Eating Only HOT vs COLD Food Challenge

Publicerades den 13 maj 2020
Azzyland and I (Gloom) are back at it again with a challenge vs my microwave and my freezer. This is a fun and interactive DIY way to see how awful food can be and how important temperature is.
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  • I love how gloom says eww

  • I like cold

  • Yes we will be really mad at you gloom

  • Did anyone get unspeakable vibes from kassie and azzy (mainly kassie) just me? Ok then-

  • All I have to say for the cat part is ahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahhahahahahahhahhahajahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahah

  • When Azzy gagged I lost it 😂

  • Kassie is the pen Azzy is the light Kassie drew the world Azzy made it brighter

  • Kassie is the pen Azzy is the light Kassie drew the world Azzy made it brighter

  • Ok this is figged poor azzynis geting alllll the bad ones

  • Me when my mom doesnt make my favourite dish and says that I have to finish it : 1:56

  • Why is azzy's face is redish?

  • I have a bird ñames sushi

  • Lol I love Aztec and her delicious it so cute

  • Kassie you make amazing videos and I am so inspired by you and I hope I can grow up to be like you🥰

  • Me when gloom said I will poison you: is Azzyland okkkkkkkkkkk?🥺

  • I used to believe that a watermelon seed will grow in my stomach then I asked my sister then she said that was not real.

  • azzzzy like pls :)

  • Cassy: yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Also me : deeeeeeeeeeelious

  • Azzy; Warm your hands up with my spinach." Me; Checks when this was made* Also Me; This was 2 months after corona-virus started.. Hope you washed your hands gLOOOooooM

    • gLOOooOoooOooOm

  • What i said sushi i smelled sushi

  • I love this vid .😍

  • "NOT TRYING TO START A ARGUMENT NOT HATING" If the boba was hot it would have melted the plastic. Just saying.

  • This is so corona stuff..;^;.

  • Poison azzyland!? Azzylanders: GLOOM IS NOW GLOOMY ME: ○_○

  • I wanna know how a brain freeze feels like bc I've never had one can somebody who has tell me pls? (I just eat full on ice 😑)

  • Gloom:yumm Azzy:delicious Gloom:gorgeous Azzy:beautiful Gloom:stunning Azzy:ravishing Gloom:neverdonebefore Azzy:meow

  • I'm 9 years old and I'm watching this

  • Azzy should be hot because she is wearing red shirt and Gloom is cold because she’s wearing a blue shirt. 👇🏻 ❌

  • See I like azzy is cause she’s so polite (also gloom/kassie) she always says “may I “

  • I ment it made me feel like i was going to throw up

  • When azzy got the 🍣 it made me feel like i was going to

  • Nasty 😣

  • Is calzone not pizza pops

  • Why did gloom have to put her hands all over azzy's spinach ?

  • MOM

  • Im loking for a girl ti talk to:)

  • What is wrong with you guys

  • I’ve never tried bubba because I’m english

  • *Gloom: "Thats what she said" *Azzy: "i lined that up for you"

  • Ok no one is saying this, but azzy said water and spinach, but water and spinach would taste like spinach

  • We need more hot vs cold food videos pleaaaase azzum aid another video 😩😩😩😩

  • Azzy: It was too big and it made me gag Me: *crys of laughter*

  • They missed the opportunity to call each other, “ice queen” and, “hot woman” lol

  • Kassie: "Azzy, how do you like your food?" *Azzy.exe has stopped working*

  • She went “meow 🤨”

  • Hi I’m such a huge fan I’m using my moms phone course i don’t have a account on my tablet

  • Salmonella...?

  • What's boba

  • *Them eat the same food/drink* coronavirus: *aM i A jOkE tO yOU!?*

  • why did you call you'r dog ldlot

  • The obviously ate cold chicken strips after this video


  • Every time she spits it out or when it shows the cat or went to the sushi part it always makes me laugh LOL

  • Kassie and Azzy eat like they are sisters

  • (""""""""""""''''''"""""""""""""")("""""")

  • Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger Don't you fight it 'til you tried it, do that conga beat Everybody gather 'round now Let your body feel the heat Don't you worry if you can't dance Let the music move your feet It's the rhythm of the island, and like the sugar cane so sweet If you want to do the conga, you've got to listen to the beat Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer Feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger Don't you fight… OKAY i have written to much- please like this -.-

  • First im hungry and the boba you guys k i s s e s d

  • I like very very hot food and and your biggest fan azzy and Gloom

  • i actually hate sushi, bubble tea\milk tea\boba, pizza PoPs

  • Any one else realize that this was during coronavirus and they were sharing food me wonder how the be in public?

  • I always drink or eat colds

  • 5:32 that's what she said :)

  • hi gloom

  • You should have made azzy eat all the hot ones. Kathy eat all the cold ones.🥶🥵

  • Azzy looks like mikaela from react channel

  • Gloom I LOVE Spinach on pizza to

  • Don't poisen azzy

  • 8:31 *dramaticc*

  • I hate gloom

  • If azzy and cassie have the same blood its ok

  • When kassie said “my twooth hurts” sounded like she had her wisdom teeth removed

  • Is It Werid I Like Corn But Frozen

  • 2:31 that’s also what she said

  • What is todoroki someone please tell me

  • I love how when azzy ate the cupcake it went on her chin

  • The toilet after this was stressed

  • 5:30

  • 13:29

  • FWho’s an azzy lander Comment yes if you are one

  • Do dollar job don't know Fred look

  • Hey if y'all are wondering why they're sharing probably just because they're like friends I guess well I know they probably like know each other really well and like they know each other go and like you know what I mean I don't really know but like yeah 😅

  • I'm the hot! 🥵🥵

  • Yes I would be mad if you poisoned her 🥵🥶

  • I’m hungry now.....

  • ଠ.ଠ

  • kasie:never done before azzy:um what do i say oh i know meow the shade lol

  • This is the day befor my birthday

  • I want Boba tea

  • why u call the dog idiot

  • But I am a Gloomer


  • Azzy and Gloom are imortals

  • Todoroki 🔥❄️

  • I just noticed there dressed up

  • Azzy you should try popping boba it has no tapioca

  • “It was too big and it made me gag”

  • Well U guys don’t have to worry me and my friend share foods too, as we say, “If u get coronavirus, I get it too.”

  • why not a fork or spoon instead of knife

  • How are their teeth still perfect

  • hot is me