the most popular foods on the internet kinda suck

Publicerades den 20 apr 2021
I went to and typed in Food and sorted by Most Popular and am now stuffing what I found into my face. Besides McDonald's McNuggets the rest make me nervous.
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  • Everyone: just eats there food normally Kartha: just caressing the aloe leaf with a knife

  • If you like seawater me: y. e. s.

  • Its altky 3am

  • Is it just me or does kartha talk higher than kassie

  • this was made on my birthday lol

  • Kassie: “Maybe I need a spatula” Also kassie: *gets spoon* 😂

  • Hello there gloom also known as karta gewart i am having a wonderful day today are you having a wonderful day today

  • People eat honey comb with nuggets

  • whaching her eat the fire noodles did not only make me hungry and want noodles but i thought that what she drank was a bottle of honey....

  • You think josh even knows his own name out of all of them

  • you should try chocolate covered honey comb

  • is tvinki ded

  • best asmr ever

  • ok when i was eating food it was really spicy so i drank my soda it made mmy mouth on fire more it was so bad i couldnt get a cup and i drank from a spoon

  • We have Honeycomb in my local Amish Market... I really wanna try it but don’t like honey that much

  • Am I the ONLY one who thinks the photos in the thumbnail are AMAZINGLY satisfying or am I just plain weird...


  • I was watching this at 3 when you said about watching someone eating chicken nuggets at 3 am

  • kassie i am very concerned that someone is breaking in and kidnapping terry and taking over your channel i think you should look into security cameras

  • wait i though you would eat FROZEN aloe couse others eat it frozen too i think

  • ok i think the reason they can eat those spicy fire noodles fast is becouse they just gulping it fast and not even tasting it but i only think ok i dont know if its true

  • I LOVE SALTY SEA GRAPES- its kind of offensive saying that it taste bad- i can eat mass of them------

  • Fun fact the darker the raw honey the better it is for you and also indicates what type of plants it’s made from as well as how sweet or bitter it might be

  • i can't believe she still has the same intro not gonna lie i do love myself some of that same intro

  • Me: crying when I get so hungry when the honey comes up 🤤 😋

  • 3:52 me to everyone i know

  • give josh the ice pleas

  • I want honey comb and aloe plant so badly.

  • Wait is Kartha Kassie’s real name?

  • I-isn’t honeycomb just the honey before it’s taken out of the wax-? I mean it’s just honey and bees wax.

  • Nuuuuu your wrong it’s 4am lol I am still awake

  • *people watching this during Ramadan -*

  • Kassie : you need nuggets also kassie : stomach dies inside feom heat and spice

  • Does anyone know where she got that pink sweater from??

  • My friend gave me a challenge on watching this video hungry I can’t bear it I need to eat some chicken Nuggies

  • the other day my brother give my bestfrineds dog a nuget and nothing really happned

  • I was literally watching this vid at midnight and was VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY hungry

  • i want honeycomb but my mom is allergic and i dont wanna die from eating honey like fr that would b embarrassing

  • I love your videos

  • I know 😭😭😭

  • Kassi : eww that’s gross you can cut that Video continues to play

  • my mouth started watering haha

  • Me: eats yellow crispy honeycomb kartha: mmmmmmm!! Me: ------- YOUR SOOO RIGHTTT!!

  • What happened to kassies Chihuahua :(

  • we have a alow plant but for ouer cuts

  • Iam hangry 😫😫😫😫

  • Eww fish eggs

  • I can eta the noodols with nothing and im8

  • kASSIE BLINK ONCE IF U NEED HELP- jk lol also those honey comb and nuggest like *gimme*

  • Gloomie Doomie, PLEASE NAME JOSH ”Amanda” FOR ONE VIDEO QWQ p1e@se

  • i hav never had chicken nuggies, wat do they taste like?

  • 😆😁

  • *fun fact: im allergic to honey👁👁*

  • 8:39

  • you said seawater? well i won't eat that then- sea water makes me puke.

  • Yo Kassie, Zach Choi did everything real slow bc it’s an asmr channel..... BTWW I LUUVV YOUUUUUYUU

  • Is Kassie trying to poison herself with all these foods and drinks lol

  • 7:58 was a big jar-

  • chicken nuggets are not disgusting garbage >:(

  • The second you put the fire noddles in your mouth my mouth started to water

  • you should do asmr but with popcorn!

  • Your channel is the best and are you in Azzylandstill friends

  • Did you know Olivarez different skin

  • I love your DOG❤️🐶🐕🐩

  • I love how she said *maybe it'll be appetizing delicious*then when she opened it *WhAt iS tHaT*

  • KaSsIe be like. █████████ █▄█████▄█ █▼▼▼▼▼ █ 🌭🍔🍕 Hungryyyy! █▲▲▲▲▲ █████████ __██____██___

  • I actually love honey 🍯

  • you look like Kim Kardashian

  • just so you know they put the yellow Hunny on the real one so its prettier

  • listen, Honeycomb hit different, I'm sorry bees movie, but I'm hungy

  • My mind 💯💯💯💯

  • i wanna try honey comb so bad thoooooooooo

  • Kassie: that’s gross you can cut that out *Proceeds to keep it in the video*

  • I'm josh

  • The fact that it’s actually really late at night but early in the morning and she talks about chicken nuggets at 3:00 am... I’m hungry but im not allowed to eat

  • The time you said your mouth water when you want ot eat spicy food my mouth did that lol... I like spicy food and would love to try this but it isn't in my country. Niceee

  • Ok so if you start with some saracta idk and you put it in something like soup I prefer chowder put a lot

  • Me seeing kassie with chicken nuggets: SHE HAS COMFORT FOOD I WANT IT

  • Its not a Gloom video if there are capital letters 😂

  • Can you do more of these videos pls?

  • 3:24 kassie spontaniously combusts on camera

  • People eat Aloe Vera?! That's stuff you put on your skin smh.

  • Alevera I try that every day

  • You should be eating that every day because I give you medicine and he won’t get corona

  • Gloom should make a channel for kartha gewert!

  • lol I had to use mouthwash to get the spice out🤣

  • Cassy: -sniffs aloe vera- Me: eww Her: eww Her: -takes another sniff- Me: ???

  • I was watching this at 4am and I was starving I wanted a chicken nuggets😿😭😢😔☹️😥

  • How to get sea grapes for free to the beach find sea grapes free sea grapes

  • I know this is like nothing about the video did you know since you're eating chicken nuggets if someone says you're more to me than a chicken nugget they're saying you're more to them than food that's a lot you should know that's just because you're eating chicken nuggets that's why I mentioned it

  • Fun fact the chemical in spicy food capsaicin Can dull itself If you eat more of it another fun fact aloe specific with the Alevera turn also remove the spikes from your mouth completely granted and said cost you lose the ability to taste temporarily

  • Only og will remember her old dog

  • I’m also crying because I WANT FOOOOOD😅🥺😢😢

  • What she said about the nuggies is me right now and my belly is growling

  • My mom is at high risk of diabetes My “dad” has diabetes All grandparents have diabetes All great grandparents have diabetes There’s no avoiding it for me So maybe this could help! Plus your description makes it sound delicious(don’t judge)

  • like when that one girl got THICC water and before she took a sip said "wow its like a big cup of saliva"

  • Don't eat chicken nuggets they tortured them in factories

  • yes *muckbong*

  • Me at 2 Am watching these: Hungry…. I want the yummy things in this vid IM HUNGRY NOW…

  • “People be eating aloe vera” I’m sorry what