I tried making my famous Egg Fried Rice

Publicerades den 12 jul 2020
It's egg fried rice, basically.
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  • My great aunt was the first person to make fried rice!!!!!!😜

  • As an asian, I can say that I can't flippin live without eating rice in a day. *Legit.*

  • Kartha Gewart: Always make sure ur rice cooker is on Me: ;-; Said that a bit late

  • I can smell it

  • lol you were using the giraffe fork from the bento box vid

  • Lol this is epic

  • I do not like rice

  • What kind of peppers were those?

  • why does this made me think of Uncle Roger~ XD

  • I like soy but I cant have a lot....so......how are we gonna play this out?

  • Me : I watch cooking shows! What I watch :

  • Kassie:I wish videos were scratch and smell.Me:scratches screen.

  • We need Uncle Roger to see thisss

  • I don’t even know what the real name of her dog is I literally forgot that’s how confused I am 😂😂😂

  • Kassie: “Wow Kartha what would we do without you?” Me: “yeah what would we do without you!”

  • Hi kartha I was there when you started.I am a huge fan because I love art and cooking.And video idea painting on sea shells Like if you agree 👇

  • Is your dog male

  • The reason why I don’t have a rice cooker is because I’m poor

  • not me being 3 months late 😭

  • With only Terry’s camera work and personality and Terry alone, along with Kassies personality and brain and her alone, the two alone is enough and they really need to make an amazing video. Really. TRULY!

  • Did anybody notice that her hair kept sorta changing?

  • I love Seymour pickle frank. He is so cute. tell terry I said Hello

  • Who doesnt have a rice cooker

  • Kassy: I stole this recipe from my mum...are you recording this?

  • White rice is better than fried rice but only if it is sticky rice

  • Yes rise is the best i am eating rise alone right now

  • other ppl having a burger with fires and one slice of pizza : "that was full on meal right there" indonesians having a big mac with large fries,and 2 pc of chickens and a slice of pizza : "i haven't had dinner yet,there's no rice in that food."


  • Gloom: holds up a wobbling noodle mushroom “This reminds of my college days” Me: haha- wait what?

  • i swear that mushroom looks like frenchfries

  • Kartha: if u don’t have a rice cooker, idk what to say to u Me who lives in the uk where they don’t sell rice cookers: 👁👄👁

  • I wanna be cool Cause I'm on the internet -Kassie 2020

  • I love rice 🍚


  • I LOVE FRIED RICE!!!!!!!!

  • are those kayenne peepers

  • Uncle roger: *you measure water with you finger,finger first joint haiyaa*

  • "A meal without rice isnt a meal" My mom, my dad, and literally everyone in my family lol

  • Girl I’m the same about meat like the only time I eat meat is when it’s the only thing for dinner

  • I love how kassie’s name is always Kartha Gewart but twink’s name is different if every video

  • Dogs name though....... And I love rice.

  • gloom: i rather not eat than eating with no rice can anyone relate this with asians???

  • Carl just chilling in the back ground

  • Yes I do love carrots

  • she forgot to use the wok!!

  • scratching and tasting😭😭

  • I made this and followed what you did yesterday and it was a 10/10 delicious

  • If you love eating rice you should come at Philippines 🌾

  • Terry: Kartha sounds like a gold digger Kassie playing episode: TERRY I NEED GEMS!

  • Terry: Kartha sounds like a gold digger Kassie playing episode: TERRY I NEED GEMS!

  • Kartha: Its gonna be hot like ur dad me*screams of laughter*

  • King oyster mushrooms are the little mushroom people from the Disney fantasia movie!😲

  • Ok, Im not asian, but I KNOW you are not supposedto touch rice or fluff it up with a metal spoon.WOODEN SPOON

  • soy sauce is my best friend

  • am i the only asian here who doesn't really like rice? just me?? ok but i LOOOVE oyster mushrooms! i dip em in seasoned flour then deep fry them, eat them with hot sauce they taste a lot better than chicken fingers!!

  • kassie could u please write the full recipe with the measurements please? i wanna try to recook it (unironically)

  • 2:02 my javanese mom like

  • Please make more cooking videos

  • I love rice as much as u Gloom...Thanks for this yummy meal :D

  • Im going to try it and like the button if you watching this because she is the best youtuber just like sssniperwolf I like them both the same and if you have not watch her will go and watch her

  • Terry is so lucky,he eats the best food ever

  • When the intro comes on : Me:REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE👁👄👁 I love da intro

  • Uncle roger should react to this

  • I wish I could it that but I can’t eat eggs :{ at least I can eat that recipe but just no the eggs

  • I hate mushrooms 🍄 😑

  • If you say "Kartha" in serbia people will think you said "ticket" o.o

  • Kassie: 0:11 - 0:20 Me: Truer words have never been spoken

  • Me when she cooked the musrooms: they look like frys...

  • I love rice and I was talking about my friend about rice and she said... What’s rice? I never ate it! I was shocked... I felt confused, shocked and disgusted 😒💅 then she asked... my mother said sushi is disgusting! .... I felt like she was lying but... I would never know because she’s in a different country.. NOooOoOo 😢😢😢😢😢

  • atleast its better than bbc rice 😂

  • Girl same. We indians like rice so much and i like all edible mushrooms. We in lunch have rice, lentil soup(dal) and something to go with it like vegetables. INDIANS ARE VEGETARIAN and I am too 😁. 🍚🥬. And i have touched and eaten and handled the taste of ghost pepper. Go Assam

  • my asian mother does the exact same.

  • Im eating rice for dinner

  • I’m watching you in school

  • Who is watching her but never does her hacks

  • When Kassie tried it i noticed i had a tear in me :')

  • Gloom Talking about mushroomsԅ. ( ͒ ۝ ͒ ) Me distracted by Her dog asleep in the background (つ✧ω✧)つ

  • Are u going to do online cooking classes

  • 🤭🤭🤭😯😯😯 mashed potato is the best ya know especially with gravy u🤤🤤🤤🤤. Im asian

  • 10:12 lol she realized that it wasn’t open

  • My favorite part is the intro

  • oooo thats look yummy

  • Ey gloom here in Serbia rarely ever ya see kitchen that has rice cooker 👁️👁️ ya mad?

  • "This is the Greatest Food to ever exist on this Planet" My Asian stomach: YESSSSSS! RICE! YES!

  • Kartha changes her dogs name of the video

  • At this point she loves those mushrooms more then Terry.

  • I thought cheese was the best I still disagree

  • I wish I loved rice as much as you do. my family eats rice for dinner everyday since we’re from the Middle East, they love that food. Luckily they let me eat other stuff but the constant presence of rice isn’t great as I unfortunately don’t like it/it’s smell

  • Will uncle Roger approve?

  • i think true vegetarians dont eat garlic even i dont

  • Kartha-"I have a question for you Seymour Pickle Frank. Can you fit into this jar I'm holding with just your nose sticking out?" (What??!!! I would never!!!)

  • uncle roger should see this

  • You know in my country, we eat rice or noodles every breakfast and luch and dinner. Every fast food place has rice like McDonalds, Wendys, kfc, etc. Oh and also you are wrong cause you put the egg on top of the rice and then you keep mixing it so it will be more about the rice

  • gloom i wanna say your curly hair in this video suits you its very beautiful i hope you get this comment!

  • now we know that kartha gewart loves: rice king oyster mushroom fried rice

  • i just try this and bro U NEED TO DO IT and the mushroom i dip with avacado cuz im bored and it tatse BOM

  • I love kartha I wish I could meet her but I live in America

  • "mashed potatoes? Garbage, rice? Amazing" I love both though- Guess what kartha gewart? *I'm Asian*

  • "Wow! Thank you Kartha. What would we do without you."

  • Wow kartha thank you what would we do without u