What went VERY Wrong in our Childhood LIVE

Publicerades den 10 sep 2020
Welcome to the Livestream of Tell Me Why, Episode One from Dontnod, the creators of Life is Strange. Grab a snack and kick back. -- Had to cut a couple minutes from the intro because of a song we don't have the rights to, but you don't miss much.
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  • Missed the live sorry 😐

  • 1:36:04 Coming back later to finish lol

  • I had a twingkie today

  • Tell me why ain’t nothing but a party hahahahhahahhahahahhahha ha

  • Love you want to hug you 🥺

  • Tessa makes all religious peoples seem like total jerks to those who are being themselves. JUST KNOW that I am a STRONG Catholic and I fully 100% support you guys. My name is even Tessa as well!! Not all of us are like that okay? Don't get the wrong idea.

  • I want part 2

  • we need part 2

  • If she never finishes this game imma be so mad cause this game is so much like life is strange and kassie is the only person I wanna watch play this game

  • Sssa.

  • Hiiiiiii! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • 1:22:52

  • Thumbnail: tell me why Me: tell me why ain't nothin' but a heart ache. tell me why ain't nothin' but mistake Game: *I killed my mom*

  • I cried

  • Happy birthday terry


  • Missed the live- :(

  • KASSIE your my rolemodel and can you give this account to azzyland

  • k but like why is eddy highkey daddy? like i am simping kina hard rn ngl

  • Dcgbuhk Gghjbj Jggg F A D Dfjj F D A P Qeryewwwryioo. Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm!?,.

  • Sorry I’m late 😐 but happy birthday terry!

  • Gloom is so fun.

  • Happy birthday Terry

  • Happy birthday tarry

  • Happy bday terry! And ty kassie for making the vid. uwu (dis my mom's account)

  • Happy birthday Terry I'm a big fan of both of you guys

  • when are the next episodes comingggg

  • Its not even a live for me it does not tell me it's a live or not

  • Please play chapter 2

  • Kassie needs to play the walking dead and the last of us

  • Your not live

  • *Gloom being 7 feet away from the bed* Also gloom: let me interact with youuuu

  • Happy Late Birthday!!

  • Thank you so much for playing this Gloom you’re one of the only people actually giving this some light.

  • Where’s the second episode!

  • Happy birthday Terry 🥳🎂

  • do more of these

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  • UwU

  • That’s it? Are you kidding me?

  • I live in Alaska it’s not that cold (sorry if I’m being rude)

  • um how is she alive I whatch an video where her fase wus in baningis os ya

  • whats that game


  • Also happy late birthday

  • Love your videos👍

  • Happy birthday Terry!(even though a I’m very late)

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  • Can you do a heist with markiplier

  • You look just like the girl your playing as

  • Happy birthday terry

  • Happy Birthday I hope you have a great day

  • I just realised Kassie was wearing what Allyson was wearing

  • It’s live

  • Happy birthday Terry

  • Tyler looks like Nick Jonas and Chris Pine fused together

  • I love how terry was playing it like fortnite

  • Happybirtday terry

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  • Is there a part 2??!! If there is please do it!

  • I can’t wait for more though!

  • I love this

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  • dide kassie is so slow sometimes 😭😭

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  • can you do steam like this everyday pls

  • My mom died when I was 4years old

  • That's me every time there is a live I miss it

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  • Title: tell me why. Me: tell me why ain't nothin' but a heart ache. Tell me why ain't nothin' but miss take.

  • I know I’m like a week late but why does Cassie kinda dress like Alyson

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  • Nothing but a heart ache

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  • 2 words to describe Tyler in the comments GO

  • Please do the other episodes can’t leave me on this cliff hanger!!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Terry 😁

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  • Terry is a queen tho-

  • Who wanted to die when Cassie missed the ID on the desk 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • pls ep 2 and 3 also

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    • Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to Terry happy birthday to you

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  • Hi I love you video

  • You make videos about Smurf toys because I like Smurf toys and people also want to see Smurf toys huh


  • Was here for the live stream. This is awesome. Just saying. There is a bit of language. Like the f word. But otherwise, you should totally watch this

  • Hmmmm I just woke up ant this is playing I guess I fell asleep watching i

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  • are you gonna play again 😳 this is a really nice game

  • 00:21 s*x

  • I miss butter fly soup ;(

  • OK tbh when Tyler said its not all about you to his sister i got mad but then when they didn't know who it was at the store he was like mE

  • This is live???