I was Flirty as possible in a CREEPY GAME

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I'm a girl trying to get some sleep and a boy crawls into my window telling me to come with him into the forest. When I reject him, things get weird. Welcome to Choices, It Lives in the Woods.
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • don't worry guys, episode is coming! i'm thankful you are all so enthusiastic about it!

    • Gloom hi gloom can u play piggy on roblox it's really fun btw ur vids r sooo funny I keep laughing lolz

    • I know I'm 3 MONTHS late but, are you going to keep doing CHOICES? I actually started with Episode first then found CHOICES and I love it more the EPISODE so I was wondering if you were going to continue

    • I don't like choices, I love choices

    • Hey love your videos your really funny

    • I love your video your really funny

  • I've heard of this game before! You should do the paranormal one!

  • part 2?? 🥺🥺

  • Can we pllleeeeeeaaaasssseee get a part 2

  • 3:09

  • Try chapters

  • Did Gloom voice Mother Gothel or something?

  • I get scared easily too

  • Gloom needs to read Americas most eligible. Now that will give some great gloom voice acting.

  • Do baby bump on choices

  • Where's part 2

  • can you make more of these

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  • gurl i just now saw ur coming out vid! i'm pan too!! :)

  • Please continue the story please!

  • i love you gloom and all of your content

  • So want her to do more of choices. I like a lot of episodes and she make it funnier but I cant get enough of choices. My favorite characters is Dr. Ramsey, Drake and my two loves is getting hard to choose between Mason and Harris. Gah

  • Do more please

  • Who what’s part two

  • Chapter 2! Chapter 2! Chapter 2! This is one of the most interesting games for me! Please tell me you'll play the whole game? 😇

  • Gloom : and i get scared easily Me : and i get Angry or mad easily ^-^

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • pls more epies!!!

  • Play the creepy game again

  • we neeed a part 2!

  • Yeah I am so excited.

  • Oh gosh that was very creepy I didn't know that we can play creepy games on the choice.

  • i just love when she do that vocies i cant even do that.and do somemore vocie's

  • Me and my neighbor played this and we didn't sleep for months

  • isnt this just anohana but made into a horror story

  • Is there a part 2???

  • My name is Ava haha

  • My name is Ava

  • ☹️ I'm a nine years old cheerleader ☹️💔

  • I love stranger things 💕🌸😂

  • This is like the it it comes when they are kids but then comes back when they get older

  • i love the sound effects oh oh!

  • i only watched to 3:01 and I'm scared

  • Continue it pls

  • Hi

  • Gloom do episode 2 PLEASE!!!

  • I need part 2 :(

  • can you pLeAsE do chapter 2 pLeAsE

  • Just finished this book, and I love how she made it way less serious🤣🤣

  • Can someone tell me which game is this plssss


  • Please make another vedeo about this

  • When she pretended to be Ava 😭💀

  • I’m a cheerleader and I am ten and I can drive

  • Uhh my cousin had a bad dream and she had bruises because her dream was a bully dream............

  • its cool

  • Want chap 2 NOW

  • Who else is name is one of there's


  • Continue story

  • I low-key just played this!! I love it

  • I was Flirty as possible in a CREEPY GAME

  • I get scared easily too, i can't even play SL or FNAF, even thougn i really wanna play SL.

  • Pls do another chapter l really love it 😍

  • Can you read more About this

  • ahhhhh!!!! ep 2 now!!!

  • leave this game dont play this

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 18:19 funniest time pause

  • She watches stranger things too

  • Play this again

  • you have a great witch voice

  • And I oop- -2019


  • if u understand what dolores ( hp) means u got my sense of humour

  • Dfdzxs

  • Please do a part 2

  • I playd the video but I closed my eyes

  • I thought he was actually saying "cutie" but her name is QT Lol

  • I've played It Lives in the Woods too! Choices is an exciting game! Here's my favourites: • A Courtesan of Rome • Veil of Secret • Blades of Light & Shadow • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor • Hero • Distant Shores • The Elementalists


  • "yeah everyone loves the tall guy with nice hair" Kassie: Oh! I said that to his face? Me for some reason: 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  • (In a terrifying voice) Everyone... Plays... Together *Cat food advert*

  • I kinda want a part 2 of this story, it's fun~!💓

  • What game is this?

    • the app is called choices and the story is called “it lives in the woods”

  • When Kassie is that person in horror movies who flirts with the demons What? That character doesn’t exist? Exactly! Also, Nightmare On Elm Street Vibes anyone?

  • Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz do the next one plzzzzzzzzzz do it plzzzzzzzzzz I really want to know what happens plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • plzzzzz say there is a part two!!

  • My name is Lily

  • I love Choices for actually putting in a trans main character... Andy is so cool and adorable

  • Do the nanny affair!


  • I loveee stranger thingss, Soz I’m late 😅

  • Play the nanny affair

  • Can you continue this, please :3

  • bad cheerleader impression but no offense not all cheerleaders are bad

    • @PineapplesAndCookies i am a cheerleader im not a stereotypical cheerleader but some girls on my squad are

    • lol you sound like a cheerleader😂

  • please do the next chapter

  • I'm watching this at night HELLLLPPPP!!!

  • I think this it's pretty news cool style of story telling and with your funny personality I am really enjoy this. Hope new chapter will come

  • anyone else wonder why the "billions of years of evolutionary advancement"? I do. Do you?

  • Play America’s most eligible on choices👁👄👁

  • Do more choices videos

  • My dad had dreams of he got pulled out of bed and got bruises which was true it actually happened we have a ghost that follows us

  • Kinda like it chapter 2