Mystery Logic Riddles to BOOST Your Brain @AzzyLand

Publicerades den 22 aug 2020
Azzy and I are back at it again with some really uh... interesting riddles. I feel like the riddles have changed a lot over the course of a year, what say you?
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  • hey i watched spirited away wow...

  • It’s JOhanna

  • Hey azzy your video is the best

  • Mr simpsons daughter has been kidnapped the girls name is Lisa couldn’t they have just said Lisa Simpson??????????????????????????????????????? And she looked like an anime version of Lisa Simpson

  • Gloom I love riddle time with you and Azzy and this is how many people agree

  • HOLD ON WAIT...just wondering why did Azzy look so sleepy?

  • From Harper wow superheroes are so cool. I love your videos

  • hat cactus...oh that cactus.i hate it

  • I think I saw sssnaperwolf in that bid

  • azzy and kassie should make a channel together how about glazzy?

  • Hewo 😊

  • That Canadian guy without a goose did it I don’t care what anybody says he’s wearing a tshirt and he’s snow shoveling she’s BURIED IN SNOW

  • 6:31 roses have spikes on there stems

  • now we know dont trust no face or is it noh face idk

  • Y’all have to get Roblox some time

  • ew sry == ashe army yo

  • ...


  • Why does Azzy look sad in this video 🥺

  • "a chef" " MEAT STICKS"

  • .

  • its sssniperwolf 5:06

  • Check a Gam to a broom so you can get the girl :3

  • Me: Eh I don’t like sprite I’ll wait for my water. Lisa: Aaaahh if I don’t pick the right one.... I will die!

  • It was the gardener because roses have thorns 😌

  • on the last riddle it was an anime girl Me: that's why she's school president

  • Gloom

  • Gloom: Do you always need a fireplace? Azzy: Always My Potterhead brain: :0

  • The second riddle just doesn't make sense any one else agree if you do then put a like on this comment

  • 😀

  • I think you and Azzy should make a SEnewss channel together

  • 6:36 he has cuts on his hands because they’re roses🌹 Duh

  • 4:18 except the fact that it's illegal to ride in a trailer behind a moving vehicle.

  • He’s not Bigfoot, he is Yeti. 👇🏼

  • I have a chimney but no fireplace So it cod just be an electric fire olace

  • Spirited away is the best movie everrrr and I have a no face phone case :>

  • 6:06 The kidnaper has brown eyes not green.

  • Is that the 123go logo in the plane ✈️ 🤨🤨🤨

  • Hjjvjgj

  • You guys know that the man said he was cutting *roses* and not just gardening right? lol

  • I love all the vids when you 2 are together

  • I can't be the only one that is bing whatching kassie and realizes that I've whatch almost every new video. I can't be the only one right??

  • “A man is kidnapping a sandwich.” I can’t 😂


  • you can be gardening and get cut by rose bushes


  • Ummmm soo mr.simpson Homer Simpson with a daughter named Lisa Simpson??

  • I don’t think I just got to go home and I got a mom and going to go

  • Gloom has the outfit from Clueless 😆👍🏼❤️

  • Me when azzy says yar:FoXy ThE PiRaTe (FNaf reference)

  • love azzy and your vids

  • I don't have a chimney but Santa still gets in

  • Gloom, when are u collabing with Jay from the Kubz Scouts once again? 😏👌

  • Kassie: oh the parent has a peg leg to Azzy: oh that’s cute Me: yeah it’s cute that he lost his leg No hate lol

  • Is it just me or is azzy tired

  • 5:06 Looks like my favorite french youtuber that likes to eat gluten free food :D (You'll probably know who she is)

  • Kassie: Or he’s the truest of Canadian’s Me: yass Canada rulesssss

  • Little your doing everything for money

  • The ones that’s not open

  • Arrrr yes me matie

  • That was a cool video I'm watching a nother one

  • Nobody: Azzy: OoH sPiRitED aWaY...

  • Me and Richard are the same person 😂😂😂

  • The reason he should have scratches is because he was cutting a rose bush roses 🥀 stem have thorns

  • why do I feel like Azzy is tired...

  • 10:51

  • 5:14

  • I love how no one realized she didnt say hapy day im gLOom in a while

  • I’m a big fan and this is my favourite video video

  • 5:38 thank me later

  • 11:35 how can she taste both the bottles without dying?

  • Mrs Simpson’s daughter Lisa- Am I the only one who got crazyily excited over this?

  • @azzyland

  • Girl wants to know which sprite is unsafe to drink Proceeds to taste both of them

  • My teacher is ms Simpson wth

  • Sorry hope I didn't bother you all haven't seen you 2 on 7 sec riddles in a min

  • He’d have scratches cause he was cutting ROSES and roses have thorns

  • Kidnapped a sandwich lol made me laugh sooo hard

  • Mall

  • Who came from azzy

  • @AzzyLand

  • love you

  • Roses have thorns

  • Bruh my name is Julia and she looks like me XD

  • Can you do riddles with jay again I miss it

  • 7:59 was anyone concerned about her? cared to help? I mean she's still there o-o

  • video: *shows a chef with sausages in his pocket* Azzy: MEAT STICKS !!!!!!!!! :D

  • 7:52 MEATSTICKS-

  • Imagine having a pet *cactus*

  • Gloom you better heart meh or i will not dance >:D mwahahhahaha lol gloom it’s okay if u don’t heart me

  • Gloom: 5:55 Ron from harry potter "shes Got to sort out her prioreties" haha lol!! :) :)

  • Who thinks they should just make a channel together!!

  • Hi

  • 3:46 , its roses, roses are spikey. u dont usually get scratches from gardening but roses are veeerrrrry spikey

  • Police officer: You should have scratches all over your hands! Me: She obviously hasn't heard of gardening gloves :)

  • I was hit on the head with a hammer when I was in kindergarten

  • 8:31 Azzyland: don’t you always need a chimney Me: only having a chimney decoration outside but not a real chimney-

  • he should have scratches because he was cutting roses, and roses have thornes!

  • Billions of evaluations and then we have classy, only ogs can like that

  • Nobody: 45% of the comments: _To the person reading this..._ Me: *Why are these comments everywhere*