I Tried Edible Food Art on Tik Tok | Kids Lunch 2

Publicerades den 2 jul 2020
Today we're looking at our beloved Tik Tok mom, @SulheeJessica and trying some comfort food involving uncrustables and chicken dinosaurs! She goes so hard for her kids lunches. Also, we're trying the cheesy grilled hot dog skewers dipped in ketchup and a rainbow themed noodle lunch! I had a lot of fun making these viral edible delights, hope you enjoy!
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  • Her: *pulls out a peanut butter jelly sandwich* Gloom: WITCH WE DONT HAVE HERE Me living in Albuquerque: well u can just come to Albuquerque and buy one Also me: I’m serious I live in Albuquerque and I buy those all the time

  • cool.........

  • when I was little I walked up to my mom grabbed her and went "look mom it's a little Africa!"

  • You are making me hungry

  • Did you know hot dogs are colored

  • she don't have sleeves 2:25

  • Me:I thought candy would make the kids eat it ;n;

  • Jelly is the English term for what you call jello

  • That is a giraffe

  • I'm dieing when she says that's it's a zibra instead of graif

  • P.S.I am 9years old🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • CHICKIN BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love pb and j so much!!!!!! I am so hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Umm. Karthika Gewirt is tryna steal your man kassie

  • I am a shef

  • Prince Abubu aka Dog being real mad of Kartha Gewart always leaving him LOL

  • That’s kinda looks like a corn dog

  • How about using sausage instead of hot dogs :v

  • Gloom:why would you pay money for this? Me:it's still money to get the bread , jam and peanut butter (☆▽☆)

  • By the end of quarantine I will have Nothing to do 😂.is it just me or..(〒﹏〒)

  • Gloom: *cooks in peace* Me: *suffering from my sandwhich*

  • YuMmEr-iFfIc 👌

  • What is a chicken buddy it’s call Dino nuggets you uncultured swain!

  • hitting on jelly jelly has a girlfriend named sanna

  • uncrustables are the bestttt

  • You live in Canada

  • she says bay-sal i say ba-sal

  • *thank you a lot for your videos! Your humor has been helping me sleep without having my reoccurring nightmare, and it helps me get through what’s happening right now, since it’s quarantine and my friend has been ignoring me for a week atleast. (You probably won’t see this-) again, thank you!*

  • Do thé among us one!

  • What is Terry’s job?

  • Kartha Gewart: chicken buddies me:dino chicken nuggies

  • 5:56 "You're Aight

  • How many times kartha said right now is the likes

  • me*looses fat* gloom we are eating me are you sure about that


  • Toast is bread.

  • We need to tell Kassie that Kartha Guart is sneaking in Kassie's home and making videos

  • Does anyone else want to know what plum sauce is? Like if u do. lol

  • I actually have uncrustibles they sell at my school i have to wear a mask there

  • i dont like jam jelly or jello xD i love ur channel!

  • I really wanna try it but I can't make it TwT

  • Hi.Mi. name. is. Kate. and. I. just. found. Y. On. SEnewss. and. I. Was. Like. I. Need. 🌮 a. Taco. Soo. I. went. a. getting. une. from The. fridge. I. eat. it. all. and Then. I. Forgot. That. This. Was. MOM. TACO.

  • Dread gang

  • Why is she so funny

  • Kartha:idk why but kids just don’t like crust Me:NANI!?!? I love crust:( 😞🥺

  • Bread gang where you at

  • Fruit loop noodles XD

  • This is like the best lunch I ever seen

  • i think she just watched aladdin bc she kept saying prince abu and abu to winkie


  • So any POTTAH fans? Well the tattoo on her arm kinda looks like the dark mark SHE WORKS FOR THE LOOORDDDD

  • Yas food:)))))

  • She said I am going to put this Zebra in here and it a giraffe

  • Gloom and LaurenZside: Bread gang. Fear them. Toast gang shall be terminated.

  • ABUBU :O O.o

  • O.o

  • abubu?

  • Gloom I didn't know you live in Canada

    • if someone comments first you get $100 dollars

  • El bubble is also his name

  • I LOVE THOZE uncrustbles

  • Who else’s has like one thousand uncrustubles in there freezer

  • You have Italian grandma I have A Mexican grandma

  • We have it in Ohio clevand

  • They made green ketchup to😮🎃

  • Me do not have a mom

  • Kartha gewart : why do kids don't like bread krust . Me : but i am a kid and i like bread krust

  • I low key thouthat was my microwave cause I am in the kitchen 🤣🤣🤣

  • Girl I'm in the bread gang too I can eat bread for hours and people are weirded out by me just eating bread for a snack

  • E

  • I have never had peanut butter and jam sandwich but I have always wanted to try it

  • 10:16 BMHA TSUY?!?!?!?

  • This is hurting my feelings

  • Me reading the first partt of the title: “I tried edible food-“ Also Me: “yuh edible food”

  • Honestly the 1st one was delicious

  • Put your ring humus in the century in the first Benton

  • Show your boyfriend please

  • In Australia we call jelly jam also we call jello jelly

  • We have those PB&J sandwiches at my school in Denver

  • You know what ..... You are gonna be a great mother isn't I think she gonna be lazy or ??

  • When her oven went off it scared me because i am watching this at 12:00 at night and i thought it was mine haha

  • I love this video especially the sticky notes

  • What is your dog's name only friend, prince abubu??????

  • I love bred

  • 7:53 "This is a whole meal!" Yeah Kass thats the point of lunch...

  • I know what I’m making for dinner😏 Let’s say it envolves food coloring

  • "Prince abubu"

  • Lauren and gloom are in the breadgang😎

  • kartha: i was expecing to go terry help me me: WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH TERRY HE IS KASSIE'S FIANCE

  • ur dog looks weird but at the same time the dog is so cute

  • My cousins name is jelly

  • Why do you always change your dog name


  • Yasss Girl there has to be a kartha gewart series or movie or just one ep plsssss netflix XD

  • What are hickory sticks

  • Gloom sus

  • What's your discord tag

  • when u made the peanut butter and jelly i was so hungry i made one

  • Everyone else: Yeah, I liked my own comment. Me: Yeah, I disliked my own comment.

    • @oldie baby yay thank you!!!!!!!! you're so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I disliked it too fitting inn 😌✨

  • Mustard and relish is desgustang

  • Karthi go I need to tell you something you have a nemesis well with someone who fights against you her name is well her real friends name is Lauren Z side her name is lore lunar raw lazy she uses Lauren’s chanle