Are you friends with sssniperwolf her actual name is Leah tho

  • SEE SHE USES THE WORD SPIFFY TO my friends ask what spiffy means! Internally angered

  • Azzy you look different

  • I agree that everything does taste better when it’s sliced

  • me not liking eggs :x

  • Who els Just sits there while watching gloom and just says terry just put a ring on it ...............if you know what I mean😏😏😏😏😏

  • I almost drooled looking at this.

  • I won’t judge you that is my keyboard two it is a mess

  • Vietnamese people do it all the cuddles as a dessert

  • 1 is just bread 2 is a little toasted 3 is golden toast 4 is perfect toast 5 is a little burned 6 is just burned toast and 7 is really burnt toast

  • you sead the i made a somg like the the dooo the the do

  • No I hate eggs

  • This is how many people love Kartha Gewart 👇

  • everything tastes better when it is cut -Kartha Gewart

  • 🍪

  • yass!!!

  • wshfhf

  • when i sore the avacardo i was so hungry becouse i love it and dat sandwitch looked so noicee

  • What is your dog’s actual name? Could you please tell us pls

  • Who got hungry and then watched this vid just ok

  • 3:54 you made me jump lol

  • I have to admit that sandwich at 11:31 look Delicious

  • No there not that Dewey

  • me when the dog says greetings: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • *m r . g a d g e t*

  • it would have been better without the saracha

  • Why are you screaming at her and she just told you question and she was telling you you’re making the toast in the toaster and in a bag....?

  • I hate eggs

  • The perfect boomer sandwidch

  • That video was very feggy to me or should I a say eggy! tell Betty I said that

  • She said "Ima have eggs in a minute" and i LAUGHED Cuz she had her teeth out and idk why it was funny

  • Me not realizing I already watched this lolllll

  • Everyone likes Kartha Gewart. You have to admit. I love you Kassie

  • Did you no Karina Karina is from sis vs bro and she love avocado sandwich to

  • I have the same Keyboard like yours for my computer!

  • MY MUM HAS THAT FANNN shes obsesed with ittt

  • Hey gloom I’m sorry to tell you this but terry is cheating on you with this....Kartha Gewart woman but you need to know, like so kassie can see!

  • I would use the slime for yust playing

  • Hi! Can you play in my server? My name = New Jayden

  • I have a neck fan and I love it

  • Not if Jacob did shut down if you still want you to but you want to do TickTock on SEnewss just to make a TikTok but on SEnewss without using the app so you basically do a TickTock room then you post on SEnewss and if you want I can maybe throw the TickTock‘s on whatever you like I don’t care but if you want to I don’t bother

  • Kassie says “A wee bit more sense” Me being Scottish: 🥳

  • that ""thing"" in that avicato was the SEED duh p.s still love the vids pls make more

  • Kassie: "I'm not afraid to admit that I like avocado toast Nobody: Me: My whole family likes avocado toast

  • Ok, I don't really want to be mean or anything but, "Really wanna to try." 0:12

  • the egg cuter azzyland has ben NEEDING it SO YEA

  • Iv seen dirter kebords you couldnt see the kees because of the dust

  • Hi T.I.M.

  • Hiiii

  • But I still like your Channel

  • Gloom you are so gross

  • Kartha should make a channle doing hacks and lunches

  • 3:20 my teacher wears this 24/7 even on freezing cold days she is always hot so her classroom is crazy cold so every one wears sweat pants and sweat shirts

  • That isn’t a piece of shell that’s two eggs casements It happened to me and my brother we were making eggs and there was one huge egg casement

  • hi im a newbie to your channel Gloom! I have a question, is your name kartha or kassie?

  • gloom

  • azzyland

  • azzy

  • @azzyland a

  • kassie: come help Terry: ok this is what you do Kassie: ok 3 MiNuTeS LaTeR Kassie: HELP AGAIN

  • Everything is nicer when it’s sliced -Kartha Guerts-

  • 0:01we know you’re gloom

  • Yeah his name is TOTALLY Mr. gadget whoo yeah go Mr.gadget!

  • I thought he was only friend


  • Umm excuse me what exactly is the dog's name. Edit: so umm from my information the dog's name is tim

  • Kassie’s neighbor:Why it’s a beautiful day I’m going to go on the porch *goes outside* Kassie:It’s a lemon sprayer Kassie’s neighbor:Why did Kassie say lemon sprayer? Kassie:*Sprays lemon* Kassie’s neighbor:Do I smell....lemon? It smells wonderful I must ask Kassie what air freshener she uses Kassie:EGGS ARE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kassie’s neighbor:I’m sorry what did she say?

  • Cooking with gloom

  • Did anyone else get so hungry that u had to stop watching? 😅

  • put the spray on a watermelon

  • who else puts mustered on hard boiled eggs XD

  • Now I want avocado toast ;w; never tried it, guess today is the day-

  • Who is the other girl me curious

  • rip headphone users

  • Your hair almost get stuck

  • 👋 hi

  • HOW EVERY VIDEO STARTS: "Hi, I'm Kartha Gewart and this is _______" "Today we'll make some chicken nuggets!"


  • 0:54

  • That little toon kassie was singing before she took the sandwich out was Shania twain I feel like a woman

  • "I'ma have eggs in a minute"🤣🤣 1:05

  • my mom has the fan but in pink

  • That toast though...

  • me looking at your intro me tinking its from family guy

  • I spray lemon juice on my salmon to lol

  • Put an orange in the spray thing

  • Hey I actually like urr nails though wow

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wait- people *clean* keyboards. . .

  • Gloom “don’t make fun of me” girl. no one well make fun of you. We love you🥺❤️

  • 6:46 cuz I like it

  • “You use slime to clean slime” - Banna

  • Kartha: are you ready J.I.M: no w we should not be doing silly thin- Kartha: WELL I AM

  • 10:42 she sounds like snape from HP

  • Wew

  • :>