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I've been looking for a game weird, charming and with a strong narrative since Sally Face. Related fits the bill, a compelling story about a girl with an internal alter ego who is revisiting her childhood orphanage to figure out what went wrong. This is a full playthrough from start to end of Episode 1.
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  • me: thinking this was made like years ago and like wheres the next part also me: oh it was made not long ago well i just gotta keep checking

  • What happened to the other episodes...

  • hey kassie!! I’d really love if you came back to this game💖

  • She’s never gonna finish this game

  • When is she gonna finish it cuz I've been addicted since she first put the video out lol

  • DO MORE!!!

  • part 2?

  • Post another video we haven’t got episode two

  • P L E A S E make part 2

  • Episode two it's been 4 months please

  • girl can you make a part 2

  • its so cool im so excited for the second chapter


  • I know youre targeting kids as your general audience but please go back to gaming and please stop doing things that arent gaming, its the reason why i liked watching your content,

  • no it was not always open

  • no

  • no

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  • Who thinks that Gloom should play more of this

  • episode 2?👀

  • it’s been 3 months 😭


  • episode 2 nowww gloom

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  • Episode

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  • Please play the rest

  • yo where’s the next episodes 🥺

  • are u gonna do an ep 2? i rlly like this gameeee

  • replying to everyone in the comment section that's begging for a part 2, she can't play part 2 cause the second episode isn't available on Steam. She can't play what's not available.

    • Thanks 😊 I actually didn’t know :)

  • When Are you gonna make a part two? I really enjoyed the first part ,’D

  • do more related!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • continue plssssss❤

  • When’s the next episode??? It’s been 3 months, when?

  • ware is the sicit oun

  • When is there gonna be more? I would love to see you play more of this

  • When will u do another one of these?

  • More of this game pls!

  • I want more plz

  • Ok pls it’s August now so plsss do another episode

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  • Could you do a another episode

  • I miss Gloom playing games

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  • The game is amazing I hope you continue playing it

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  • If You Want Sally Face Kinds Of Games You Should Play Fran Bow. Like If You Agree.

  • Can't wait to see more of this!

  • When is the second episode😮 I want to watch it so badly

  • AWW where did this game go? I wanna see more of it :(

  • How come we haven’t seen a sally face cosplay by Gloom

  • 22

  • Isn't anyone gonna mined the fact the the games mouse looks like Roblox?

  • More of this game plz!

  • Please do another episode

  • Am l the only one who thought it was cute that Thomas referred to us as both Jess and Jules?

  • Guys for anyone who was wondering if she'll keep on playing, the second episode isn't out yet because chapter 2 of the game isn't out yet either. She'll probably make a new episode when chapter 2 is released

  • Am I the only one waiting for another video of this game?

  • Moreeeee

  • I actually started watching gloom when she did her sally face videos!

  • Why did u use the same title for little misfortune lazybutt

  • Is there ever going to be episode 2?

  • You really sound continue

  • When are you going to do another episode 😔

  • Where is part 2 ?

  • I just figured it out this had DID is a disorder when you change personalities and stuff I watched it over and over just to forget out what happened 😄

  • I LOVE THIS!! I am waiting for episode 2! :D

  • We need more of this plzzzz

  • Looks like fran bow

  • Guess didn t get enough likes or attention. Lil disappointed this prob won t be continued.

  • Where’s part 2!!!!!!!

  • PLEASE make another episode of Related

  • this REALLY creeps me out and just makes me feel weird and everything but for real i would love to watch gloom play :3 if your reading this gloom i love your videos and your channel keep being you love you!

  • Is this game fully realesed??...Yet?

  • I can’t wait till next episode


  • I want more more more more pls pls pls pls

  • Can you plz continue related + love your videos

  • This has such a Fran Bow feeling to it and I am so here for it! Are you going to continue this series? Cuz I am really looking forward to it! I loved your Sally Face series so seeing you play something similar brings back memories uwu

  • You still haven't done a part 2😭

  • We❤️Need❤️More❤️ ❤️💛❤️💛❤️💛❤️

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  • Hey what happend 2 dis???

  • It’s been a monthhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kassima you could be a successful actress, y’know?

  • It is very interesting, because Julia and Jessica ended up in an orphanage for children with troubled parents. Though she never opened up about her past in the chapter, it is apparent that she has obviously seen some things. I’m starting to think she may have DID, as it would check out because her alters would be co-hosting all the time... and she had some severe childhood trauma. Definitely continue with this!

  • 4:25 is he eating apple pie???

  • You need to do part 2 pls

  • pls continue, I love!

  • Kassie: SHUT UP JULIA! Me: Bruh my name is Julia JK I know she does not mean me!

  • When is this seres going to continue!!

  • kassie please make more of this i really love this game that you are playing

  • Is no one gonna mention the fact that it’s been a month and Kassie still hasn’t continued this game? Ok it been 2 months now

  • I really like this game and I would totally like chapter 2 :D

  • I wish gloom would post this game again !! :(

  • Here is my theory: Julia and Jessica we’re twins but somehow Julia died but the twins loved each other so much Julia’s soul came into Jessica’s body but other people thought she just had a problem.... The reason I think this is because when you see Julia you see she looks exactly like Jessica and they seem to have known each other for a long time as if they were RELATED

  • Gloom, I know this video hasn't gotten the most views but me and quite a few other people really want to see you play this. It's been a month since this was posted and I'm not sure you will see this comment, but please do a part two. Guys please like this so she can hopefully see this

  • wheres part twooooo ???? Q.Q

  • This is nightmare!!!