🔴Among Us: Toast, Aphmau, DanTDM, Pokimane, Corpse, LaurenzSide, Smajor (Gloom POV)

Publicerades den 8 okt 2020
This lobby is an eclectic mix of amazing creators, sweat and chaos. @Aphmau , @DanTDM , @LaurenzSide , @Pokimane , @Brianna, @Preston , @Dangthatsalongname (Smajor), @Disguised Toast, @Corpse Husband
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • Hi

  • Shield task is a visual task

  • Hi big fan 😁

  • imagine if terry killed cassie

  • hi

  • hi

  • h

  • Aww

  • Corpse is batman 👁️👄👁️

  • lauren on her stream: I NEED AN ADULT this is when cassi was chasing her btw

  • heyy'

  • I've seen like 4 people do 1 to 2 hours of playing among us. WHY? like anyone actually watches the whole thing.She has done 4 of them. one is 3 hours!

  • how do i type in the chat im on my computer

  • Hmm pinks kinda sus...

  • Hi

  • Why am I so in love with her lives!!! I have watched every single one in the past 2 days!

  • do you guys see im laurn kid runing around crazy at 30:40

  • Ya

  • Why did she not choose white T-shirt Jesus to play in lobby? I assume you all know who I’m referring to

  • * not me sitting on the toilet watching gloom's channel* LOL xD

  • 1:10:05 when kassie had the last task at the tree

  • The people who made among us say they are being hack

  • I love you gloom

  • 😲

  • Wow

  • slogo

  • thay shoud have soolg man in one :)

  • Did smajor say gloom and kassie

  • This is how many people think that “ CROPSE” sounds like Thor 👇

  • I wanna see this lobby or a lobby like this do a few hide and seek runs

  • Dead body reported : *Where* Emergency meeting : *Why* Lobby : *Start*

  • Its kinda wierd how gloom is always imposter the first round

  • When is the baby coming?

  • Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that corpse is always killed first!

  • where's Azzyland

  • What..... Have you got aphmau with you???

  • Hi

  • Love u kassie

  • l Love your show

  • How do I talk in live chat

  • Hi guys I just join

  • It makes me so excited how she plays with big gamers like DanTDM, and Preston and Brianna.

  • 🙉🙊🙈

  • Can someone explain to me how in the first game Kassie did ALL the kills and Thyme just sabotaged?

  • At 1:49:18 I knew Scott vented to lights and I was like noooo it’s Scott and he killed kassima

  • Hi

  • Gloom voting her teammates😭

  • hi


  • Poki and gloom are my favs

  • Gloom "i finished all my tasks ok YAY" The darker side of gloom "NOW LETS GO SCARE CORPSE"

  • Duuuuuuuuuddddddeeeeee she was carrrrrying that first game

  • Did you know Gloom that aphmau had a baby yesterday

  • When Kassie dies in the second round, Corpse said that Smajor pulled a Corpse Classic

  • fav among us streamers: Gloom Tiff Lauren ~~~~~~~~ comment yours

  • hi

  • lol

  • Lol since I am a kid I play among us with my friend after school


  • Best SEnewssr ever!!

  • I love Gloom so much

  • I love you so much and your music video caught me standing with a bone

  • 1:18:21 if u go 2 preston’s channel, you can see him rage at that part

  • Gloom - Pink Lauren - Purple Toast - Yellow Corpse - Black Poki - Brown Thyme - Orange Aphmau - White Major - Cyan Teebs - Lime Like if you agree with their colors! :D

  • light green was the impostor

  • I know that Gloom doesn't like MiraHQ, but I really wish that she would do more games in that location.

  • XD it wont let meh chat

    • Ur l8 at livestream

  • kassie i would watch some of your live stream then do my own thing then watch more of that stream and when i finish that stream i go to next one and i never go to your streams cuz....i am busy and i perfer to watch them not live but i really try to get on them!!

  • Can I join???

  • 1:21:50 I love how gloom didn’t notice that Preston said he was the other imp 😂

  • Me legit looking for smajor and toast together bc that would be epic game

  • corpse and scott venting together was BEAUTIFUL

  • When it was gloom Teebs Smajor and ShowThyme it had to be Smajor because gloom was in reactor and then when she left to electrical there wasn’t a body there in the hallway then when she was in electrical with Teebs ShowThyme was also there but Smajor was no where to be found and then when she went back to the hallway there was a body

  • here is a pro tip:if u are so bored going up and down to realine engines fix the first one and before it ends tap on the arrow which will make u finish both tasks

  • It is 👌🏻 ok

  • hi

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay gloom she is live

  • can we take a second to appreciate how the whole lobby is simping over corpses voice like literally they usually talk over eachother and then corpse talks and it’s silence😹

  • Please please please play with unspeakable gabe and James pleeeeaaaassseee

  • hi

  • If Aphmau posts this on her side I am totally telling her to watch Corpse fail the card swipe lol!

  • Hiiiiii

  • I’ve been watching this for 40 mins and corpse hasn’t talked. 🥺

  • Poki: I got a feeling Me: OOOOOOOoooooooo

  • You guys need to play among us but the michael myers game setting version!

  • corpses voice in hot lol kassie i love your among us music video


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  • R.I.P Kassie


  • Lauren vanishes Kassie: was that a visual glitch Me: she got sent to the Gulag 😔✌️

  • Hi

  • hi

  • hi you r rely cool Gloom and I love Among Us

  • What code want to play

  • Everyone: I'm exicted. me: nah Idc

  • corpse’s voice scares the freak out of me

  • Hiiii