Crazy Stories on TikTok You Won't Believe

Publicerades den 14 aug 2020
I made it so my #foryou page on TikTok is filled with crazy stories, creepy rumors and fun facts! It's hard to tell which ones are real or fake, but they are all guaranteed to make you feel some type'a way.
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  • CORPSE is the real serial imposter he gets imp like every round

  • I am Amber I'm six years old

  • Cassie I have a fan of you

  • Fun fact Sam and Colby went to the Winchester house

  • Chocakate


  • Yeah the Winchester house Is haunted also if you go there be careful she has a summoning room and it has 13 everything and a lot of weird smells and a door that's about 13 or 14 feet in the air


  • hiiii

  • Why did you laugh after hearing a story about a girl dying because a spider laid eggs in her hair and were now literally eating her

  • 19:57 Lol I just got among us vibes

  • But besides that my niece she had lice and when her mom my sister went to go check her head they had found spiders in her head and she later died from various spiders and after that everyone that went around her shaved their heads

  • Brown is sus he is the imposter

  • That last one... he played Among Us a little too much

  • I know the headache one

  • hey its gloooooommmmmmmmmm jk im sunny

  • bruh my friend toll me that they drink there own period blood.

  • I saw that TikTok

  • I

  • Ya

  • wach creeped out on nexflax

  • Ive been to the winchester

  • 15:53 those vocals tho

  • 15:31 this would be me

  • The dog gave me a mini heart attack

  • when i was in grade 4 this dude named gabe asked me if girl peed and how and i told him we dont

  • Hi

  • 9:14

  • Look the girl with the chicken is so great

  • It has already been 2 months!!

  • Waitttttt is the serial imposter from among us?!


  • Keep the tattoo and make it a devil

  • That dog!!!errrrrr it really scared me!!!

  • 14:54 the background on the tik tok video

  • whats a sereal imposter

  • What if they made a vr version of among us?

  • 5:37 That happened to me and my mom when we went to walmart but he didnt jump off his wheelchair He was in his wheelchair going around to peoples cars and looking inside Me and my mom was in the car and when we got into the store he went around the car 5 more times to see if we were there

  • call 911 no make tiktok yes

  • you know ... hi

  • That thing that looks like a human eye is CREEPY

  • We have Safeway 2 gorl aiiiii thought it was only in washington

  • i know the second thing and yes it is haunted

  • Eww the spider ones so disgusting.

  • I actually went to the Winchester house in California, I live about an hour away. My hair got pulled and cut, and my arms got scratched when visiting it. We also heard sounds, i was with a group of random people and my family. Wanna visit again cuz

  • 14:55 look in background

  • Who Elsa touch there hard after this

  • Where she later died.. Kassima: *HAHAHAH*

  • Ok I have a chihuahua too Gloom can I retire with?

  • Tbh they are SO lucky that they got to go to civil warrrr. Also that’s cute they saved his life 17:00

  • It ain’t a robot bug... it’s just iridescent😳😧

  • my cousin is related to Michara tewers and she has 1.2 million subs like if you know her

  • The guy in the room with camers he was talking to the quardí while filming a tik tok I seen that before

  • for the dog tictok my dog is german to

  • True story, I was watching a “creepy tiktoks” video at 3 AM, and I was in complete darkness only with the light of my screen. I was beside my bed because I was charging my phone in an outlet since there was none in the rest of my room. I got jump scared and looked under my bed sarcastically because I was paranoid, I used the light of my phone and shone it at the abyss of darkness under my bed. I saw two blue eyes staring back at me, I screamed and woke up my sister, I turned on the lights and saw my cat come out from under my bed and run out of my room 😂😂

  • Wait when you said that wheelchair thing.... There’s someone in a wheelchair that goes around at an area me and my friends hang out at and my friends said they saw someone in a wheelchair and he was chasing them, I’ve seen that person and he also has a dog. I’m unsure if that’s him or not but they said they were alone and that it was him.

  • i was watching this at night and i’m the only one awake. i heard noises and my heart almost flew out of my chest

  • Me seeing all of

  • Tktok guy: this is a spy bug Me: *blinks* 👁👄👁

  • i just finished watchin all the episodes to sally face that gloom did and then she starts talking about it and I just wish there was more to sally face.

  • I actually already knew about the confusing house because I read about it at school on MyOn. And that, folks, is one great thing about school. You can read ghost stories and no one can stop you.

  • 16:18 I know that one

  • William is alive but died in the 19s

  • Gloom that scary story in a raincoat is real I saw it on another persons channel

  • If it is a spy but one was in my house

  • You should watch the Winchester movie

  • Impostor from among us irl

  • I remember me and my cousin were going home and this person with a wheel chair and he kept following us then we started running and he almost grabbed me and we where crying for our life and he wheeled away -w-

  • There is 1 imposter among us....

  • make a pt to please

  • 19:29 GROOM he isnt the same boy thats it and its even scarier as i think of it now

  • The story of the Winchester House was that the lady was visited by the spirits and told that if she ever stopped the construction of the house, her and/or her loved ones (I don't remember which) would die. So she built up until the day she died through rain or shine.

  • the dog tho 😂🤣

  • 6:11 Him : I'm in danger. Uhm.. oh I know what to do! I'm going to film a tik tok rather then calling the cops a great idea to get killed :)

  • Red is sus tho.....

  • 18:23 *Seagull noise*

  • Image waking up to see a eye cube thing just staring at you!

  • I need gloom to give me SEnewss tips

  • @willywonkatiktok 😳

  • I wanna be a serial imposter I wanna be a serial imposter 😂

  • Brother was ejected. Victory 19:57

  • Gloom: *gasp* he’s the imposter! Me playing among us: oh it’s brown everyone it’s brown. (And turned out it was right xD)

  • I love the Winchester story-

  • I find it funny how kassie was like "Call the police." when the text on screen already said they were talking so much because they are on the phone with 911

  • the trick to get whatever what you waant WILL NEVER work for me bec sometimes i did that before and my mum would say no even before she heard the answer.

  • i have Scelerophobia and i am srry kassie but this did not help with it.

  • I hate the first

  • 11:23 so those are actually insects...not robots 😐how do I know that? Well I have seen many of those flying around near where I live. And they are just harmless bugs that look gorgeous with their metallic green color..that’s just the way they look. They are called Green June Beetles

  • My luck is pretty bad I would think (most likely not true, but just go along with it for plot lol) because I have a lot of dogs, and they're big and loud. My cat stared at me with his "about to attack" eyes but he wasn't attacking me or even looking at ME. There was nobody behind me, and he didn't attack, but the angel thing would explain. The angels are hiding from my 4 big protective dogs lol

  • 20:02 Among Us be like:

  • 20:06 *there is 1 impostor among us*

  • Kassie: *talking about the girl who died from a spider eating her scalp* Me, having had a bun in my hair for a week straight and my head starts hurting: *frantically takes out and searches hair for spider*

  • and that not is what inspired amoung us!

  • Do you play minecraft or something? Me: Yep.

  • 15:11 welp. we now clearly know that gloom and the creator of the tiktok never heard or watched micarah tewers before AND IT SHOWS 😂 LIKE GURL THAT IS NOT THE WEIRDEST THING SHE HAS EVER DONE 😂

  • One way how you know its fake is the won't shut tf up

  • dogs keep ghosts away cats don't care . _.

  • I know the boys story by heart...

  • At 1:20 I learned this at 6th grade from advisory teacher and she is still building more

  • Fun fact: if everyone in the world was asleep no one would be awake.Thank you for your time