I Tried a FLUID ART Jelly Pour Cake🎨🍰

Publicerades den 6 sep 2020
I've been watching oddly satisfying cake compilations and wanted to try to make coloured acrylic paint textured agar agar to see if I could make a piece of edible art with it. Not bad for the first time!
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  • “Kartha is 79 but only looks like 69” Me: you mean 29

  • Soooo, ummm where did you get the recepie from? asking for a friend

  • 1:37 umm are you sure thats a teaspoon 😂

  • Kartha: "Here is the serving plate." Also Kartha: *doesn't eat on serving plate*

  • So I always wonder is your name kartha cassie or gloom?

  • Where is your doggie 🥱

  • "We're gonna turn her on" "And make her do things" "We're gonna liquify it, right?" "I don't really know how to use this thing from behind but here we gooo!" tHaT's WhAt ShE sAiD

  • Are you actually 79? I want to know your real age

  • Hi my name is Carrie and I wanted to ask what are the measurements for the f for the recipe because my daughter wants to make it

  • now i need that blender!!

  • Oh ok

  • Is this like panna cotta?

  • Anybody got the actual recipe to this cuz I’m low key trynna try it.💀

  • Did anyone else smell vanilla as she was blending it?

  • recipe?? i wanna try making it :( but i don’t know how much of each thing :(((

  • The intro will never get old...

  • Hey kartha *cough* kassie *cough* love your vids

  • Kartha/Kassie: Hi im Kartha Gewert Captions: Hi im Carthage Me: What kind of caption is that!?! 😂😂😂


  • Can you give a recipe😃🥰

  • i love this video do more like this

  • Where do you get your shirts from I love them!!!

  • DID YOU SAY BREAD!!!!!!! U-U

  • How old are you

  • *eats cupcake*

  • Why aren’t you making videos with azzy now

  • When you’re so professional you can’t remember the name of your own dog- wait... now you’re so professional you don’t even know where your dog is!!! (This is a joke I am aware she does know where her dog is it was just funny)

  • Do you hate SSS sniperwolf.

  • I hope twinkle is ok

  • When you say evaporate instead of dissolve.😂🤣

  • Kartha: Black bird singing in the dea- Also Kartha: imma not end that song Me: imma finish it Also me: -d of night

  • She's so cool and lucky

  • fgteev

  • I WATCH AND LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS one like is how many people like gloom

  • I used to/sometimes eat the agar-agar jelly, Name of fuud:Agar-agar Way to pounce:Agar agar Nothing else (oof)

  • 3:44 It's not metal on metal it metal on iron

  • Is Kartha Gewart *79* !!!!!!

  • Try doing resin art !!

  • Am I the only one who's sad, because they wanted to make it, but she didn't give the measurements?😥

    • I mean you could guess

  • YES

  • Tastes like custard, looks like play-doo!

  • Hope Twinkie's okay!!! Lots of love to him from India!!!

  • My mom would do that with her cake to make it a mix between chocolate and vanilla I love ❤️ her cake (The design)

  • Anyone else been replacing Martha Stewart with Kartha Gewart with everything one time I meant to say Martha Stewart and I said Kartha Gewart and everyone looked at me like I’m crazy

  • Hi I’m fan and today I will be watching your videos loving them u making me happy and last but not least me giving u all my love and affection and never stopping

  • You 79? You look 16…

  • Did Kartha use a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon

  • Who else thinks that Kartha Gewart could have her own channel? No just me? Ok..

  • 100 dollars

  • Yep, let’s turn the blender on and make her do things 🤤🥴😳🤫

  • your 79???

  • Hi

  • Me: *sees whisk and starts screaming*

  • My name is eggs Benedict but I won't be working the breakfast shift🙃

  • Actually your 29

  • Kartha: Making a cakey custardy jelly thing with a flower on it Me: Can't even make toast

  • Please do more painting videos! !

  • it kinda looks like the flower in Tangled-

  • bread condensed milk evaporated milk water vanilla extract eggs gelatin powdered sugar

  • Am I the only one who searched up how old Martha Stuart was after the agar agar scene

  • cool day gloom right aaaayyyyyyyyy yayyy

  • It’s midnight and now I’m hungry 😂

  • Her spenders so much time doing this Me: takes raspberry’s blends them in a blender Takes blueberries blend them in a blender Takes whipped cream puts the mashed fruit on the whipped cream and makes that design takes a pic and eats it

  • Why didn't Terry film her face at the end like something was wrong? He just filmed her sweater but normaly she always does an outro talk and he films her face...

  • I like the video but what the heck is the recipe? I need to know

  • *when jelly drops from fork*meh:at the age of seven some jelly went to heaven because it fell down when it got picked up!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝

  • Oo0OoF


  • I love custerd too

  • Gloom: *BrEaDy MiLk* Me: You talkin’ about me ? :-0

  • If kassie gets a cake shop or somthing she should call it gloomy kartha ,right

  • I think this is just Flan 🍮😂😂

  • She should start an edible paint brand called yum yum paint! Like if you agree 👇🏻

  • Evaporated milk is cream and I think condensed milk is sweet milk

  • Hi kartha

  • Make cinammon rolls tye dyed

  • Why does Kartha and gloom looked exact same?

  • Can u make it without jelly?

  • Wait how old are u u say u are 75

  • Ennard must be raging (you get it if you know sister location/circus baby pizza world)

  • Can anyone please tell me what recipe she used?

  • It looks like really pretty soap

  • Xd

  • If Martha Stewart bought Michael's... Then Kartha Gewart bought Michelle's?

  • KARTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JELLY POUR CAKE!!!!!!!!!

  • oml Terry is like 99.9% of kartha's impulse control

  • Ummmm did u know gelatin has horse hooves in it?

  • Gloom: *talking about the blender* we are gonna turn her on, and make her do things Me: haha ye- Wait- WHAT

  • They're fabulous.

  • I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    • They are such a mood

  • Gloom: mmmm oooh that’s tasty. Me : that’s what she said

  • She litterelly sounds like gru from minnons🤯🤯

  • She litterly sounds like gru from minnons

  • 😁😅😂😂😂😤😂💞💞💞💞💞

  • Hos gona tell her that there is a raw egg in that

  • I like that song: Blackbird by the Beatles it's in my playlist :)

  • I really wish she would show the recipe so we could make it ourselves.

  • "Hi,I'm Kartha Gewart" "PROVE IT!!!!!" "I can't "